8th March 2005

Crown win it back.

Wardle’s strike takes it to penalties.

Crown take back the trophy they won in Season 5, but lost last season. A good, solid and resilient performance, with Paul Martin being the key player with some excellent stops - in normal time and the shoot-outStroking the ball about and adding further pressure on an haphazard Crown team, Fulwell were looking to add to their solitary early strike. Most of the game saw Crown huffing and puffing and having scarce opportunities on goal. An open goal was missed by Sean Forrest as Crown vainly tried to get back into. Fulwell had some excellent opportunities and probably should have gone further ahead. But it didn’t happen. Paul Martin, the player with the most appearances and a stalwart since Season 1, was Crowns best player. His good work resulted in a snap shot from Wardle in the second period to tie the game at 1-1. Chances were now at a premium and the Final went to penalties.

Both opening penalties were scored, but Fulwell saw their next two saved by the excellent Martin to see Crown grab back the trophy after losing it in Season 6. A worthy end to an excellent series.Midfield action. Stubbs and Robason keep an eye on the opposition.

The eagerly awaited double series between Redhouse Youth and Sassco Representative kicked off and it seemed the Reps were going to be swamped. The first five minutes were all Redhouse and the aging legs of Amour and Sangha, at the, back barely coped. A breakaway occurred and Middlemiss grabbed an opener. Now Representative understood how to adapt. Playing heavily defensive with three at the back, a simple ball over the top saw Middlemiss get another.

The second game was more even. Twice Representative opened the scoring, but were pegged back. A late equaliser saw the Youths get a morale boosting draw. A good team. Very fast and excellent passers. Physically able to cope as well. Should be interesting as they seem like a cut down Fulwell FC and can only improve.

Another kit fine for Crown. They paid the Stubbs yellow card fine and the previous kit fine, but failed to adhere to the rules for the final and are dealt another kit fine – when will Fatty learn.

8th March 2005


Player of the Season and Leading Goalscorer.

Despite losing some of the goalscoring files, we have ascertained that, in the League, Scott Hembrough scored 29 goals and Jon Wardle scored 25 goals. Some games were awarded and some results were doubled, but both Wearview and Crown had the same amount of games awarded. Therefore Scott Hembrough is the Leading Goalscorer for Season 7.

The award for overall goalscorer would have also gone to Hembrough, as already he has 5 goals in the Super League, despite being eliminated. The records for the SFL Cup need to be confirmed, but considering that Wardle’s Crown were eliminated at the first hurdle and Wearview reached the Final, it’s quite clear that Hembrough scored more goals than Wardle in that series.

The Player of the Season has also been awarded to Scott Hembrough. This award has always been traditionally awarded to one of the key players for the League Champions. Obviously, there were many nominees, including Bainbridge, Jackson, Lawson as well as Neil Middlemiss and Steve Anderson. But with the goals that propelled them to the Title, Hembrough wins it by a good margin.

3rd March 2005

Cup Final night.

Friendly game prior to the big one.

Fulwell v Crown ko 8:00pm

At 7:00pm on 8th March, Redhouse Youth will be making their debut in a friendly arranged against a Sassco Representative Team which should contain Mark Muers, Jason Amour and John Oliver from AGUK. Chris Middlemiss and Davinder Sangha from from Sassco and Scott Johntone from Max Housing. It could be a two game series if no other team wishes to take up the 7:30pm slot which will be available.

The much anticipated Final between Crown Electrics and Fulwell will take place at 8:00pm. Most expected a Wearview – Fulwell Final, but the superb win for Crown over Wearview turns the game completely around. Now Fulwell are hot favourites considering that they beat Crown comprehensively in the group encounter. But then again, no one expected Crown to ease past Wearview in the Semi Finals. Crown could retain the Trophy that they lost back in Season 6 to Sunderland Select. Regardless of this, it seems the elusive Treble will never be held?

2nd March 2005


  • £5 kit fine payable before the 8th March 200
  • £5 caution for Steve Stubbs payable immediately – Player banned until payment is made
  • £5 red card for Neil Middlemiss payable within 14 days – Player misses the next game

1st March 2005

Crown gain their revenge.

No treble chance for Wearview Elite as Middlemiss is sent off.

Crown Electrics 2 Wearview Elite 0

Never had Crown beaten Wearview and it seemed the same was going to happen here. Wearview, putting out a strong side, were camped in Crown’s half for the opening moments, but eventually the game balanced out. Wardle stole through and struck an opener for Crown which was soon followed by a long range effort from Tom Robason. 2-0 and it stood until the end. Wearview attempted to get back into the game, but Crown were more resilient. Two players were also sent off near the end.

Fulwell FC 5 Sporting Redhouse 1

Tarnjit Sangha, despite trumpeting a possible cup final appearance, reduced himself to the bench and attempted to put out a strong squad. Unfortunately for him, Fulwell handled the now treacherous pitch with greater ease. Time and time again, Sporting players were slipping and sliding in the turf, while Fulwell turned them inside out. A 5-1 result emphatically placed Fulwell into another final where they were expected to face Wearview Elite, but ended up seeing the team they comprehensively beat in the group stage.

8th March 2005

  • 7:00pm Redhouse Youth v Sassco Representative
  • 7:30pm slot available
  • 8:00pm AGUK Cup Final – Crown Electrics v Fulwell FC.

dadcheck.com 3 Posithread.co.uk 0

The last game in the group saw dadcheck and Posi face off against each other. With both these teams in transition and with nothing to play for, it was expected to be open, but it ended up one-sided. With Andy Bradford being allowed to put out his strongest team to date, they cruised past a disjointed and hastily put together Posi team. Now under the control of Jason Amour and John Oliver, they retained three of the players from last week, but dadcheck.com featured the Jackson twins, Drury and McNaught. A 3-0 result was a fair reflection

Pool B P W D L F A GD Pts
Fulwell FC
Crown Electrics

28th February 2005

Season 8 starts 29th March.

Fixtures announced.

Season commences on 29th. The list shows the games for the league with 9 teams. This means one team misses a game at least twice in the season. If another team comes in prior to the season starting, then the new team will have to play their games at 9:00pm.

The team previously known as Manpower will now be called AGUK.net. Reason being that no teams are allowed to be called Manpower directly, but are allowed to be called, for example, “Sassco sponsored by Manpower.” Since Sassco already have a team in the league, it’s been decided to call the second Sassco team run by Jason Amour, AGUK.net.

26th February 2005

Season 8.

Nine teams confirmed.

Ellie, or Castletown, as they were known, back in 2001.All existing teams in the cup, as well as a new team, Redhouse Youth, under the control of Stephen Henry, will be taking part in Season 8.

The season is due to start on the 29th March, with the preceding weeks of 15th and 22nd March available for friendlies. The games will start at 7:00pm and the last one will end at 9:00pm. Obviously with nine teams – one will miss a game every week.

Unfortunately, Ellie Leisure cannot guarantee a team and therefore haven’t taken up the offer of entering.

Ellie Leisure, under their previous name, Castletown, have been in the league since Season 4 and always presented a professional team. It’s a shame to lose them, but as in all cases, some key players left and the team needed rebuilding.

They had a good run in the competition, with automatic promotion in their first season, followed by a cup final appearance. A brilliant penalty win over Crown was let down by a poor performance in the final itself. League positions were probably disappointing, with most of their rankings being below mid-table. However, their final season saw them in 5th position with some distance between themselves and the team in 6th. Hopefully we’ll see them again in the future.

24th February 2005

Manpower replace Posithread.

First game against dadcheck.com in the cup.

Jason Amour and John Oliver will be taking over the Posithread team for the final game in the cup group against dadcheck.com. The team, although still named Posithread, will be called Manpower for next season. The team has at least five guaranteed players (2 ex Posi players, Dixon and Adamson are definites) but require, maybe, one more player as a definite regular.

If any regulars are interested, then please place a message on the message board as soon as possible to confirm their interest. Please note that the team is administered by the League Secretary, so anyone dropping the management duo in it will not be eligible to play again in the league.

Shaun Snowdon’s interesting 3 season reign comes to an end now – of which the highlight was an AGUK Super League final appearance in Season 6. The team came in to replace the old Wearview back in Season 5 and generated a tremendous unbeaten run for nearly four or five weeks to announce their arrival, but never really reached the heights in the league itself. Their league positions were disappointing based on the squad that they actually had; 7th out of 11 in Season 5 when they took over a losing Wearview team. Then it was a 9th out of 11 in Season 6 and finally a more positive 6th out of 10 in Season 7. The core of the team was very strong. With Adamson in goal and Hutton and Dixon at the other end, they were solid at the back and were able to call on some rapid pace in attack, but player shortages on occasions and an inconsistent line up was the reason for the lowly finishes in the league.

20th February 2005

Games cancelled.

SAFC at home so the semi’s are scheduled for 1st March 05.

Due to Sunderland playing at home to Rotherham on Tuesday 22nd February 05, that means the games will be pushed back a week.

1st March 2005

  • 7:00pm dadcheck.com v Posithread.co.uk (final group encounter)

Semi Finals

  • 7:30pm Fulwell FC v Sporting Redhouse
  • 8:00pm Crown Electrics v Wearview Elite

The final will be played on the week after at a convenient time for both the finalists.

15th February 2005

Expected teams sail through.

Posithread.co.uk and dadcheck.com lose their opportunity.

Fulwell FC 7 dadcheck.com 1

dadcheck, despite putting out a reasonably able team, suffered heavily against a more experienced Fulwell team. An early penalty put them 1-0 down, but a superb equaliser from Pud Jackson gave them hope. Not much, though. Fulwell came back strongly and didn’t take long to go ahead again. It was then all one way traffic in a seven goal rout. Michael Drury gained a yellow card for his troubles for dadcheck.com, who are now out.

John Hunt, supreme Champion, scored with a stunning free-kickCrown Electrics 4 Posithread.co.uk 1

Wardle came off the roll on-roll off bench to grab himself a hat-trick against a surprisingly good, but different, Posithread team. Snowdon was on along with Hutton, John Hunt and Chris Dixon. It was Hunt who equalised with a brilliant free-kick, but eventually, as in the Fulwell – dadcheck game, experience shone through. Three from Wardle and a superb strike from Stubbs got them the win and Posithread out of the competition.

Pool B P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Fulwell FC 3 3 0 0 16 2 14 9
2 Crown Electrics 3 2 0 1 7 4 3 6
3 dadcheck.com 2 0 0 2 1 9 -8 0
4 Posithread.co.uk 2 0 0 2 1 10 -9 0


Sassco.co.uk 3 Max Housing 0

Both these teams were playing for pride, if anything else. Max were out with two defeats and Sassco were out due to the improbable situation where they’d need around six goals and hope the Wearview would do them a similar, emphatic, favour. So both teams went out to enjoy themselves. Early pressure from Sassco paid off when Middlemiss struck an inch perfect free-kick past Brogan, in goal for Max. Minutes later they were 2-0 up and were playing on the counter-attack. Max Housing were far more persistent than they were last week and came ever so close for large patches of the game. Defensively, Sassco were strong. Garrett was back in goal, while Gary Smith and Davinder Sangha’s defensive partnership was getting better. With no Greenwell, it was Middlemiss who put Alan Elliott through for the decisive third, after the ball slammed the goalpost. Max Housing also shaved the post on occasions, but couldn’t grab that all important goal which would have given them the confidence.

Wearview Elite 2 Sporting Redhouse 1

Playing for the all-important, avoid Fulwell game, Sporting soon went 2-0 down with an opening penalty and a second superb strike from Wearview. It was more difficult for Wearview as Sporting struck a goal to make it 2-1. With saves from the “Asian Sensation,” Tarnjit Sangha – Sporting held on. They couldn’t grab that important equaliser through, but it wouldn’t have made much difference in the final table.

Pool A P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Wearview Elite 3 3 0 0 12 7 5 9
2 Sporting Redhouse 3 1 1 1 16 6 10 4
3 Sassco.co.uk 3 1 1 1 8 6 2 4
4 Max Housing 3 0 0 3 5 22 -17 0

22nd February 2005

7:00pm dadcheck.com v Posithread.co.uk (final group encounter)

Semi Finals

  • 7:30pm Fulwell FC v Sporting Redhouse
  • 8:00pm Crown Electrics v Wearview Elite

14th February 2005

Manpower to sponsor Sassco.

Global recruitment firm backs the team for 2005-2006.

Manpower, the global recruitment firm has been announced as the next sponsor of Sassco.co.uk 11-a-side team for it’s forthcoming season in the WCFL.

Manpower is a leading recruiter of specialist, flexible and contract workforces and a respected authority on employment issues. The company employs over 100,000 people each year, through a network of over 300 UK offices, making it easy for people to find interesting and flexible employment opportunities and for companies to recruit staff with the skills and experience they need.

To contact Manpower, please click here to view the office which is local to you

8th February 2005

Sporting’s amazing goal haul.

Sassco and Max Housing eliminated. Posithread still have a faint chance.

Wearview Elite 4 Sassco.co.uk 3

Sassco.co.uk rued their “dropped” points against Sporting Redhouse in their previous game, as their encounter against Wearview turned out quite different to what they’d been expecting. The game matched the previous one where, this time, it was Wearview (featuring Gavin Wilson, another Season 1 veteran) pummeling the Sassco goal only to be thwarted by stand in keeper, Mark Muers. Eventually Wearview went ahead, but Sassco managed to equalise almost immediately. The game swung backwards and forwards with Sassco defending heavily and Wearview always on the the attack, then back to Sassco making a quick break. Clinical finishing from Sassco led to a further two goals, but by this time, Wearview had scored four in total. Neil Middlemiss scored two with Scott Hembrough adding one and more importantly a long range, decisive goal from Bainbridge. Chris Middlemiss grabbed two of Sassco’s goals, while Greenwell got the other. He also missed a glorious opportunity at the end to equalise but saw his shot fly past the post.

Sporting Redhouse 13 (thirteen) Max Housing 2

The failure of Sassco to gain a second point essentially condemned them, after Sporting’s remarkable result against Max Housing. 13 yes, thirteen goals to two were scored. It was a blitz. Within minutes they had reached 6 goals and it just continued. This time, Sporting were solid on all fronts. When Tarnjit Sangha had to make a crucial stop – he did, despite being called a “Clown” by Wilson. Critter Conlon scored 7, Wilson got 2, while Davison and Croma along with Walker scored 1. It’s now head to head with Wearview. Both Sassco and Max are out, considering the low goal difference that Sassco have and the fact that Max lost their second game.

Pool A P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Wearview Elite 2 2 0 0 10 6 4 6
2 Sporting Redhouse 2 1 1 0 15 4 11 4
3 Sassco.co.uk 2 0 1 1 5 6 -1 1
4 Max Housing 2 0 0 2 5 19 -14 0


Crown Electrics 2 dadcheck.com 0

The first game of the night opened with Crown, still smarting from a defeat against Fulwell, last week. This time they made no mistake. With veteran Season 1 superstar, Sean Forrest, blundering through midfield in the opening exchanges, they soon turned the corner and it was Forrest who gained the opener against dadcheck.com. Andy Bradford’s unit will eventually be packed with some outstanding players, but this week they were struggling. A second goal came from Tom Robason to seal the 2-0 win.

Fulwell FC 6 Posithread.co.uk 0

Fulwell confirmed their Semi Final spot with a good win over a moribund Posithread team, who were without Snowdon or Hutton, but at least had Dixon back. But they failed to make any impact. A very soft opener led to a heavy defeat. 6-0 with goals from Tommy Bell, a hat-trick from Ryan Underwood and goals from Gaz Anderson and Liam McBride. Posithread are going to struggle now. They desperately need a win against Crown next week to put them on level footing and then have the opportunity to take on dadcheck the following week. It seems unlikely based on this performance though.

Pool B P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Fulwell FC 2 2 0 0 9 1 8 6
2 Crown Electrics 2 1 0 1 3 3 0 3
3 dadcheck.com 1 0 0 1 0 2 -2 0
4 Posithread.co.uk 1 0 0 1 0 6 -6 0


15 Feb 05

7:00pm dadcheck v Fulwell FC

  • 7:30pm Crown Electrics v Posithread.co.uk
  • 8:00pm Sassco.co.uk v Max Housing
  • 8:30pm Wearview Elite v Sporting Redhouse

1st February 2005

Sporting’s late show.

Fulwell defeat Crown, Wearview defeat Max Housing.

Tom Robason sees his penalty saved by Fulwell FCFulwell 3 Crown Electrics 1 – Group B

A strong opener in the second cup competition saw a physical Crown side take on the new “stars” of the league. Fulwell, coming off the back of the cup final defeat secured an important win and probably a guarantee of another semi final spot. Both these teams would be classed as the strongest sides in the group so a defeat for Crown wasn’t a negative result in the long run. It could have been different. Robason missed a penalty at a crucial moment which could have made the score line different, but Fulwell went on to win 3-1.

Sporting Redhouse 2 Sassco.co.uk 2 – Group A

To say that Sassco “snatched”

a point would be a bit of a contradiction. Heavy pressure applied by Sporting’s “Dream Team” forwards, Trevor Walker, Michael “Critter” Conlon and Stephen Wilson were repulsed by a combination of Chris Garrett’s superb goalkeeping and Davinder Sangha’s outstanding defensive performance. More remarkable was the fact that this was Garrett’s first game in anger since 2002 and Sangha hadn’t played outfield for nearly two years in the six-a-side. Clinical finishing in the second half saw Middlemiss strike an opener from a free-kick followed by a second soon after. Conlon then struck late on and the eventual pressure for Sporting paid off with a last minute equaliser. Points dropped, rather than gained, for both teams.

Wearview Elite 6 Max Housing 3 – Group A

Looking at these two impressive teams shows that the race to be the group runner up is going to be battle to the end. Despite early pressure from an impressive looking Housing team, a team far better than Mitchell and Logan’s insipid outfit from last season, Wearview went ahead with the constant running from forwards Middlemiss and Hembrough paying off. Lacking the strength of Jackson, at the back – who was putting his feet up at home with a warm cup of cocoa and smoking a pipe for the Arsenal Man U game, Wearview had Bainbridge as his more agile (but not that much) replacement. It was job well done for Wearview, but Max Housing put out a really strong line up, a team which is bound to improve after facing off against the dominant team in the whole competition.

31st January 2005

Ellie Leisure withdraw.

To be replaced by Andy Bradford’s team, next week.

Unfortunately, Ellie Leisure – due to lack of support from team members and injuries, have withdrawn from the cup competition. They will be replaced by Andy Bradford’s team. Bradford previously was in control of CDS in the Tuesday league.

01 Feb 05

  • 7:30pm Crown Electrics v Fulwell FC
  • 8:00pm Sporting Redhouse v Sassco.co.uk
  • 8:30pm Wearview Elite v Max Housing

08 Feb 05

  • 7:00pm Crown Electrics v Bradford
  • 7:30pm Posithread.co.uk v Fulwell FC
  • 8:00pm Wearview Elite v Sassco.co.uk
  • 8:30pm Max Housing v Sporting Redhouse

15 Feb 05

  • 7:00pm Bradford v Fulwell FC
  • 7:30pm Crown Electrics v Posithread.co.uk
  • 8:00pm Sassco.co.uk v Max Housing

8:30pm Wearview Elite v Sporting Redhouse Posi v Bradford to be played on 22nd Feb 05 and the Semi Finals and Final will be moved back a week. If both teams have no chance of reaching the Semi Finals, then the game will be played on the 22nd Feb 05 and the Semi’s will be moved back 30 minutes.

22 Feb 05

  • Semi Finals 7:00pm and 7:30pm

01 Mar 05

  • Final 7:30pm or 8:00pm

18th January 2005

Wearview’s experience takes the Trophy.

Fulwell fight back twice, only to be thwarted.

Wearview 3 Fulwell 2

A dream final in any sense of the word. Both Wearview and Fulwell outshone every other team in the competition. Wearview hammered Sassco 6-2 to reach the final and Fulwell tore apart a very experienced Ellie Leisure team by 4-0.

Keyword: aging

Definition: maturing

Synonyms: crumbling, declining, developing, fading, fermenting, getting on, maturing, mellowing, senescent, slumping, stale, waning, wasting away, wearing out

Source: Roget’s New Millennium™ Thesaurus, First Edition (v 1.1.1)

Copyright © 2005 by Lexico Publishing Group, LLC. All rights reserved.

The final was played during a bitterly cold night and it was Fulwell who were caught cold. An opener from the “aging” Lawson soon left Fulwell in a panic. A post was walloped by Middlemiss before Hembrough scored a critical second goal. By now Wearview were controlling the game and Fulwell were facing their first defeat in all competitions. In the second half Fulwell grabbed one back and it seemed that now it was game on. But Wearview’s defence, superbly marshalled by Paul Jackson, held on against the brief upsurge in Fulwell. It was brief. Hembrough stole away to score a third goal. Amazingly, Fulwell scored again, but this was in the dying seconds.

So Wearview gain the double. Looking back on this performance, it’s hard to see them not gaining the treble, which is unprecedented. Even Select in their glory never gained the treble.

The league needs one more regular team before it kicks off the second cup competition. If anyone knows anyone team interested, then feel free to get them to contact the league organisers.

11th January 2005

Wearview and Fulwell storm (literally) into the Final.

Sassco and Ellie dismissed comfortably.

Sassco.co.uk 2 Posithread.co.uk 1

Given a second chance, Snowdons (now as Posi) failed to take it. Gale force winds meant that tactics had to be employed in all the games. But Posi failed to capitalise on the wind on their backs and succumbed to a goal from “Flash” Gordon Robson, who officially announced his retirement before Christmas. For the second half, Sassco did use the wind and it was from Greenwell, who lashed the ball from some distance to take the tie for Sassco. Posi came back in it. They scored a goal after a shot was parried, but struggled to make any other impact. So Sassco secured a Semi Final berth for the first time in two seasons.

Fulwell FC 4 Ellie Leisure 0

Ellie made a real game of it. Sammut should have had at least two goals before Fulwell took control. A 4-0 win in the end wasn’t fully deserving of Fulwell, but they took their chances and took them clinically to take themselves into their first final.

Wearview Elite 6 Sassco.co.uk 2

War weary Sassco took an early lead, courtesy of Middlemiss, against Wearview from a clanger from their ‘keeper. But eventually, Wearview started turning it on. A 2-1 scoreline from them in the first should have been higher, but saves from Sangha kept the score down. In the second half, Sassco gave up and suffered an embarrassing 6-2 defeat. Greenwell scored a consolation, but most of the abuse was raining on Muers. “I’ve seen corpses move faster than that!” exclaimed Greenwell. Robson also added the fact that a battleship pivoted faster than him.

Final is on 7:30pm 18th January 2005 on Tuesday.

4th January 2005

Ellie face Fulwell FC.

Wearview will face the winners of Sassco/Snowdons. All games played on the 11th January 2005.

The full schedule for the 11th January 2005 is as follows:

  • 7:00pm Sassco.co.uk v Snowdons
  • 7:30pm Ellie Leisure v Fulwell FC
  • 8:00pm Wearview v Sassco or Snowdons.

The Final will be played the week after.

22nd December 2004

Snowdon’s second chance.

To face Sassco in 2005.

A random draw was made today and Snowdons were picked out of the three teams (Crown, Sporting and Snowdons). The draw was made by Dave Hutton and Davinder Sangha. It was done online by using the following method: A file located on the Sassco website http://www.sassco.co.uk/cupdraw.htm contained the three teams, each numbered from 1 to 3. Hutton randomly selected number 2. Immediately on doing this, an independent person as well as Hutton were given the http://www.sassco.co.uk/cupdraw.htm link to prove that the chosen number matched the specified team.

14th December 2004

Cup holders are out!

Crown hammered off the League champs. Fulwell storm through.

Wearview Elite 3 Crown Electrics 1

The opening fixture in the Quarter Finals was a cracking fixture. The League Champions against the current Cup holders. Wearview v Crown, by far the two most accomplished teams in the league. But it was bad news for Crown again. Wearview without Williamson looked far more dangerous than they ever had. With three goals hammered past them, including a startling quick free kick from Paul Jackson, it was uphill work for them in the second half. But credit to them, they did and a superb goal from Jeff Clark was the precursor to some frantic attempts on Wearview’s goalmouth. Stubbs, Wardle and Robason all had opportunities, but alas, they failed to add to their tally and were struck out of the Cup.

Ellie Leisure 1 Snowdons 0

With Sammut returning from retirement and Snowdon’s combining the best of themselves and Posithread, this was probably the most evenly balanced tie of the round. Ellie struck first with a controversial goal which most of Snowdon’s team said was in the box (I couldn’t see! A player was in front of me!) But from then on, it was very evenly balanced. Hutton missed both Snowdon’s best chances, once in the first half and one with a minute remaining which would have taken the tie to penalties. Ellie get through into the Semi’s.

Fulwell 4 Sporting Redhouse 1

With only ‘keeper, Tarnjit Sangha and striker Stephen Wilson remaining from the existing Season 1 lineup from 5 years ago, Sporting looked lethargic. Fulwell played a high tempo game with inter passing in the tightest situations. Sporting were soon 2-0 down and smarting badly. They attempted a comeback in the second half with both Critter and Walker coming close. It was 3-0 before long, but then Sporting hit one back, but it was only a consolation strike as Fulwell sailed into the Semi’s with a 4-1 scoreline.

Other games

Posithread v Sassco was not played. Posithread were unavailable, so Sassco will play against Sporting RV on the 4th January 2005. If RV are unavailable, then Sassco will play one of the losers: Crown, Sporting Redhouse or Snowdons. The draw will be made publicly so no one can cry “fix” (Wardle).

The Semi Finals will be played on 11th January 2005.

7th December 2004

Fulwell look difficult to beat.

No show for RV and Redhouse gives byes to Sporting and Snowdons.

Fulwell 3 GBS 0

A disappointing night. Only three teams turned up. RV can celled earlier and Redhouse FC struggled to present a team, which wasn’t surprising considering that they bore the brunt of the damage in last week’s friendly games. Fulwell look like the new Bassenthwaite from back in Season 3. A young team full of enthusiasm started strong against GBS and didn’t stop. It was only Chris Harper in goal, pulling off some cracking saves, who stopped any further goals going in.

Another hastily arranged friendly was the highlight of the night. An early penalty from Snowdons was soon cancelled out by Fulwell who went on to take the lead. The second half was hugely entertaining, with end to end stuff, excellent saves by the Snowdon’s keeper to keep the score down and also Shaun Snowdon’s desperate attempts to get cautioned. A late goal finished off a spirited fight back from Snowdons.

Other games

Sporting Redhouse v Sporting RV (Sporting Redhouse bye)

Snowdons v Fulwell (Snowdons bye)

Quarter Finals to be played 14th December 2004

  • 7:00pm Crown Electrics v Wearview Elite
  • 7:30pm Sassco.co.uk v Posithread.co.uk
  • 8:00pm Snowdons v Ellie Leisure
  • 8:30pm Sporting Redhouse v Fulwell

30th November 2004 | back to top

Low key friendlies.

Fulwell and RV look promising. Sporting Redhouse are back.

A good set of games, surprising considering that the two teams which finished 2nd and 4th both lost.

Sporting RV 4 Sassco.co.uk 2

Sassco put out a strong side against debutantes, Sporting RV and started positively. They controlled the game and had various opportunities. Treating it as a training exercise had disastrous results. RV scored from their second major opportunity and Sassco soon panicked. An equaliser was eventually cancelled out by another superb RV goal. The second saw Sassco again equalise with a superb strike, but with only Mickey Drury isolated in defence and the rest of the team being out of sorts, RV scored two more and should have had more.

Fulwell 8 Redhouse FC 1

A shock for Redhouse FC. Dennis Jackson put out a strong team with Baker, Dixon, Brazier, Hunt and himself outfield. However, they were caught cold by a rampant and very young Fulwell team. Tommy Bell and Gaz Anderson were debuting for Fulwell and both had varying degrees of success for their teams in the previous Season. Goal after goal revealed Redhouse FC to be slow and unimaginative. But then it was an opening game (for both teams) so Redhouse, with access to many players, have a week to sort it out.

Sporting Redhouse 1 Crown Electrics 0

Crown Electrics, the current holders of the Cup, played Sporting Redhouse, a team featuring Simon Williamson, Trevor Walker and Mark Kelsey. There was only one goal in it. A 30 yard blaster went through Paul Martin in the Crown goal as Sporting looked far more lively than an almost stagnant Crown team, probably still suffering from losing the opportunity to win the League last season.

25th November 2004

New website, new season.

The site had been modified as you can see to make it easier to use. There are no frames any more which sometimes caused a problem. It’s also been simplified. Most of the information is located on this page for the Tuesday league. Fixtures, when published will be available in Word and PDF format. They will also be listed in the fixtures section. Team information shows the current teams active in the league. Finally, the ever popular message board is easily accessible.

The top contact details are relevant to this league. Downloads will be modified to add items such as Acrobat Reader and League Tracker. Rules will show the Tuesday rules.
The archive section has been heavily modified as well. All the past seasons are available on a single page, with photographs and final league tables. Some of the archive sections might load slowly due to the vast amount of information contained in them. If you have any problems, feel free to contact the organisers via the contact icon.
Pre SFL Cup friendly games.

Before the new season commences, we have two cup competitions. The first one if the SFL Cup which has been going strong for seven seasons. A popular tournament because it mirrors the one-off knock out games in which any team can be victorious.

A set of friendly games have been organised for the 30th November. The schedule is as follows:

7:00pm Sunderland Housing v Snowdons (or Posi)
7:30pm Sporting RV v Sassco representative
8:00pm Fulwell v Redhouse FC
8:30pm Sporting Redhouse v Crown Electrics

Teams are expected to be fully kitted. No one will be shot if they aren’t as these are only friendlies, but it conditions all teams for the strict rules to come into force the week after. I’ve been very lenient during the last few weeks as the league coming to an end causes many problems with teams struggling with players. But it’s back to strict ways now.

The teams who have been an excellent example to all are Ellie Leisure, Sassco, Crown Electrics, Wearview and Posi. The others, GBS, Housing, Ryhope have struggled, although GBS were perfect until the last two games.

23rd November 2004

End of season show.

Wearview thrash Posithread. Crown beat GBS. Ellie and Sassco beat each other up.

Ellie Leisure 5 Sassco.co.uk 3

The final set of games were essentially meaningless. Sassco, if they could overcome Ellie, would finish in third place, their highest since Season 2. But it ended in a shambles as Sassco, trailing 3-0 before the break, turned a good game into a bickering encounter which soon flared up. Two openers from Tyzack and a superb long range effort from Sammut finished off Sassco. But surprisingly, amidst the chaos, they made a comeback. Goals from Greenwell, Brazier and Middlemiss were hopeful, but a further two from Ellie ended it.

Crown Electrics 3 GBS 0

A double result saw Crown, with goals from Wardle, Staples and a penalty from Tom Robason, finish GBS off. GBS were struggling with organisation and nearly had to play with only five men. The result confirms Crown’s second place, the same as they did in Season 4, 5 and 6.

Wearview Elite 5 Posithread.co.uk 1

Posithread aimed to spoil the party for Wearview, but it simply couldn’t happen. Wearview playing as a team who have finally delivered after coming very close on the Thursday league and also in the past with Lance Roberts. Goals galore from Hembrough and Williamson belied the fact that so many more could have been scored. A good all round performance, but Digga’s superb solo strike for Posi needs to be mentioned.

League Standings P W D L F A GD Pts
Wearview Elite
Crown Electrics
Ellie Leisure
Sunderland Housing
G. B. S.
FM Foods

16th November 2004

Wearview: Champions!

A 2-0 win over Crown secures the Trophy.

Wearview Elite 2 Crown Electrics 0

A new name on the League Trophy. The first since October 2000 a staggering four years. But they were clearly worthy winners. Wearview Elite joined the league very late but once in never looked back. A setback against Dalfest in their opener gave cause for concern, but they romped to continuous wins culminating in a tremendous 2-0 wipe out against Crown in August. The only other loss was a game awarded against them due to absence. Tonight, Crown were hopeful mainly based on their successful Thursday triumph under the same manager, Wardle. But the Crown team is vastly different to the superior Southwell side and Wearview were practically identical to the Thursday unit. This time Crown were no match. An early goal from Hembrough wasn’t replied against. Wardle came close from distance, but was superbly marshalled all the game by Paul “Jacko” Jackson. A player who isn’t exactly mobile and never gets any credit, this time he played to his strengths and defended superbly. His weakest moments are when he has the ball at his feet, but on this occasion he elected to make early, easy passes to his team mates. So it wasn’t surprising when Middlemiss scored a second. There was no way back for a bickering Crown team. The one trophy they truly coveted, once again, is out of their grasp. Select were in their way for four years and now Wearview, a late entry, bar their way. Stubbs was cautioned during the game for swearing at the referee, who commented after the game that a few players on the Crown team were “retards.”

So victory for Wearview with one week to spare. They face off against Posithread next week in a triumphant finale.

Ellie Leisure 5 GBS 1

GBS were clearly struggling, while Ellie were not. A strong performance saw Ellie bludgeon their way to a lead and maintain it with some fantastic football and some excellent shooting. A good win, but Ellie are marooned in 5th place in a league which they were joint favourites to win at the start. No one can forget their amazing run at the end of last season. But this season it was taken apart on the very first day with a 1-0 defeat against Posi.

The challenge for the 7th SFL Cup begins on the 30th November. I need all potential teams to signal their intention to enter (or not) before the 23rd November. The draw is due to be made, but cannot be calculated until all

Teams for the forthcoming cup competition are as follows:

  • Wearview Elite
  • Crown Electrics
  • Sassco.co.uk
  • Ellie Leisure
  • Sunderland Housing
  • GBS
  • Sporting RV (Paul Blyth)
  • Fulwell (Keith Jenkins)
  • Posithread.co.uk
  • FM Foods TBC
  • Ryhope TBC
  • Snowdons (Shaun Snowdon) TBC
  • Sporting Redhouse (Garry Duggan) TBC
  • Sporting Club (Tarnjit Sangha) TBC
  • Salvation Army (Graham Wharton) TBC
  • Redhouse (Dennis Jackson) TBCh November 2004

Chaos again.

Posithread gain a win over Housing in the only game.

Posithread.co.uk 5 Sunderland Housing 2

Goals from Amour, Bell, Dixon and two from Hutton secured another win for Posi over Sunderland Housing. This concludes Housing campaign. A below par beginning was transformed once the team had a regular set of players. Logan in goal was a key asset.

Awarded games:

  • Sassco.co.uk 3 Wearview Elite 0
  • GBS 3 Dalfest 0
  • FM Foods 3 Ryhope 0

26th October 2004

Sassco romp.

Five against Posi keeps their run going. Ellie labour over Housing. Ryhope’s smash and grab.

Excellent set of three games. All were well organised after the recent chaos.

Remember, no games next week due to the SAFC game.

Ryhope 1 GBS 0

Despite being new to the league, GBS overran stalwarts Ryhope and simply couldn’t get the ball into the back of the net. Every meaningful attack was fashioned by GBS, but was squandered, albeit with several saves from Abba in Ryhope’s goal. The sucker punch came near the end. A breakaway led to the goal and the result was locked at 1-0 until the final whistle. Good show from Ryhope though, Alan “Chopper” Slack came off the bench and probably missed the best chance of the game.

Ellie Leisure 2 Sunderland Housing 1

Mitchell was given an ear bashing by Spraggon. Not surprising considering that Ellie had raced into a 2-0 lead and looked as if they were going to swamp Housing. It didn’t happen though. With Ellie’s foot off the pedal, Housing stormed back and grabbed a goal and were truly unlucky to not to gain an equaliser. Despite this, it was three valuable points to Ellie in a good game.

Sassco.co.uk 5 Posithread.co.uk 2

Sassco kept up their impressive run since the 3-0 win over Crown. This time, Middlemiss and Greenwell shared four goals while Flash Gordon got the other. It was a dominating performance. Posi scored when Sassco were 3-0 up and again when 4-2 up. No contest though.

19th October 2004

Ellie fight back fails to dent Wearview.

Posi’s late strike gives them the points over GBS.

Chaos again in terms of organisation. Ryhope were late, struggled with any form of kit, which was augmented by the pitch being double booked. The delay meant that games kicked off 15 minutes late.

Crown Electrics 5 Ryhope 0

A promising first half from Ryhope collapsed in the second half when Wardle bagged a hat-trick. Robason scored the goal of the game (if not the night) and Clark nearly matched him with an equally impressive shot. Disaster for Ryhope. Organisation from this previously perfect team has been chaos in the last few weeks, so it isn’t surprising that a heavy defeat ensued.

Wearview 3 Ellie Leisure 2

Looking at the first half, you would have thought it was just another Wearview cruise. Goals from Hembrough (2) and Middlemiss gave them a comfortable start. But Ellie, seemingly unshackled, started to play and goals from Sammut and Tyzack gave hope for an amazing fight back. It never materialised as Wearview held on for an important 3 points.

Sunderland Housing 9 FM Foods 1

The less said the better. FM only had four fit outfield players and in a similar organisational chaos to Ryhope suffered heavily for it. Housing treated it as a training exercise and notched up an impressive 9 goals. More could have come, but they hit the post on several occasions. FM’s goal came from Dave Gourlay.

Posithread.co.uk 3 GBS 2

The best game of the night by far. An opener from Hutton was soon cancelled out in a very even game. Posi again scored from the spot with a goal from Bell before GBS equalised with a miss hit shot which trickled agonisingly (for Posi) into the back of the net. All wasn’t lost though as late on, Jason Amour persevered and won a ball back which was despatched by Dixon. 3-2. An excellent game with end to end action.

As always, with the end of the season upon us, teams are struggling with kits, etc. Ryhope, FM, Housing have all struggled recently. Most of them do have reasons, with Ryhope manager being away recently and also FM Foods changing their manager mid season.

12th October 2004

More of the same.

Crown win, Wearview win and Housing win.

To avoid any confusion:

  • Match Fees for Tuesday are £14 cash or £12 cheque.
  • Entrance Fee for next season (next year) is still only £20.
  • The Wednesday League has increased it’s fees, but these aren’t connected with Tuesday’s or Thursdays.

Crown Electrics 3 Dalfest 0

Fatty’s team proved their critics wrong. No longer are they the overweight, weak, impotent useless runners up that they’ve always been classed as. This time it was sweet revenge against Dalfest. With Staples returning to fill in the missing blanks, the team was transformed and Fatty in particular found himself a new lease of life with three handsome goals to his name. The team are back on track but would probably have to watch Wearview slip up before they can hone in for the kill.

Wearview 4 Posithread.co.uk 0

With Hutton’s disastrous and undisciplined regime at an end, it was left to Snowdon to take the team by the scruff of the neck and launch them against Wearview. The Champions elect had a troubled opening, but soon got into their stride. Some stunning goals from distance, including one which somehow crept through an overweight wall, were the highlights. For Posi, it was the return of Dixon, who missed a one on one near the end (welcome back Digga) and also the second appearances for Jason Amour (hit the post with a pile driver again) and John Oliver. Both had positive performances by giving Big Minnie a boot here and there, but it was Minnies team who had the last laugh. Steve Lawson, who’s been derided by his own Manager in the past few weeks and had all the lasses laughing at him, showed them he’s still the boss.

Sunderland Housing 3 GBS 2 (double result)

Having Ginger Wilson return was basically asking for it. No kit and no subs – every inch a superstar. But he wasn’t firing on all cylinders. GBS, with their most positive performance of the season, easily reversed a 1-0 deficit to score two cracking goals. And it was only until the very end when Housing grabbed two improbable goals. With car horns blaring and Spraggon for once not whinging at the ref, it was GBS’s turn to feel like what Housing feel like every week. Chris Harper’s rapidly improving unit now face a tough set of games with Posi and Ryhope in the next two weeks.

5th October 2004


And we’re not talking about Mitchell’s goalkeeping.

Bit of a disaster really. Ryhope didn’t turn up for their double result against Dalfest (so Dalfest get the wins). Ellie couldn’t muster a team v Wearview Elite (so Wearview win again) and Keith Brazier couldn’t make it to ref. Not to concerning really because he’d only have two games referee.

Anyway, the two games which were played were quite good.

Sassco.co.uk 5 GBS 1

It amazing what a win over Fatty does for a team. Last weeks impressive 3-0 walloping over the Pennywellites seems to have kicked life into a moribund Sassco team. McNaught was missing, but Pud Jackson replaced him and scored his first goals for Sassco. The team were 3-0 up again, but a good goal from GBS gave the opposition some hope. They’d been having good efforts at goal all game, but most were comfortably (if not nervously) thwarted by Sangha. Eventually Sassco got their fourth to seal the victory. Jackson got a hat-trick, Wayne got 2 and Gore got 1. Also, the game was excellently refereed by Paul Mitchell. . .

Posithread.co.uk 3 Sunderland Housing 0

. . .who had a mare in goal for Housing. With Logan’s missus having his young un, it was left to Mig to pick up the pieces. He had a solid team out, but with Posi now under the control of Snowdon, the team had a positive outing. New signings, Jase Amour and John Oliver, both scored crackers. Both teams conceded obvious penalties, but amazingly both were saved. A late goal from Hood sealed with win. Both teams were strong and both went for it in an enjoyable encounter.

Games awarded

  • GBS 2 Posithread 0
  • Dalfest 2 Ryhope 0
  • Dalfest 2 Ryhope 0
  • Wearview Elite 2 Ellie Leisure 0
  • Wearview Elite 2 Ryhope 0

28th September 2004

Sassco shocker!

Comprehensive 3-0 win against Crown, all but gives Wearview the Title.

Sassco.co.uk 3 Crown Electrics 0

The game nearly kicked off with Sassco only having 4 players. Kelsey was a late drop out, to be replaced by Mickey Drury. Gordon Robson and Greenwell were late as well. The game kicked off five minutes late and it was Crown who had the majority of the opening salvo’s. Sangha saved well from Jeff Clark from distance, but the defence held out well. Later in the half, Sassco started to fight back. Not conceding a goal gave them hope as they came close to opening the scoring. Paul Martin made one crucial stop before the end of the half. The second half started and it was Sassco who opened their account. Greenwell scored and Sassco held tight. An amazing save from Sangha kept it at 1-0 until two further goals from Robson and Drury (one being a free-kick) gave the team a stunning win. Pretty good considering this reversed a 6-1 defeat a few weeks back.

Wearview 7 FM Foods 0

A game without the vast experience of Steve Lawson, saw Wearview come out of their shackles and play some fluid football. They were 3-0 ahead before anyone could blink and eventually four goals from Hembrough, two from Middlemiss and one from Bainbridge, gave them a handsome win. Especially delightful considering Crown had lost. “We don’t need him,” exclaimed Manager, Paul Jackson, in an obvious tirade towards the absent Lawson. “The football was sublime, the movement was rapid. We can’t let ageing posties drag the team down to their own level.” How Lawson will react to this is unknown. Critics suggest that he will bow out, but I for one think he’ll be there, first in line next week to prove them all wrong.

21st September 2004

Dour evening.

Ryhope beat Sassco but lose to Ellie. Posi lose to Dalfest and Wearview win again.

Ryhope 2 Sassco.co.uk 0

Sassco, playing against a depleted Ryhope, again failed to take their chances. Shots straight at the ‘keeper combined with two breakaway goals from Pentland meant the inevitable “Sassco 0” result.

Ellie Leisure 2 Ryhope 0

Priest and Tyzack struck against a rapidly wilting Ryhope team to give Ellie their third win in a row (albeit over a gap of a few weeks). Ryhope were aware of their two game stint and had a big squad lined up. Unfortunately for them, four didn’t turn up, so the same team which bravely defeated Sassco had to play again.

Dalfest 2 Posithread.co.uk 0

Posithread were also struggling. In their first game for a while, only five were available. Despite this, they caused Dalfest some early problems before the inevitable goals came. There were only two, but Posithread had their fair share of chances. Hutton’s incessant running was the highlight, but he kept on veering towards his right hand side – something to do with magnets probably…

Crown 2 Sunderland Housing 0

A dour game if there ever was one. With Wardle on the bench after his recent spineless efforts against Wearview and Dalfest, his team fared little better. Highlights were probably Tom Robason’s first goal this season and also Staples wobbly shot which Logan couldn’t prevent going in. The ball actually spent more time over the fence then it did on the pitch.

Wearview 3 GBS 0

GBS, replacing Houlston, performed brilliantly. They were up against Wearview and for any new team, this would be a difficult debut. But with an outstanding goalkeeper, they had their fair share of opportunities at the other. But the inevitable Wearview goals came. This time two crackers from Lawson who was able to deliver his shots better than the letters he’s supposed to deliver. Wearview remain in pole position and look to their eventual clash v Crown Electrics to definitely decide the title.

7th September 2004

Housing’s first win!

Sassco edged out by Dalfest. Wearview pummel FM Foods.

Dalfest 1 Sassco.co.uk 0

A full strength Sassco line up started lethargically, giving the ball away in defence to allow Dalfest to snatch the opener. The ball was slightly deflected which didn’t help. Despite this, there was the rest of the game to complete and Sassco immediately responded. A quick break from Greenwell saw him shave the crossbar. But as time was running out, chances were at a premium as both Middlemiss and Greenwell failed to take their opportunities. A draw would have been a fair result, but Sassco’s problem has always been scoring goals. Dalfest now continue their excellent run after last weeks remarkable win over Crown. They’re creeping up behind Crown with one game extra played.

Sunderland Housing 5 FM Foods 3

Mitchell’s nervous prancing about on the sidelines wasn’t too surprising. Housing were comfortable but allowed FM back into the game when it was 4-3 at one stage. A late surge saw Housing pull ahead with another goal to end the scoring. This was their first win, but with their more improved team, it won’t be surprising if they get another few under their belt.

Wearview 9 FM Foods 0

With the fixtures decimated after all the 11-a-side games, FM were persuaded to play twice. They agreed but suffered a heavy defeat. Nine goals from Wearview, with four from Hembrough and four from Middlemiss dented a good first half show from FM. Unfortunately this is McNerney’s last game and I suppose it wasn’t the best time to go out.

Houlston have pulled out of the League. They obviously had major problems in organising kit etc. There’s no point in looking for a replacement as Houlston had only played five games. They will be deleted from the league which will mean teams will lose points against them as well as goals.

31st August 2004

Crown lose again.

Wearview take emphatic advantage. Sassco’s narrow win over FM.

Sassco.co.uk 3 FM Foods 2

A hastily put together Sassco team, with Kelsey, Harper and Leithes coming in, overcame FM Foods by the odd goal in 5. FM opened the scoring when Muers was given two clear opportunities. He scored from the rebound. Despite this, Greenwell lashed in an equaliser and it seemed that the domination was paying off. However, McNerney darted from one end of the field to slot in another goal to give FM the lead again. It was essentially like this all game. Sassco dominating and FM catching them on the break. Sassco’s method came out on top with goals from Kelsey and Robson to settle the tie.

Dalfest 2 Crown Electrics 1

Another disaster for Crown. A lethargic looking team were made to look ordinary by Dalfest’s fast movements. Crown’s normal physical game didn’t work as it didn’t against Wearview. And opponents have locked on to the idea that if you cancel out Wardle, Crown are really going to struggle to score. This was the case as he was shut out. Jeff Clark did grab a consolation, but it was 2-0 at the time and with minutes left it was Dalfest who gained a major scalp once again, having beaten Wearview at the start of the season.

Wearview 5 Sunderland Housing 3

A thoroughly enjoyable game to conclude the evening. Normally the last games are usually moribund encounters, but this one was a cracker. Neil Middlemiss gained all the plaudits with four goals, while Hembrough added to his ever increasing tally. For Housing, Logan was again the highlight making at least five or six saves from almost certain goal attempts. The last game between these was a 1-0 last minute win for Wearview, but for this one, all hell broke loose as both teams dismissed any defensive


17th August 2004

Wearview 2 Crown 0.

Record run comes to an end. Baines and Pud Jackson both make comebacks. Ellie’s second win on the trot.

Ryhope 0 Sunderland Housing 0

For once it was Housing who had the incentive to attack, but, like they’ve done all season, they failed to hit the mark when it mattered. Ryhope were making a return after several games out and looked lethargic. They also had a man less. Housing simply didn’t take advantage and it was Ryhope who were more disappointed not to gain all three points. Ironically, this was Housing’s first point since their start, but it was overshadowed by themselves failing to take advantage of the extra body. Christian Baines was making a rare appearance for Housing at the back and held on well to shut out a reasonably fierce Ryhope forward line.

Ellie Leisure 2 Dalfest 1

Ellie continued their decent form into the game against Dalfest. It was tied at 1-1 for quite a while before the deadlock was broken. Dalfest had a depleted team, while Ellie were also lacking some key players. A good game and a good result for Ellie.

Sassco.co.uk 2 Houlston 1

Sassco were under pressure at the start of their game but were briefly liberated by another Wayne Greenwell strike. This didn’t deaden Houlston, though, as they powered on and scored an almost immediate equaliser. It was Greenwell who came to the rescue again as he concluded the scoring. Pud Jackson was making his return to the league after a long while, but was probably weighed down by his Sassco shirt and failed to get his name on the score sheet.

Wearview 2 Crown Electrics 0

The biggest game of the season and also the most important one so far. Crown, as record breakers, were looking for their 11th win in a row to shatter all records (which won’t be broken for a long while). Sporting Redhouse did something similar in Season 1 and also in Season 2, while Select performed miracles from Season 3 to 6. However none could beat the 11 in a row. Wearview went ahead from Hembrough as both teams rattled the posts belonging to their opposition. As time wore on, Crown were increasingly frustrated and Wardle was cautioned. It was late on, when Middlemiss struck the final nail in the coffin. The run was good, but it’s come to an end. Now Wearview and Crown have matching records. Both have won all their games bar one. Wearview lost to Dalfest while Crown have just lost to Wearview.

3rd August 2004

Crown and Sassco come to blows.

Gibson turns it around for Ellie against unlucky Housing.

Crown Electrics 6 Sassco.co.uk 1

Going 3-1 down in the first half, Sassco immediately began the second with a fight. Kelsey, replacing Middlemiss for this week, and Stubbs came to blows. Both were sent off and it was Sassco who were taken out of their stride. Four easy goals from Wardle with two from Staples condemned Sassco to a heavy defeat. Not surprising really, considering that Sassco have failed to beat any of the major contenders this Season.

Ellie Leisure 2 Sunderland Housing 1

Ellie, after last weeks surprise 1-0 defeat against Posithread, were more confident this week but nearly came unstuck. Housing went 1-0 ahead and stubbornly held on. On two occasions they could have doubled their lead, but as against Wearview, they failed to take advantage. Gibson for Ellie, making his first appearance in quite a while as a second half sub, turned the game on it’s head and grabbed two welcome goals for Ellie to give them a much needed boost with 3 points.

Wearview 3 Houlston 1

Houlston struck first against a lethargic Wearview, who weren’t featuring Steve Lawson. It showed as they failed to get into their stride for the first five to ten minutes. Eventually, though, the quality came out on top. Middlemiss, Anderson and Hembrough replied to keep Wearview going strong.

Dalfest 3 FM Foods 2

A weak goalkeeper was the reason for the result. FM Foods played exceptionally well, with McNerney and Dunston pulling the strings. However, their back line’s confidence was shattered as their keeper conceded easy goals. For Dalfest, this was a positive result after last weeks setback against Wearview.

27th July 2004

Another Posithread surprise.

Houlston gain their first resounding win.

Houlston 4 FM Foods 0


A hastily put together Houlston team destroyed FM. Houlston, who had a brilliant performance v Ryhope in their previous game, struck early and never really looked back. When it was 2-0, FM had opportunities, but squandered them or saw them saved. A good win, and a first win, for Houlston.

Posithread.co.uk 1 Ellie Leisure 0

A major surprise. Ellie, returning after their enforced absence, brought along a large squad whereas Posi struggled to churn out six players. Despite this, they gave as good as they got in an excellent game. Hutton struck in the second half and despite chances at either end, it was Posi who took the points.

Wearview 3 Dalfest 1

Wearview struck sweet revenge against Dalfest. A blistering performance from Neil Middlemiss left them gasping and with a 3-0 lead, it was obvious that Dalfest, who themselves, despite gaining win after win, actually seemed to peak after their 4-2 win over Wearview earlier in the season. Scott Hembrough scored one goal, while Middlemiss struck the other two. Both Anderson and Conifey were missing for Wearview so even a weakened team is still a strong one.

Crown Electrics 2 Sunderland Housing 0

Two strikes either side of the half from Stubbs gained Crown their ninth win out of nine. Goals aplenty were expected, but didn’t come. Housing were stubborn as always but only really had one half chance for the whole of the game. Their moves broke down in the crucial areas, while Crown couldn’t get the breakthrough they wanted. Wardle was below par and it was left to Stubbs to secure the win. Logan, as always, was excellent for Housing, but unfortunately his team at the other end simply couldn’t hold up the ball to make any use of it.

20th July 2004

Unlucky Logan.

Last minute strike from Hembrough prevents Housing’s first point.

Crown 3 FM Foods 0

Fatty’s team, with two goals from himself, kept their 100% going and look like they could be breaking a previous record set by Sporting Redhouse back in the early seasons. FM were a pale shadow of themselves and with Muers in goal, the writing was on the wall.

Dalfest 2 Posithread.co.uk 0

Dalfest grabbed another win to rise up in the table into second place. Posithread, after a good opening simply can’t seem to get back into their stride.

Sassco.co.uk 5 Sunderland Housing 2

A more solid Housing team looked as if they would give Sassco a tough game, but within minutes it was clear that Sassco were far more superior. A superb hat-trick from Robson as well as two goals from Middlemiss and Greenwell cancelled out Joe Middleton’s and Scott Johnson’s strikes for Housing.

Wearview 1 Sunderland Housing 0

A brilliant game littered with incident. First Neil Middlemiss gets whacked in the mush with the ball to increase the entertainment value. Wearview dominate, but miss a penalty. Logan makes some cracking saves all night. And it wasn’t until the final minute when Hembrough’s strike took a minor deflection but didn’t change a great deal of direction. The speed of it was too much for Logan as Wearview went 1-0 ahead and held on.

Leading Goalscorers
Wayne Greenwell Sassco.co.uk 13
Jon Wardle Crown Electrics 13
John Turvey Dalfest 8
Chris Middlemiss Sassco.co.uk 7
Danny Pentland Ryhope 7
“Flash” Gordon Robson Sassco.co.uk 6
Lee Collins Dalfest 6
Scott Hembrough Wearview Elite 5
Phil McNerney FM Foods 5
Jeff Clark Crown Electrics 5
Steve Stubbs Crown Electrics 5

14th July 2004

Wearview keep going.

Good performances from Houlston and Housing.


Logan, for Housing, pulls off another save against Dalfest – who eventually scored the only goal of the game.

Wearview 2 Sassco.co.uk 0

Wearview dominated after an evenly balanced first half. Greenwell came close for Sassco, but they were left pinging the ball about in their own half and losing it in Wearview’s half. Goals either side of the interval, from Williamson and Neil Middlemiss settled the issue.

Dalfest 1 Sunderland Housing 0

After the superb win over Wearview, last week, Dalfest struggled against a resilient Housing side and only managed to score the single goal to take the points. It was progress, though, as Housing are clearly improving by the week.

Crown Electrics 3 Posithread.co.uk 1

Another bad result for Posi, but a positive one for Crown who remain unbeaten in their quest for the elusive title.

Ryhope 1 Houlston 0

Houlston matched Housing and performed fantastically against a strong Ryhope team. Both teams were physical and Chris Johnson in goal for Houlston was particularly outstanding. The only goal from Pentland settled the game in Ryhope’s favour

FM Foods 6 Ellie Leisure 1

Disappointing from Ellie again, as they struggled with 5 players. FM eventually tore into them and six impressive goals to only one reply wasn’t really a fair result. Ellie decided to take a break after this one to recharge their batteries.

6th July 2004

Crown six points clear.

Wearview shock Ryhope with a 4-1 score line.

Sassco.co.uk 6 Sunderland Housing 1

After last week’s spirited performance against Ryhope, Sassco were very wary of Sunderland Housing. But despite this, they looked lethargic, albeit dominant, in the first half. The deadlock was broken with a superb Robson goal just before the break. However, within moments of the kick-off, Spraggon stole behind his marker and clipped in an equaliser. This actually kicked Sassco into life as they began to turn their domination and chances into goals. Logan was finally beaten to make it 2-1 and the eventual score was 6-1. A hat-trick from Middlemiss and one a piece from Brazier and Greenwell.

Dalfest 5 Houlston 0

Houlston, making their debut were given a rude shock. Despite a strong-willed opening, they soon conceded and then it was Dalfest’s turn to toy with them. Obviously the most improved team of the debutantes, the win puts them into third place. Goals from Collins (2), the ever impressive Turvey (2) and Mowbray set them on their way.

Wearview 4 Ryhope 1

The score line doesn’t really paint the picture of the game as a whole. Both teams were dominant in their own possession, but Wearview converted their chances. Three goals (two stunners) from Hembrough gave them a deserved win with a very depleted line up. Lawson grabbed the other goal as Wearview finally get off the mark.

Crown 1 Ellie Leisure 0

Ellie dragged Ian Butler out of retirement for their critical encounter against Crown. This time, Gibson and Tyzack were both missing again and it showed. It was a fairly balanced game with chances at a premium. Stubbs broke the deadlock near the end after Ellie had hit the post and came close. Butler did well in goal as he made several key saves, but he was unable to keep out Stubbs late winner.

FM Foods 2 Posithread.co.uk

More disappointment for Posithread. Without Gourlay and Snowdon, the team dominated FM Foods but failed to convert their chances. Opportunities from Dixon and Gillespie were both squandered as Posi desperately tried to nullify a FM early goal. Late on, however, it was all over. A delightful step over and dummy end up with a goal – the second and final goal. FM Foods first win in a very strong performance, but Dixon and co. will rue their missed chances.

29th June 2004

Dalfest 4 Wearview 3

Sassco bounce back, Ellie flattened.

Dalfest 4 Wearview 3

A completely inexplicable result. Wearview, considered amongst the four top teams in this league – and rightly so, were facing Dalfest who had just decimated FM Foods thirty minutes previously. Wearview were making their debut and with two goals on the scoreboard in the opening session, it was expected to be normal service. Yet Dalfest, who increasingly played with such confidence, clawed it back to 2-2. Wearview were on the ropes, but as expected, they scored to make it 3-2. Hembrough, Williamson, Anderson and all the usual superstars were there, but Dalfest scored again! and again! 4-3 was the final result.

After last week’s lamentable drubbing off Ellie, Sassco decided to take it seriously and hauled Brazier back in defence alongside McNaught. They were both to monitor Dixon and Gourlay and make sure that they didn’t get the space they required. Sassco dominated. Posithread were without Hutton, who would have made a difference, but it wasn’t long before Greenwell and Robson made their mark. Gore scored two (included one penalty) and Greenwell grabbed a hat-trick (with one penalty). Middlemiss scored the other. Dixon did make it 3-1 at one stage, but Sassco were simply strolling around the pitch with most of the possession to take an impressive win.

Ryhope 2 Sunderland Housing 1

Sunderland Housing were expecting the worse. A rampant Ryhope team wasn’t the best choice for opposition at this early stage in their campaign, but shockingly they opened with one of the best goals seen in the last few seasons. A long range shot, somehow swerved at an impossible angle to hit the top corner. They were 1-0 up from Craig Smith. Ryhope did get back into the game and with two goals from Mooney and Pentland, they secured a win. But Housing take the accolades. A 100% improvement as the team battled for every ball and came away with their confidence restored.

Crown 4 Ellie Leisure 2

The big game of the night was a let down. Ellie only have five players and were obviously going to struggle. Despite the advantage, Crown were lethargic. An opening goal from Wardle was nearly cancelled out when Harrison broke through, but as with all spurned chances, Stubbs went down the other end and scored to make it 2-0. Ellie did actually get two goals back, but Crown were probably overconfident and this seeped through. Luckily they’d scored a total of four goals to make sure of the win. An important game – a big let down

Dalfest 5 FM Foods 1

FM Foods were returning to action after their positive 3-2 loss v Posi a few weeks back. But this time they were dealt a blow. Signs of Dalfest’s 4-3 Wearview win were shown in this game. McNerney’s team simply couldn’t cope and the positive result for Dalfest would raise their expectations when they beat Wearview later in the evening.

22nd June 2004

Crown 100%.

Sassco’s heavy defeat off Ellie.

Crown Electrics 1 Ryhope 0

Crown carved out another 1-0 win over their fellow rivals. Similar to the 1-0 over Posithread, they scored early and held on to the lead. The goal came from Wardle and his team survived several scares to keep up their 100% record in the league.

Ellie Leisure 5 Sassco.co.uk 2

Sassco were overconfident against Ellie and suffered badly as a result. They were 3-0 down within minutes and never recovered. A perfectly executed brace from Sammut was augmented with two from Gibson and one from Tyzack. In Ellie’s best performance of the season so far, they controlled the game and had several shots on goal. Sassco did manage to carve out two excellent goals from Middlemiss and Greenwell, but these weren’t enough. Ellie secured an impressive 5-2 win and based on this performance, it seems a surprise that they lost to Ryhope and Posithread.co.uk.

Dalfest 2 Sunderland Housing 0

Two teams without a win, Dalfest and Sunderland Housing took to the field, both looking for their first points. They went, as expected to Dalfest. A soft opener was followed minutes later by a stunning strike from distance through a crowd of players. The two goals were the only goals in a dour game with Dalfest gaining the upper hand. Spraggon was making his long awaited debut for Housing, but it’s a far cry from his Double-winning season with Sporting back in Season 1 and his heroics for the equally successful Team Coulson.

15th June 2004

Crown head the table.

Ryhope take their second major scalp.

The first real major clash of the season was Ellie against Ryhope. Ellie were considered pre-season favourites and Ryhope had defeated both Sassco and FM Foods, to head the table. A single goal from Andrew Collier was good enough to seal the win. A more weakened Ellie team tried hard to get back in the game and Tyzack was the focal point. However, he had an off day as did Ellie, who are now in fifth position.

Ryhope were knocked off the top though. Crown’s magnificent 7-0 win over debutantes, Sunderland Housing, swept them to the top. Logan for Housing was man-of-the-match, but he failed to stop Wardle’s four goals and Jeff Clarks stunning hat-trick. Crown have now defeated FM and Housing with a strong scoreline, along with a 1-0 win over Posi.

Sassco.co.uk came out of the blocks fast and took the game to a much improved Dalfest team. Dalfest showed more promise which was seen after they equalised against Ellie the week before. However two goals from Greenwell, either side of the half, and a combination of good keeping saw Sassco keep the 2-0 lead.

Posithread shrugged off their 1-0 defeat to Crown and faced FM Foods with a positive attitude. A 3-2 win, however, reveals that FM Foods are rapidly improving. An injury to one of their players dented any real hope, but nevertheless, they should develop over the next few weeks having already played the stronger teams in the league.

8th June 2004

Ellie turn the corner.

Ryhope head the table.

An opening salvo from Ryhope saw them race into a 2 goal lead with around two minutes on the clock. FM Foods, spearheaded by Phil McNerney, failed to pose a challenge. Joe Dove scored three while goals were shared by Barry Bartell, Andy Collier, George Lavelle and Danny Pentland. The 7-0 win puts them at the top.

Being caught cold by Posithread, last week, was one thing, but suffering an equaliser, and a headed equaliser at that, was a blow for Ellie. The team simply hasn’t started playing at all yet, but they soon shot into life and gained the upper hand. The final 4-1 scoreline was quite comfortable in the end.

Crown soon dented Posithread’s promising start with a single goal win. As the scoreline suggests, the game was tense and very tight. Posithread were aiming for an equaliser and put a great deal of pressure on, but Crown prevented them to keep them with a 100% record and no goals conceded.

Finally, FM Foods faced off against Sassco in their second game of the night. The first half yielded only one goal, from Gash Brazier, as FM Foods had their fair share of chances. But Sassco dominated and Wayne Greenwell got four to his name. Brazier weighed in with two while Middlemiss scored one. Michael Ames actually scored a consolation for FM Foods late on.

1st June 2004

Crown on a high.

Posithread’s good start.

Some unlikely results dominated the opening day. Ryhope faced off against a much more improved Sassco team, which soon came unstuck. A second half clanger from Davinder Sangha allowed Ryhope to take the lead. They held on to it doggedly until one of the Ryhope players stepped into the box. Middlemiss stepped up to see his shot saved only to see the rebound penalise the Ryhope team as one of their guys stepped into the box again. The penalty was taken by Greenwell, who launched it into the air. Fortunately for Sassco, it was again awarded for infringement and this time went in. Ryhope got their just rewards eventually as a shot deflected off McNaught to squeeze in.

Another surprise in the second game. Dixon, now playing for of Posithread, added his strike rate and scored the only goal against the joint favourites, Ellie Leisure. Dixon and Gillespie featured for Posithread, while Sammut, deputising as Manager for Harrison, couldn’t have got off to a worse opening. The team was quite strong with Gibson and Tyzack featuring, but were caught cold.

Finally, Crown showed true opening form and blitzed McNerney’s inexperienced team by six goals to nil. Doubles from Wardle, Baker and two stunners from Stubba set the new favourites firmly on top. McNerney drove his team on with some surging runs but all in vain.

More teams are due to enter of the next few weeks. The competition will be staggered as quite a few teams will be cancelling fixtures in September to coincide with the 11-a-side season.

19th May 2004

Season 7.

The Champions take a break.

Select, unquestionable winners of the League and the Super League will not be entering into Season 7 of the Tuesday League. Only 6 teams are in which mirrors the Thursday League.

Ryhope, Sassco, Posithread, JJFC, Crown and Ellie are the six entrants. The latter two would be considered joint favourites, but it should be the most intriguing season to date. Since Season 1, there have always been dominant teams. In Season 1 it was Sporting Redhouse followed by Herrenknecht (Sassco). In Season 2 it was Sporting and Royal Mail. Seasons 3 to 6 saw Select dominate with only Crown showing a meek challenge, although they did win two recent cup competitions.

All six teams are considered almost equal to each other so it is, for once, open for all.