Icelandair from Manchester and Gatwick (and back).

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The flights were changed slightly. Originally, we were due back on the 30th May 2017, but as the flight was cancelled, a few panicked communications later saw it changed to Wednesday 31st May 2017, which makes it the longest football tour in (Sassco) history.

Tim Gillespie is travelling from Gatwick, but returns on the pre-scheduled date of 30th May, while the other six, who are travelling from Manchester, return a day later on the 31st May.

Manchester – Reykjavik, Friday 26 May 2017
13:25 Manchester Manchester Airport (MAN), terminal 1
15:00 Reykjavik Keflavik International (KEF)
Duration 02h35m
Airline Icelandair (FI 441)
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200
Total duration 02h35m, Direct flight
Reykjavik – Manchester, Wednesday 31 May 2017
08:00 Reykjavik Keflavik International (KEF)
11:35 Manchester Manchester Airport (MAN), terminal 1
Duration 02h35m
Airline Icelandair (FI 440)
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200
Total duration 02h35m, Direct flight

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