Semailles And Sassco

Back in the late Summer of 2015, I was contemplating an end to the football tours.

We were Stateside in New York, playing in iconic surroundings, down in the Lower East Side, wedged between the Williamsburg Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge. We had three Sassco regulars in me, Gourlay and Dixon, with some add-ins from our American opponents. As I took in the surroundings I thought, “This is it. We’ve done it – the final tour.”

Then my long range effort sailed over Randy Kim’s head and into the tiny pop-up goal and I thought, “Where next?”

The choice was Switzerland. Flights were cheap and hotel was reasonable and the bonus was flights from Newcastle. We’ve had a few flights from Manchester and Leeds, so I wanted something easy. We landed back from NYC on Tuesday and by Friday, we’d arranged a 2016 tour. Opponents were sorted. Adolfo Domingues ran a team called FC Semailles and we had found a like-minded individual. Plans were for an indoor futsal game and outdoor grass or 3G game.

Fast forward to June 2016, I managed to squeeze Dixon, Ed and Baxter alongside the LPG gas tank. It was a tight squeeze, but we managed to get Ed’s creams in. We made it to the airport in good time. Priorities were passport, shirts and Panini Stickers. Baxter got an extensive search, while I sailed through security – how ironic.

Airport Photo

Dixon Panini

We had a day to kill in Geneva and wandered to the centre and to one of Dave’s recommendations, which turned out good. Dixon though spent the night expelling his badness and described his ring piece as pulsating using his hands to visualise.  Baxter snored all night, so no sleep for me.

Post match discussions.Next morning, we discovered stains on Dixon’s bed, but we won’t judge. Breakfast at McDonald’s in the “Metrocentre” across the road and water replenishment at “Morrisons”, we were picked up by FC Semailles in a blue transit van to make us feel at home. The indoor venue was superb, but we can’t get used to this futsal milarky. Normally it’s to the big man in the box to nod it on, but Baxter and Gourlay decided to play wide and ignored my Row Z direct balls in the middle. We went 2-0 down, but Baxter grabbed one back, before Dixon lost his man and I lost mine because I was busy shouting at Dixon for losing his. We mutually agreed after the game that we were both shite.

Baxter, but now getting redder and redder didn’t score again, but Gourlay helped himself to a hat-trick, while Dixon scored late on. The opponents grabbed 12 in total, but Cooper kept the scores down. Ed Cook, playing on Ed Cook time, floated around the middle for the game.

It was steaming in the arena, reminiscent to our Dusseldorf days. Even Ed’s creams started to melt. Gourlay and Baxter mutually purchased a set of Swiss wrist bands (Swissbands – ha ha) in order to wrist pump (isn’t that supposed to be wanking?) after a goal. It didn’t happen. Dave, though did finally discover that the sweatbands were to wipe sweat, not keep hands dry. Yes, Dave…

Action Semailles

On the night, we headed to the city centre where Gourlay was shocked I was going to take a bottle of milk into a pub and didn’t let me. He’s obviously got a problem.

Microsoft Band / Health GPS t…

Switzerland Tour 2016 - 11th June 2016

Semaillesnsp 317

During the Switzerland Tour, the Microsoft Band was in action and with GPS tracking during the Geneva Tournament, here are the results from my ultra-cautious approach during three 20 minute...Read More

Geneva Tournament 2016 - Sass…

Switzerland Tour 2016 - 11th June 2016

Switzerland2016.Geneva Tournament Line Upnsp 317

After a bad night's sleep, the next morning, we headed into the city centre again for a bite to eat and then headed to a market. A local said it...Read More

Futsal defeat in Geneva - Sas…

Switzerland Tour 2016 - 4th June 2016

Switzerland2016.semailles And Sassconsp 317

Back in the late Summer of 2015, I was contemplating an end to the football tours. We were Stateside in New York, playing in iconic surroundings, down in the Lower...Read More

Geneva Tournament 2016

Switzerland Tour 2016 - 19th May 2016

Switzerland2016.geneva Tournamentnsp 317

Delighted, as part of the tour in Switzerland, to be involved in a special tournament arranged by Adolfo Domingues and FC Semailles. There are a total of five teams taking part...Read More

Switzerland Tour 2016 footbal…

Switzerland Tour 2016 - 26th April 2016

Switzerland2016.Switzerland 2016 Shirtnsp 317

Workwear Express will be supplying the Switzerland Tour 2016 jersey. The shirt (along with a black long sleeve version for the goalkeeper) will be worn by the six players travelling to Geneva...Read More

McDermont Disaster!

Switzerland Tour 2016 - 18th April 2016

Switzerland2016.mcdermont Missnsp 317

McDermont sets the tone for his performance with a pre-match miss. Confidence was sky high, but then Dixon announced he was unavailable, which meant McDermont hopped on board, alongside He Who...Read More

Switzerland Tour 2016 venues

Switzerland Tour 2016 - 4th April 2016 Genevansp 317

The map below shows the venues to be used in Switzerland. The game against FC Semailles Futsal will be taking place on the 5th June on the Stade De Fraisiers grass pitch...Read More

Swiss test at North Lodge.

Switzerland Tour 2016 - 19th February 2016

Switzerland2016.North Lodgensp 317

The team in one of the worst photos ever taken and placed on a Sassco site (by Paul McConville) Despite the posh surroundings, the teams made their journeys from the four...Read More

Mike "Max Baxter" B…

Switzerland Tour 2016 - 6th November 2015

Switzerland2016.baxternsp 317

Delighted to see after much "humming" and "haaaing", that Mike Barker, goal scorer extraordinaire and Dave Gourlay's nemesis, is on board to make the squad a perfect 6. The squad is...Read More

FC Semailles v i…

Switzerland Tour 2016 - 20th September 2015

Switzerland2016.fc Semaillesnsp 317

Delighted to make contact with a predominantly Futsal team in Geneva. The team, FC Semailles, will be hosting us (thanks to their manager, Adolfo Domingues). The game, set for Sunday...Read More

Suite Novotel Geneve.

Switzerland Tour 2016 - 19th September 2015

Switzerland2016.5654 Ho 00 P 1024x768nsp 317

The Suite Novotel Geneve hotel is our venue for the Switzerland Tour 2016. The 3-Star Superior hotel boasts comfortable suites. It also has a fitness room (which might be handy) and a...Read More

It's Geneva in June 2016

Switzerland Tour 2016 - 16th September 2015

Switzerland2016.switzerland 2016 Imagensp 317 are visiting Geneva in Switzerland in 2016. The tour will take place from 3rd June to 6th June. Flights will be from Newcastle and the current cost is around £60...Read More

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