Three games, with four players in a five a side tour

Our 12th tour kicked off, and seemed to be steeped in a little chaos. From 6 players, we were left with 4. Baxter couldn’t make it, but Tiger Tim started waffling about some bullshit about work 24 hours before our first kick off so I knew the cunt wouldn’t show.

Opening game was a bit disorganised. I completely forgot the shorts and socks for the extra players we had assigned to us: Mario and Andreas Konstantinou. Needless to say, we got shafted. The final result was 17-8 against a team of predominantly ex-pats, put together by Periklis Perikleous from the excellent Alana Sports Center. He also provided us with our missing players, but us “foreigners” didn’t really play too well. Dixon was Dixon, Gourlay was Gourlay and Bulgy asked too many questions.

Only positive aspect of the game was that beforehand, we told Digga “Stay on your feet, stay on your feet, stay on….too late.”