St. Georges FC 9 6.

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Leading twice, but then Dixon….

The second game was our last game as a group of 4 (in a 5-a-side tour – as Tim still hadn’t turned up). We needed some youthful inspiration and got it from our goalkeeper, Maxim Kindyakov, who lowered the average age of the team by around 100%.

The lack of inspiration came from Dixon, who was still suffering from sun burn. Therefore his normally jovial mood wasn’t the best, and the dad-jokes weren’t as smooth. We’d also been winding Bulgy all week, saying our opponents, St. Georges FC, had been in the early stages of the European competitions and some players had some Champions’ League experience. We didn’t tell him until after that game that it was just watching experience. Bulgy played a blinder and we naturally deflated him by revealing the truth afterwards.

The game was very tight, even though large parts were spent in our half. Even the St. Georges lads weren’t used to Sangha’s Solid Defence – by packing our own half and getting them on the break.

We scored first, and they equalised. They went ahead, but then we equalised. The big problem in the game was Dixon being Dixon. He took a huff after being bollocked for trying to take on two players (which led to their goal), so he started on Gourlay – I then started on Dixon calling him a useless red cunt, then I went at Gourlay, calling him a cabbage for wearing his tracksuit bottoms. I’m sure I said something to upset Bulgy, but can’t remember, or he was busy concentrating on taking on professional opponents.

The heavens truly opened and the thunder lit up the sky. We were on a hill around 270 metres above sea level and needed oxygen – well Dixon did to stop his sub burn induced shivers. The pitch was soon waterlogged, with the ball sticking in the deeper parts. We took a two goal lead in the second, but just couldn’t kill the game. The rain was amazing, and to be honest, quite exhilarating. All you heard on the camera was the constant tapping of the heavy rain, until a lone voice is heard: “Dixon, get out of fucking goal!”

Too late by then.

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