Aspire 2 Achieve is a Northumberland based organisation whose prime purpose is to raise the awareness, confidence and productivity of youths in the area via the medium of sport.
Products & Services
The aim of the organisation is to build self confidence, concentration and esteem in young people through the medium of sporting activities (e.g. basketball). Our coaching system provides offer the following opportunities:

  • Increased levels of self esteem, confidence and discipline.
  • Improved self image & awareness
  • Providing new sporting opportunities for all young people, regardless of their background and abilities.
  • Stimulating behavioural change in young people through diversionary activities that encourage good citizenship.
  • Encouraging a healthy lifestyle to all participants
  • Empowering young people to develop as individuals and make positive choices about their lives.
  • Encouraging participants to have a greater respect for their peers, family and their community in general.
  • Providing opportunities for young people to become more fully involved in the project by becoming trained coaches.