Since the early 2000’s, Sassco have designed and produced their own custom footballs,

These were used in the Wearside Combination Football League played in Sunderland, as well as the 6-a-side league and in various “home” games played in Durham, Gateshead and Newcastle. Produced in Asia, these footballs have a minimum standard of being FIFA Approved. Sassco also provided match balls for the WCFL and also promotional balls for Schiedel, who later sponsored the 6-a-side League.

All these balls were made to be durable on hard wearing artificial surfaces and also grass.

Sassco Downhill ball 2021.
A disappointing ball due to threading and durability. However these were the first new balls for four years and celebrated the return to Downhill. Designed in white and high visibility yellow just in case someone hoofs it into the undergrowth.

Sassco ball 2018.
First regular league footballs produced since 2010. This ball is used for 11-a-side games, as well as the non-regular Sassco Leagues and Tournaments.

Play on the Pitch 2018 ball.
Sponsored by HFF Civil Engineering Limited. This ball was used in the warm up during the 2018 game at the Stadium of Light.

Israel Tour 2018 ball.
The same ball which Chris Dixon fired over the Golan Heights in the penalty defeat against Soccerstars. It remains there until peace breaks out.

Iceland Tour 2017 ball.
A new ball designed for the Iceland Tour. The ball is produced by Kabir Sports and contains the Now Cosmetic logo.


USA Tour 2015 ball.
Produced in advance of the 2015 tour, which is to take place in New York. The durable material is the same as the Denmark and Workwear soccer balls. The design is based on the NASL soccer balls of the 1970’s and 80’s.

USA Soccerball

Denmark Tour 2014 ball.
The first set of footballs (including the Workwear Express ball and USA ball) to be produced for nearly four years. The ball is of a durable material, albeit, slightly lighter than previous balls. This is specific for the Denmark Tour and includes the Ishøj Fodbold Forening – IFF logo (the opponents and hosts). The ball is produced by Kabir Sports.

Denmark football

Workwear Express ball.
A promotional ball produced for Workwear Express, a company based in Durham, UK, offering clothing and uniforms to companies world wide. The company is the sponsor of the Denmark Tour 2014.

Workwear Express ball

Spain Tour 2010 ball.
The first ball produced specifically with an overseas tour in mind. The Spain Tour ball uses the design of the previous Bunker ball, but contains the new Bunker logo, as well as the Spain Tour logo and the 10th Anniversary logo.

10th Anniversary iKobo ball.
The 1999-2009, 10th Anniversary ball. Currently used in the 6-a-side and 11-a-side. Also used in Portugal.

iKobo 11-a-side ball.
The first iKobo ball. Used in 2008 for the 11-a-side and 6-a-side.

Bunker 6-a-side ball.
The most popular ball used. The Bunker sponsored one was used mainly in the 6-a-side and some pre-season 11-a-side games in the summer of 2008.

Pure/Mill-Tech ball.
Bar Pure and Bunker football, with the Mill-Tech logo. Used in the 6-a-side and 11-a-side. Bar Pure and the Bunker sponsored the 6-a-side.

Mill-Tech ball.
The first specific 11-a-side ball. Used in the 2006-2007 season. Contained the Mill-Tech logo and the new Sunderland City Council logo.

Schiedel ball.
Schiedel ball designed and produced as a promo item for the company. Later used in the 6-a-side as Schiedel sponsored it. Used from 2007.

Manpower ball.
A joint AGUK and Manpower ball. Designed to tie in with the 2005-2006 Season. Sassco 11-a-side’s first in the WCFL.

AGUK white ball.
The first ball issued after the JDI test ones in 2000. With the AGUK sponsor logo and the old City of Sunderland logo.

AGUK yellow ball.
A yellow one designed specifically for the autumn and winter, due to the loss of several balls in the undergrowth behind the 6-a-side goals. Contained the AGUK sponsor logo and the old City of Sunderland logo.

TWR WCFL ball.
The second ball produced by Sassco for the WCFL (Wearside Combination League).

WCFL ball.
The first ball produced by Sassco for the WCFL (Wearside Combination League).