Cook, Dixon, Alldis, Downs, Gourlay, Howe and Simpson.

I think that was the score.

Cook, Dixon, Alldis, Downs, Gourlay, Howe and Simpson.
The second training game ended in a stalemate, but nearly started off with a disaster. Dixon, finally showing his face, locked his keys in the boot of his fancy BMW 320d (E92 model) and it took to help him out before he was going to ring his missus, for which he’d have gotten a bollocking for telling her to turn up with the spare key. Simple; just press the central locking button on the dashboard to open the boot from the inside. And BMW’s don’t even drop down the back seat – something I discovered when I was at B & Q a few years back with a set of 4 by 2’s.

Sixth sense kicked in and we had a drop-out, but Dave Gourlay and Matty Downs called on two helpers Chris Howe and Michael Pace. While I cobbled together Scott Hembrough and Dave Simpson to form the Sassco 5 (or V). The Germany team was Gourlay, Alldis, Downs, Dixon and Cook.

It was hoying it down. Typical July in Sunderland. We played at Goals, which was a decent venue outdoors, but matches the Cageball Centre in Düsseldorf. The Germany team raced into a lead, but were pegged back by the V, until it was evenly balanced and no one could be arsed to remember the score.

Digga kept lashing the ball high over the bar. No change there then.