Our esteemed opponents on the Friday night in Amsterdam are SV SDOB.

They are predominantly over 35 players and were confirmed Champions in their recent leagues. In the final round of games they eventually took two points away from the second place team. So after 20 games, spread over 5 Friday evenings, with no draws, they won the championship.

We haven’t confirmed if it’s 5 or 6 players for us on Friday night, because Tim (as usual) hasn’t confirmed his flight or whether he’ll be there. In any case, we may have players available from SDOB to fill in (ideally a goalkeeper), or play 5-a-side.

  • The venue is located here: Leeteinde 1, 1151 AK Broek in Waterland
  • The team details are available on their website, where they have a thriving club with several teams – https://www.sdob.nl/35-1-kampioen
  • The map for our venues is shown below.