Five destinations have been earmarked for Sassco’s 2010 tour overseas. They are in order of probability. Cyprus seems to be the most likely choice with Spain a close second. More information will be added over the next few months. Attempts will be made to keep the cost to less than £300 per person.


Cyprus Logo

The aborted Cyprus Tour in 2007 is now revived. Contact has been made with two organisations who would be ideal to arrange the venues and the opponents. We would arrange our own flights to Paphos. The flight schedules have not been released yet for October 2010. We may have to fly from Manchester with EasyJet as their flights combined with a hotel would be much cheaper than actually choosing a different airline. Once the flights are availble and the costings are calculated, it’s 70% that we’ll be going to Cyprus.

Spain logo

Gary Thomas, who arranged our Portugal Tour, will be making the inroads into Spain to organise a similar tour for us there. Again, flights would fly from Newcastle, probably to Faro in Portugal and then bus over the border into Spain.

France Logo

Nice in France was an initial venue. Attempts to contact local teams over there haven’t produced the goods yet. Contact has been made with the local FA, who have said that November would be the time to contact them regarding possible opponents, etc. Flights would be from Newcastle to Nice.

Italy Logo

Pisa in Italy is the preferred destination due to direct flights from Newcastle. No responses to any emails with local contacts.

Israel Logo

All depends on if EL AL, the national airline, will provide discounted flights from Manchester for us to Israel. A sports centre in Tel Aviv would host us for the games.