Sassco basketball team

Ian Taylor shows potential.

Sassco basketball teamFinally, we managed to get the game going at Gateshead Stadium (indoors obviously). We were missing a fair few players. Karl (had his young one), Simpson (football), Kon (mysterious liaison) and Simon Maw (disgrace).

We were up against the Lithuanian Olympic Basketball Team led by a bunch of seven footers. Ian Taylor managed to rope in two streetwise basketball kids who scored almost all our points, but the reverse was that we angered the Lithuanians into scoring two many goals (or points, or whatever they’re called).

Lasting image is Ian Taylor’s hand signals with the ball and Connor Hopwood jumping with a seven footer.

We’re still looking at getting some more basketball league games completed in venues in Sunderland, Gateshead, Durham, Newcastle and probably Blyth.

Alan Hoyle’s busy with the Olympics, so games will be sorted soon after.