The Municipal 3G pitch (photo 1 of 2).
The Municipal 3G pitch (photo 1 of 2).

Two new pictures of the Municipal 3G pitch, courtesy of tour operator, Gary Thomas. This is the venue for our Friday afternoon game against Juventude Sport Campinense/Loulé. Looks quite impressive and in a good surrounding area. Appears to be warmer than Gateshead.

The Municipal 3G pitch (photo 2 of 2).

The other venues are shown below. Both the Estadio da Nora and the Hotel Alfamar pitches are on grass.

Estadio da Nora. Venue for the Saturday game against FC Ferreiras.

The Saturday game will be against FC Ferreiras in their own grass surfaced pitch at the Estadio da Nora. This is likely to be the most impressive venue we’re playing at in Portugal.

Hotel Alfamar pitch. Venue for the Sunday game against Destination Football FC.

Finally, the Sunday game against our host team, Destination Football run by the tour operator, Gary Thomas, will be on Hotel Alfamar’s grass pitch. The setting looks idyllic and is a far cry from Downhill.