A winning line up. Back row shows Dave Robason, Dave Watson, Wayne Greenwell. The front row shows Steve Clark, David Staples, Jon Wardle with the trophy and James “Jiff” Dickinson.

Southwell win a thriller.

Excellent conclusion to a miserable League.

The decision to call a play-off to decide the abandoned CNSC Season 2, was a perfect ending to a moribund league. With only four teams left standing and only two teams in the League with a chance of taking the title, the play-off was the best option.

And what a play-off it was. In one of the best games ever seen it was end to end stuff. But both teams had contrasting halves. The first saw Wearview completely dominate. Missed chances and superb saves from Watson kept the score down to only 1-0. Ironically, in the last seconds of the half, Southwell had a glorious chance to go ahead.

The second half saw more chances for Wearview, but Southwell were clearly back in it. After some amazing saves from Watson, Dickinson lashed in a superb equaliser after stealing the ball off Lawson. It was mainly Southwell now. They had a good call for a goal disallowed, but right at the death, it was Staples who lost his marker to fire in the winner.

A good end to a bad league. Hopefully we’ll be able to re-start the competition once enough teams are available, but that remains to be seen. We’ll attempt to put a paid advertisement into the Sunderland Echo at the start of next year to generate some interest.

27th May 2004

SR-1 bow out.

Southwell’s 5 men defeat Wearview.

SR-1 bowed out of the league with little dignity after a 1-0 defeat against JJ FC. Dissent and disillusion has been setting into the SR-1 team for several weeks. Petty arguments and flare ups with almost every team combined with their disastrous campaign means that they need to be replaced in the league. If not, then wins will be awarded against them from each weekly fixture. Wearview lost again to Southwell in a 2-1 defeat. Bainbridge opened the scoring which was replied to by Wardle. Then Steve Clark was dismissed before Wardle scored a late penalty to take the points.

SR-1 and a makeshift JJ FC kicked off late and both teams cancelled each other out in a 0-0 draw. Strong performances from Jase Amour in goal and Mark Lyall for SR-1 were the highlights in a tense game which flared up near the end.

20th May 2004

New Sporting come unstuck.

Wearview’s handsome win over JJ FC. Jase gets whacked in the nose.

SR-1 secure a difficult win over a new look Sporting Redhouse team. Sporting, under new management from Garry Duggan, looked rampant in the opening half, but eventual goals from Cuddihy defeated them.

JJ FC gave a spirited performance against Wearview, but the eventual 4-0 defeat did them no favours. Wearview are still pushing Southwell to the limit. The next few weeks will be crucial.

13th May 2004

Wearview and Southwell still going.

dadcheck® play well in back-to-back games.

Having to play back-to-back games against the top two teams, dadcheck® .com”> dadcheck® played really well. A two goal deficit against Southwell was halved when Dixon scored a goal. It was the Stubba’s face which stopped a Muers opportunity. Southwell eventually went further ahead with a goal from Greenwell.

The second game against Wearview was more surprising. Middlemiss scored against Wearview, but Hembrough equalised and then his team went ahead. It was an equaliser from Middlemiss again which squared things up, only to see Gaz Anderson score a long range effort to make it 3-2. Logan was at fault for two goals, but Dixon and Muers missed some genuine sitters. A late goal from Steve Anderson gave Wearview a 4-2 win.

SR-1 and a makeshift JJ FC kicked off late and both teams cancelled each other out in a 0-0 draw. Strong performances from Jase Amour in goal and Mark Lyall for SR-1 were the highlights in a tense game which flared up near the end.

6th May 2004

Coulson and dadcheck® all square.

Wearview and Southwell keep on winning.

Facing a strong Team Coulson, dadcheck® raced into a two goal lead with strikes from Muers and Dixon. The second half saw two instant replies with Wilson grabbing the all important equaliser. It was expected that dadcheck® would succumb to another defeat, but they weathered the storm and created several one-on-one opportunities which were excruciatingly squandered. The points were shared.

A stubborn performance by JJ FC was shattered when Kelsey was dismissed for swearing towards the referee. They soon conceded goals as Wardle scored a hat-trick within a 5-0 win.

Both SR-1 and Wearview had strong line ups, but it was Wearview who looked to have comfortably secured the points after Bainy and Hembrough scored. Yet a clanger from Conifey let SR-1 back in. A few nervous minutes later, the final whistle concluded yet another three points for Wearview.

29th April 2004

Wearview and Southwell blitz!

Sangha scores his first ever goal.

JJ FC did it again. A 5-3 win over dadcheck® was hard fought. They opened the scoring from Hounslow, but dadcheck® equalised and went ahead. Eventually though, JJ FC headed by a 4-2 scoreline. Two goals were clangers against Logan who got megged twice. But Sangha scored a late consolation before JJ FC finished 5-3. Hounslow scored 1 John Hunt helped himself to a hat-trick and Jason Amour grabbed one goal (which was overshadowed by Sangha’s).

JJ FC 5 Hounslow 1 John Hunt 3 Jason Amour 1
dadcheck® .com 3
JJ FC: Sean Hounslow, Jason Amour, Russell, John Hunt, John Cunnigham, David Leithes
dadcheck® : Steve Logan, Mark Muers, Davinder Sangha, Chris Dixon, Chris Middlemiss, Gash Brazier

Southwell, with four strikes from Wardle, helped themselves with a resounding 6-2 win over SR-1. The win keeps them ahead on points.

Southwell 6 Jon Wardle 4, James Dickinson, David Staples
SR-1 2
Southwell: Dave Watson, Steve Clark, Dave Robason, James Dickinson, David Staples, Jon Wardle
SR-1: Steve Barnes, John Boddy, Lee Cuddihy, Mark Lyall, Steve Hutchinson, Joe Dennis

Wearview, after a bad defeat against SR-1, faced an awesome looking Team Coulson. But they handled it well and eventually tore Coulson apart. Four goals, and it could have been more. The win keeps them up there as joint favourites.

Wearview 4
Team Coulson 0
Wearview: Chris Conifey, Scott Hembrough, Simon Williamson, Gaz Anderson, Paul Jackson, Neil Bainbridge
Team Coulson: Craig Spence, William Harper, Trevor Walker, Stephen Wilson, Gavin Greener

22nd April 2004

dadcheck® tighten up.

Weak Wearview beaten again.

JJ FC, with a new look, performed admirably against Team Coulson (previously called Sporting Redhouse) and secured a win with a single goal. New signings were aplenty. Team Coulson had William Harper, while, more significantly, JJ FC had Mark Kelsey and John Hunt (both ex-Coulson).

Team Coulson 0
JJ FC: Gavin Kershaw, Jason Amour, Mark Kelsey, John Hunt, John Cunnigham, Russell Day
Team Coulson: Stephen Wilson, William Harper

Wearview had a weak outfit against a strong Southwell team. Despite an opener, Paul Jackson gave away an equaliser to Wardle, who eventually scored a hat-trick in a 3-1 win.

Southwell 3 Jon Wardle 3
Wearview 1
Southwell: Dave Watson, Steve Clark, Dave Robason, James Dickinson, Wayne Greenwell, Jon Wardle
Wearview: Chris Conifey, Ian Hembrough, Scott Hembrough, Gaz Anderson, Paul Jackson, Simon Williamson

The previous result for SR-1 over dadcheck® was 7-0. So it was a bit of a shocker to see a 0-0 draw. dadcheck® were decidedly different from the previous week as Dixon came into the fold. A brilliant result for dadcheck® who looked solid and back to their best. The game got rough near the end as scuffles broke out after almost every tackle, but it didn’t go far enough for any dismissals.

SR-1 0
dadcheck® 0
SR-1: Steve Barnes, John Boddy, Lee Cuddihy, Mark Lyall, Steve Hutchinson, Joe Dennis
dadcheck® : Steve Logan, Mark Muers, Davinder Sangha, Chris Dixon, Chris Middlemiss, Gash Brazier

15th April 2004

Southwell and SR-1: back to their best.

dadcheck® and Sporting left trailing.

With Wearview and JJFC not having a game, it was left to Southwell and SR-1 to attempt to gain ground – and they did.

Southwell easily defeated dadcheck® 5-2 despite an early scare. Booth’s opener (after a minute) was cancelled out and then added to by Southwell. But Muers drew level from a tight angle to make it 2-2. As the game drew on, Southwell were attacking in numbers and eventually added to their tally with a 5-2 final score.

Southwell 5
dadcheck® .com 2 Mark Muers, Michael Booth
Southwell: Steve Stubbs, Jon Wardle, Wayne Greenwell, James Dickinson, Steve Clark, Dave Robason
dadcheck® .com: Steve Logan, Davinder Sangha, Michael Booth, Chris Middlemiss, Mark Muers, Michael Ames

SR-1 all but pummelled Team Coulson. Goals from Cuddihy (3) and two from Hutchinson helped them to a handsome 6-1 win over Sporting.

SR-1 6 Lee Cuddihy 3, Chris Scott, Steve Hutchinson 2
Team Coulson 1
SR-1: John Gallagher, John Boddy, Chris Scott, Steve Hutchinson, Lee Cuddihy, Joe Dennis

8th April 2004

dadcheck® look doomed.

Bottom place is likely.

A heavy defeat, despite a reasonable second half performance means that dadcheck® will almost certainly be finishing bottom of the pile.

Southwell secured a hard fought win over Sporting. A 2-1 results gave them the points.

1st April 2004

JJ FC turn the tables again.

Wearview coast to a victory.

After opening with a comfortable 6-1 win over the increasingly struggling dadcheck®, Southwell were to play a token second game against JJFC. The opening game saw goals from Wardle (3), Greenwell (2) and two from Clark and Ward. Brazier scored the only goal for dadcheck®, who are definite odds on to finish bottom of the league.

Southwell 6 Jon Wardle 3, Wayne Greenwell 2, John Ward, Steve Clark
dadcheck®.com 1 Gash Brazier
Southwell: Dave Watson, Jon Wardle, Wayne Greenwell, John Ward, Steve Clark, Dave Robason, Steve Stubbs
dadcheck®.com: Steve Logan, Davinder Sangha, Gash Brazier, Chris Middlemiss, Mark Muers, Michael Ames

Yet Southwells euphoria came to an abrupt end. A quick early goal from JJ FC was never replied to. Despite so many efforts, Kershaw in the JJ FC goal had what could be called a “true blinder”. Save after save culminated in JJ FC’s second amazing win of the season.

Southwell 0
Southwell: Dave Watson, Jon Wardle, Wayne Greenwell, James Dickinson, Steve Clark, Dave Robason, Steve Stubbs
dadcheck®.com: Steve Logan, Davinder Sangha, Gash Brazier, Chris Middlemiss, Mark Muers, Michael Ames

Finally it was left to Wearview to face a depleted SR-1 team. Barnes, Scott, Dennis and Hutchinson were all missing, so it was surprising that they lost 5-2. Mistakes stemmed from McClements and they were clincially punished. Scott Hembrough scored three with Lawson and the Traitor grabbing the other.

Wearview 5 Scott Hembrough 3, Steve Lawson, Simon Williamson
SR-1 2 Lee Cuddihy, Mark Lyall
Wearview: Chris Conifey, Neil Bainbridge (Scott Anderson), Steve Lawson, Simon Williamson, Gaz Anderson, Scott Hembrough
SR-1: John Boddy, John McClements, Paul Neesham, Mark Lyall, Chris Ward, Lee Cuddihy

25th March 2004

Southwell and SR-1 cancel each other out.

JJ FC secure a narrow win over dadcheck® .

A narrow win for JJ FC over dadcheck® kept up their positive performances.

SR-1 also had a controversial 1-1 draw with Southwell. A game which saw both teams complaining about the referee. Typical.

18th March 2004

Wearview’s first defeat.

Southwell win in a tight game.

The biggest clash of the season took place with the seemingly unstoppable Wearview challenging Southwell. Both had come back off contrasting games, with Southwell lucky to draw against the now lowly dadcheck® team. Wearview had a storming and heavy win against the much improved JJ FC, so a Wearview win was expected.

A large crowd was there to see Clanger fall on his arse, but they were disappointed as Southwell secured a deserved 2-1 win, courtesy of a late goal from Wardle. Wearview replied to an early Dave Robason goal with a screamer from Gaz Anderson, but overall probably didn’t deserve a win as they seemed to freeze. It’s ironic that the day they were supposed to face SR-1, the game was called off. Had they played, and based on SR-1’s run, they would have won comfortably. They now face SR-1 in a few weeks time in their next “big” clash. A defeat or a draw could make it difficult for them in the future. But i’d say they’re still favourites, based simply on their ability to hammer weaker teams while their rivals (SR-1 and Southwell) will struggle to maintain that consistency.

A depleted dadcheck® team suffered another heavy defeat after coming back from a good 2-2 draw against Southwell. An early few goals from SR-1, who scored from almost every strike on goal, killed the game off. A 7-0 scoreline with goals shared amongst Cuddihy, Scott, Hutchinson, Lyall and Neesham meant that all outfield players had scored.

JJ FC faced off against Team Coulson and suffered a surprise defeat. An early goal was equalised almost immediately by Stephen Wilson and they soon went 2-1 in the second half. JJ FC tried to get back into it, and an equaliser seemed inevitable, especially when Coulson limped off with 10 minutes remaining. A late strike, however, gave Sporting a 3-1 win and a brilliant result.

12th March 2004

Wearview look unstoppable.

dadcheck® draw with Southwell. A missed penalty and a last minute equaliser from Southwell left dadcheck® rueing their missed opportunities. Logan was at fault for both the Southwell goals, but the dadcheck® team had a mini revival after two defeats.

SR-1 took the game to Sporting and secured a narrow 2-1 against a good Sporting team. The win is their first of the season and adds some much needed morale to their flagging fortunes.

Wearview were simply too good for JJ FC. Hembrough bagged a hat-trick and Gaz Anderson scored 4. The results keeps them at the top at this early stage, but more importantly, the heavy wins give them an excellent goal difference record.

5th March 2004

JJ FC Stunner!

Unexpected 5-2 win over the Champions.

The opening game was a shocker. JJ FC opened the scoring against SR-1 and most viewers awaited the standard SR-1 reply. But it didn’t come, and in quick succession, two more goals were scored. The reply did come, from Cuddihy, but by this time SR-1 were 4-1 down and eventually lost 5-2.

A resurgent Team Coulson team soon came unstuck against Southwell. Staples opened the scoring for Southwell and they never looked back an eventual heavy defeat by 6 goals was no surprise.

dadcheck® were to face a daunting task of playing Wearview and even surprised themselves by opening the scoring. Normal service resumed when Wearview went 3-1 up, the equaliser being a beauty from the ageing Lawson. A further goal from dadcheck® gave them false hope which resulted in a 7-2 heavy loss. Hembrough got 4 goals but at least the traitor failed to bag one.

26th February 2004

dadcheck under the weather.

Other games called off.

dadcheck® faced a more upbeat Team Coulson team just before a blizzard cancelled all the games. Wilson was returning for Sporting while Middlemiss replaced Mouat for dadcheck® . After a reasonably balanced first half, Wilson opened the scoring in the second half and despite some close shaves from dadcheck® , Hunt added to the scoring in the last few seconds to give Sporting a much needed win. However, for dadcheck® , it seems that they’ll struggle this season without the traitorous Williamson and also with Mouat working on and off. Big question is – how long will Walker stay before he his offered a lucrative contract in the same way that the traitorous Williamson was offered.

JJFC showed a spirited start against a badly organised Southwell team, but the game was soon cancelled due to the blizzard and also the fact that Holly wanted to get home to watch 24.

Team Coulson 2 John Hunt, Stephen Wilson
dadcheck®.com 0
dadcheck®.com: Steve Logan; Davinder Sangha; David Leithes; Chris Middlemiss; Trevor Walker; Gareth Brazier
Team Coulson: Danny Coulson, Tarnjit Sangha, John Hunt, Gary Davison, Mark Kelsey, Stephen Wilson

19th February 2004

Wearview blitz!

SR-1’s first ever League defeat.

The opening games for the much reduced Season 2, went quite well. All squads were fully kitted and reasonably enthusiastic, despite the miserable weather.

Southwell had a depleted squad, ever more so when they put Muers in the team. Muers had already dragged Wardle’s Tuesday team down to an unacceptable standard (3-0 walloping off Posithread anyone?). But an opening goal against SR-1 was most welcome. Cuddihy did equalise, but it was, again, left to Watson in goal, to keep his team in it. Eventually Southwell broke away and scored two goals, one being a true peach from Wardle (however hard it is for me to admit it). This was SR-1’s first ever defeat in two seasons, but they did have a keeper who wasn’t really up to it, otherwise it would have probably been a miserable draw.

Southwell 3 John Wardle
SR-1 1 Lee Cuddihy
Southwell: Dave Watson, Jiff Dickinson, Jon Wardle, Wayne Greenwell, Mark Muers, Steve Clark
SR-1: Gallagher; Joe Dennis; Chris Ward; Chris Scott (Mark Lyall); Steve Hutchinson; Lee Cuddihy

dadcheck® had the honour of kicking off the competition, but it was JJ FC (O’Neills) who had the honour of the first goal. John Cunningham slow struck the opener after around 6 minutes. dadcheck® did have chances, with Walker coming very close on occasions. But without the traitorous Williamson, who had left for a lucrative contract to Wearview, they struggled. An equaliser in the first from Walker eventually turned into a 3-1 lead – Walker getting a hat-trick. But just when dadcheck® took their foot off the pedal, Sean Hounslow scored. The rest of the game saw both teams cancel each other, but saw the points go to dadcheck® .

dadcheck® .com 3 Trevor Walker
JJ FC 2 John Cunningham, Sean Hounslow
dadcheck® .com: Steve Logan; Davinder Sangha; David Leithes; Paul Mouat; Trevor Walker; Gareth Brazier
JJ FC: Russell Day; John Oliver; John Cunningham; Sean Hounslow; Gavin.

Just as Clanger’s team was thinking they were top of the league, up came Wearview, with their new signing, the traitorous Simon Williamson to bang a frightening 8 goals past the desperate-to-quit Team Coulson. Poor Tarnjit Sangha has to suffer a further season of pain, otherwise the league wouldn’t be able to continue with only five teams. Hembrough scored four goals while the traitorous Williamson got two. The rapidly ageing Lawson got his single goal to keep his confidence up (and his legs going) for the next few games. Gaz Anderson got the other goal. For Sporting, the team wasn’t too bad, but simply to immobile to deal with the rapid threat from Wearview. John Hunt got a consolation penalty as their second half improved – but it doesn’t look too good at the moment.

Wearview 8 Steve Lawson, Simon Williamson 2, Gaz Anderson, Scott Hembrough 4
Team Coulson 1 John Hunt (pen)
Wearview: Chris Conifey; Neil Bainbridge; Steve Lawson; Simon Williamson; G Anderson; Scott Hembrough.
Team Coulson: Danny Coulson, Tarnjit Sangha, John Hunt, Gary Davison, Mark Kelsey, Russell Coulson