Estádio da Nora's main stand.

Estádio da Nora's main stand.
Slight change on the schedule.

  • Friday we play v Juventude on an artificial pitch next to the actual Municipal Stadium, but not in the stadium itself. 
  • Saturday we play v FC Ferreiras in their stadium, Estadio Da Nora. There are some details about the team and small pictures of the venue here.
  • Sunday we play v Destination Football FC on the Hotel Alfamar pitch.

So, to summarise,

  • 16th October (Friday) Juventude Sport Campinense/Loulé (8:00pm).
  • 17th October (Saturday) FC Ferreiras.
  • 18th October (Sunday) Destination Football FC (11:00am).

Transport costs are being arranged now and we should have a full price very soon. Have to make a mention now of Gary Thomas from Destination Football, who is doing all the hard work in arranging opponents and venues. He’s arranged similar tours before so, just like Pierre Azzorpardi in Malta, I’m sure everything will be exceptionally organised.

Estádio da Nora