Amici Pellestrina (left) and Vimage SRL (right).

The tour is all set to go.

Amici Pellestrina (left) and Vimage SRL (right).

We’re travelling down and up to Leeds Bradford in the morning and should land in Venice at around 11:00am, unless the following can happen: 

  • Passports forgotten
  • Car breaks down
  • Flight delayed
  • Hurricanes and volcanoes
  • and many more possible disasters. 
However, if all goes well, then we have a comfortable schedule. No running around to the games as they are held in our hotel grounds and only two games, which leaves our Sunday free to roam around.

Amici Calcetto Pellestrina | 7:00pm | 9th September 2011 

The first game is due to take place in our resort against Amici Calcetto Pellestrina at 7:00pm on Friday evening. Both Gianpietro Busetto and Mauro Scarpa have been fantastic in arranging everything. Their Facebook group is here.

Vimage SRL | 3:30pm | 10th September 2011  

The second game is to be played on the Saturday at 3:30pm in the same venue. The opponents are Vimage SRL. Many thanks must go to Francesca Faggian, who originally suggested the hotel and also liaised to arranged the opponents. Vimage’s Facebook page is here.

If all goes well, both games will be recorded and I will eventually place them online, as well as providing both teams with DVD copies once I have produced them back in the UK.

This is Sassco’s fourth tour overseas, and probably the last, unless the players are interested in another one. Plans were for the USA in 2012, but that’s unlikely. It’s more likely to be France, Croatia or even Greece, depending on the flight costs.

The players taking part this time are:

  • Kevin Cooper – debutante for the tours.
  • Dave Gourlay – veteran from Malta 2008, Portugal 2009 and Spain 2010.
  • Mark Edmondson – on his second tour after debuting in Spain 2010.
  • Tim Gillespie – veteran from Malta 2008, Portugal 2009 and Spain 2010.
  • Davinder Sangha – veteran from Malta 2008, Portugal 2009 and Spain 2010.
I hope to update the photos on our Sassco Fan Page at Facebook located here.