The six players for the Iceland Tour 2017 are detailed below:


Kevin Cooper

Joins again after taking part in four recent tours. Superb between the sticks.

Davinder Sangha

Organiser (as expected) and defender in the “let them know you’re there” mould.

David Gourlay

Along with Sangha, is the only member to take part in every tour.

Tim Gillespie

Proof received of his flights from London, so Tim is back on tour and ready to flood anyone who answers him back with a dozen and one questions.

Chris Dixon

Bruised and battered from Switzerland, but raring to go for Iceland.

Curtis Newbold

The new boy for the tours. Taken part in two recent Sassco 11-a-side games and received a fractured hand for a “thank you”.

Chris Scott

Another new boy for the tours, but old hat at the 6-a-side and random 5-a-sides.