Picture of Murton and Robinson - the special relationship continues.

Murton’s chaos delivers a result. Sangha is humiliated in front of a large crowd.

Murton and Robinson proved their worth in front of the big crowd of around ten people. Sangha’s team folded and collapsed within minutes of Nelly making his first complaint.

Fulwell Buccaneers 8 Downhill Impact 0
After last week’s diabolical capitulation against Sassco, a result which nearly drove Murton into administration (as he was banking on the £5 win for the mini-competition to cut down his entrance costs), this week saw the team much improved. Yes Trigger has been banned from all football and put on the sex offenders list, so Murton “stole” Kev McCluskey from Nissan and put Carl “Carlos” Middlemiss outfield.

Their opponents, Downhill Impact, were struggling. It was left to Simma to run the team and the first tactical error occured when he put himself outfield and the portly Bri Marley in goal. The result was never in doubt. The Murton / Robinson double act was finally producing the goods, as well as its own homoerotic undertones with both players working off each other. Jimmy Raeper got in on the act with two goals, but Kyle finally let go of the “over the hill” shackles with a hat-trick. Carlos, Woody and Bunta added the other goal.

Nissan 8 Sassco.co.uk 2
A disaster for Sassco. Even as the whistle was blowing, Nelly was in full whinge blow because I couldn’t manage to prize Ronaldinho away from his day off to take apart a strong Nissan side. Even Logan was struggling with errors and will no doubt be self harming again tonight. Saying that – Nissan were well on form and fully deserved their “favourites” tag. Just as Nelly had finished his first stage whinge, they scored and soon racked up five goals in the first half. Sassco didn’t know what to do with themselves. The second wasn’t much better. Sassco did score two, but Nissan had notched up eight goals by then. Mark Moon scored a hat-trick, Mark Catcheside scored two, along with Calvert. Josh Lay only managed the one.

It’s quite obvious that the challenge is a two horse race. Murton’s minions against the ultra-professional Nissan. Josh Lay claims that despite Murton’s revival, “they haven’t got a chance. And that Kyle. I’ll tell you what – I’ve seen aircraft carriers turn faster than him.”

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