Ever since the leagues started, way back in 1999, photography and recording was prioritised. These were the days when digital cameras were hugely expensive and the Internet had only been popularised around a year or so before.

All historical photographs are located on the Microsoft OneDrive system. Please note that these photographs have been archived from the last century and onward. Most are organised as best as can be, but some may be out of sync (i.e. incorrect dates, but these are being sorted)

11-a-side photos

These are organised by year as opposed to season (i.e 2006, 2007, etc). However, from 2010 the team played friendly games, as opposed to having a regular league season.

5-a-side / 6-a-side / tournament photos

These are all organised by month and year as opposed to tournaments.

Overseas tours photos

Various images from our tours since 2008. Organised in tour country format and year.

Basketball photos

Photographs from our non-regular forays into basketball.