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Portugal Tour logoThe costings for the tour are in. The total to pay overall is £258 per person based on the 13 who are travelling. Obviously, you take off the deposit paid from the £258. So most will have to pay £108 by the end of August.

It works out as follows

£2500 is the total flight and hotel cost. This works out at £192 per person. Please note this is the flights and the hotel.

£859 for all the match, referee, pitch and transport costs. This works out at £66 and is detailed below:

  • All transport (by mini buses).
  • Airport arrival on Friday to Hotel Paraiso and return to the airport on Monday morning.
  • No transport for the match on Friday as we can walk to the stadium, which is only around seven minutes away from our hotel.
  • Transport to the Estadio da Nora on Saturday for the match against FC Ferrerias and return to hotel
  • Transport to the Alfamar Hotel pitch on Sunday for the match against Destination Football and the return.
  • The costs include the three football pitches, including referees.

So the hotel and flights costs of £192 plus the other match and transports costs of £66, means a total tour cost of £258.

Many thanks to Gary Thomas from Destination Football (one of our opponents) for arranging the pricing. Please be aware that it could go up or down as the tour is a good few months away, but in reality the difference will only be a few pounds here and there.

The cost will go down if any more are added to the tour. Note that the 13 include the non-playing Ms. Bellizzi. As of this moment, Marc McDermont and David Murton have not paid any deposit and haven’t had any flights or hotel rooms booked for them.