Cyprus Tour 2019

It’s Cyprus in 2019. The team aren’t getting any younger, so it as to be scheduled as one of the last tours, until Sangha scored in Tel-Aviv (on the pitch) and then “Where next?”.
Cyprus is the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, and was actually the first choice venue back in 2007, before we went over to Malta. The squad of five players is heading direct from Newcastle to Paphos, via Jet 2 on the 27th March and returning, if allowed back in due to Brexit on the 31st March.
Three game events have been scheduled v Alana FC, St. Georges FC and then a tournament arranged by the A.M. Fair Game Sports Center. The players taking part are Davinder Sangha, Tim Gillespie, David Gourlay, Chris Dixon and new old boy, Lee “Bulgy” Calvert.