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Volleyball vests for France 2013.

First fixture changed from football to volleyball on the beach.

Volleyball vests for France 2013.Due to Nice’s authorities not recognising our stature and refusing to dismantle the volleyball court and revert to football means that our first game is actually a beach volleyball game. Same time, same place, so it should be interesting. Therefore, the schedule is still the same:

Friday 16th August (kick off time: 18:30/19:30)
AngloSports Select v Volleyball
At Beach Carras or Beach Ponchettes (both on Promenade des Anglais).

Saturday 17th August (kick off time: 10:15)
AngloSports Select v
At Stade de Football. Villefranche sur Mer,

We have produced some special volleyball vests for the occasion.

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