The Sassco flag flying high on the 15th floor in Barcelona.

“Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”

The Sassco flag flying high on the 15th floor in Barcelona.

It was the usual one hundred and one texts the night before, but these were all from Tim.

  1. Is the plan to check-in online?
  2. We going to try and get seats together?
  3. Everybody all sorted to go?
  4. Am I making a video again?
  5. We still only got five players?
  6. Who’s playing in goal?
  7. Do I need to check-in myself?
  8. You got Sassco stuff for Mark?
  9. Where are we meeting?

Also, as we only have five going on tour, Tim actually asked the same questions to all four other players around four or five times. So instead of in Portugal, where he probably asked all fourteen players a single question, we were hammered with question after question.

In any case, Mark Edmondson kept up the traditions held dear by Cresswell / McDermont / Greenwell / Muers, by staying out until 3am, therefore making himself and Tim late for check-in.

We all got on board easily enough and I couldn’t be arsed to video anything. I also forgot my memory card for the camera, so that spared a lot of photography (still can’t get used to the damn camera).

We landed in good time and undertook a massive taxi trip to the apartment and barely had time to dump our gear before popping out for something to eat and then passed the local supermarket to get some supplies.

The first game was against Port de Barcelona. A long trip to the port saw us facing a strong looking team playing Futsal. The digital scoreboard and timer was up and the horns announced kick off. They scored early, but Tim fired in the equaliser. We just couldn’t get used to the game and were 7-1 down by half-time. Getting the ball out wide and launching it into the box for the big man to nod on didn’t work.

By the time we got used to it, we had scored another seven goals, but eventually lost 14-8. We missed loads of chances. Tim’s hyperactivity kicked in and he was the star of the show with a hat-trick.

Port de Barcelona 14 8
Davinder Sangha
Tim Gillespie 3
Scott Hembrough 2
Dave Gourlay 2
Mark Edmondson 1

Afterwards, we took a taxi down to the harbour and watched Mark Edmondson and Tim Gillespie have man-orgasms eating plenty of fish food. I just went for the chicken.

Also, late at night, when Tim returned to the apartment, apparently he just stood staring at a wall for a good few minutes.