Sassco: Cameron Thompson, John Harper, Mark Muers, Dave Smith, Davinder Sangha, Lewis Muir.

Win at football, lose at basketball.

It was a jaunt up the A1 for Sassco against the YM Thunder, again. This time it was slightly ahead, with Ashington being the venue. This was actually part of a major event by Koast Radio, but by the time we arrived, it was all but over. Had we been there earlier, we’d have been live on the radio, but I’m not sure it would have been ideal, as the “F” word was used liberally.

We requested a football game first and were resplendent in our red shirts, but the opponents looked like they’d been dragged off the streets. I was told that their kit man was absent, so there’s the excuse. Needless to say, I banned all photography of the game to be published, as it was Sassco Information Control again.

We dominated the football, which was played in the small basketball court on hard surface. However, the opponents bagged the first goal. Sassco soon went 2-1 ahead, before dominating and conceding again. Muers was attempting to smash the restaurant window, the caravans’ roof, and lose the only working Sassco ball I have left, by booting it hard into the North Sea.

Nevertheless, faith was restored when Lewis (Louie) Muir scored to make it 3-2, before with hit again to make it 4-2. John Harper, Dave Smith and Mark Muers scored the other goals. Cameron Thompson made an appearance in goal, in the second half.

Basketball was a bit different. Only highlights were a 3 pointer from Muers, then 2 and 1 from Dave Smith. The rest of the inevitable defeat was spent slagging off the opponents.