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Well, a few weeks have now gone by since my last report.  So heres the good, the bad and the ugly of the last few weeks.  Starting with the good.  The team spirit and confidence at this point in the season, in my eyes, is second to none.  To back this up lets just look at the performance and the attitude the team took in the Red House Club game.  If we could only keep this attitude throughout the season, but unfortunately, that seems to be a step to far for some.  

“The bad”  

The way some people in the team and when not in the team the thoughts and back stabbing of players and management “I think we know who we are talking about,” which to be truthful, is disappointing to the extent of players wanting Toddy’s to lose to justify their reasons to be in the team.  Well,  I’m sorry if this is the case but those players will be weeded out and binned as I have no time for such selfishness and bitterness between team members and management bust ups.

If Liam Dingwall scores another goal in open play then William Harper will shave off his moustache. The results should be similar to the above so it’s wise that Liam Dingwall drops deeper and deeper just in case he manages to score a goal.

“The ugly”

As i have mentioned on more than one occasion in my pre match team talks about killing teams off early in games, well, if there’s going to be a downfall for Toddy’s this season, its going to be the chances missed at vital parts in the game.  We have a glutton of top attacking players in the squad and we must collectively take responsibility if we don’t win things this season.  So, its my job and Tanj to pick players that can fulfil the desire to win this league, so please, all of you players out there, realize that if you don’t do the jobs required, someone else will within the team, or, fresh blood to be brought in, if need be as I’ve never lost the will to win and i know how to win and what it takes to win

“The future”

We’ve had a kick up the backside with New Derby and believe me that wont happen again, so the future holds, for me, a team that can progress and gain strength from such bad results and to be honest i believe the majority of the players at Toddy’s can and will go from strength to strength.  I am going to weed out the weak from the strong so you all are under scrutiny in the next few weeks.

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