Sassco and Vimage lined up, side-by-side, before the two games.
Day 2 saw the team a bit more relaxed. We had an afternoon game and spent the whole day until then wallowing in the pool in obscenely hot weather.
This time we were facing off against Vimage, a company team, and a game organised by Francesca Faggian and Ivan Pellgrini. Again, typical Sassco, Marky Tim and Dave G decided to wander off before the game and were delayed. Marky even decided to wear white shorts with stars patterns on them and I “advised” him kindly to change. We kicked off five minutes late, having done f**k all all day.

We raced into a 3-1 lead, yours truly scored to make it 3-1. However, daft errors saw the tie drawn at 3-3. Amusingly, Dave Gourlay got walloped in the face by the rock-hard futsal ball. He went into a mood after that. This included when Tim told him to “get goalside” and he replied “why?” It was clear that the heat was clearly affecting us and we seemed to wilt late in the game.

Second game was played with their ball, and despite conceding early, we roared back and took a three goal lead. It was backs to the walls late on when it was 5-4, but we succeeded, and If you translate the video, one of their players is saying that they should have used our Sassco ball.

So, quite a brilliant tour in my opinion, being a 5-a-side tour. Unlike Spain in 2010, we had much more time on our hands and zero travel, which made it very relaxed. I was quite complacent on this one, forgetting camera’s, etc. But at least we recorded all the games, or to be exact, our opponents had people on had to do that, and had good memories, including some very positive results.

Dave G in Venice

Just gets better every time you watch it. Now in better quality with better sound.

Posted by Davinder Sangha on Friday, December 11, 2015

We’re looking to Germany in 2012, probably Dusseldorf, so if anyone’s interested in coming along, then please get in touch.