Dream team: Hembrough, Sangha, McDermont, Greenwell, Stokoe, Dunston, Simpson, Smith.

Sangha puts Sassco 3 points ahead. That’s all that matters.

Dream team: Hembrough, Sangha, McDermont, Greenwell, Stokoe, Dunston, Simpson, Smith.

Well would you believe it? Expecting a hammering, the brave Sassco bunch: Dave Smith, Dave Simpson, Mark Muers, Marc McDermont, myself (Davinder Sangha), plus Scott Hembrough, Paul “Tyson” Stokoe and the ever-reliable Wayne Greenwell, were holding out at 0-0, until I was placed clear outside the area to spring in a three pointer. It’s rare you hear the words, “Sangha grabs three for Sassco…”

Spectacular action during the game.

Playing basketball was madness against an amateur, but genuine team, and, for once, it wasn’t my idea, it was Alan Hoyle’s idea, who runs Sassco Knightflyers. We’re returning the favour with an 11-a-side game in mid-June as well. A lot of people were interested in the basketball game, but I was pissed off that we had drop outs and expected only six there. It’s rare we can set events like this up, so if someone says they are okay for it, I expect them to. Not half-hearted replies. But, lucky for us, Tyson and Greenwell managed to bundle themselves along. Greenwell turned up for the cheerleaders, but I didn’t tell the pervert that they were aged between five and eight years old. He was gutted and decided to get kitted for the game. We were actually wearing the tops we are due to wear in Spain in October. I hastily heat glued the badges on, but Tyson’s came off as he cannot show any loyalty to Sassco.

Back to the game: After the opener, Simpson managed to get two points, but Knightflyers broke clear and secured more points. In the meanwhile, Tyson, with his own running commentary, managed to get points. Emu got a couple of three pointers, while Greenwell also did the same. Scotty H’s two points were the best. A sort of “back heel” with his hands. Macca got points, but threw the ball like a girl. I don’t think Dave Smith did as he was firing blanks.

It was confusing a bit. Shouts of “Muers, get your f**king foot through it!” as well as “Back post! Back post!” but overall it was astonishingly enjoyable. Looks like we know what sport we’ll take up when we all get banned.

The final score was 49 to Knightflyers and 29 to Sassco. Very impressive.