Team changes.

A number of teams have struggled in past weeks and are in the process of being replaced. The ones named are Fusion, Soca and Roar.

Seaburn Soca (Wear Consulting) 2 Roker Roar (Bunker) 0.
Both Seaburn and Roker have been removed from the league, mainly due to unreliability. In place came Wear Consulting, a previous entrant from a few seasons ago and Roker were represented by Bunker. Wear will eventually take over Redhouse Fusion and it’s likely we’ll have a four team Semi Final play off to decide the finalists (all on one night).

Redhouse Rockets 3 Soul Cal 3.
Last time out, Rockets conceded five goals against Sassco but still won the game. This time against Soul Cal, they conceded three but couldn’t get the three points as Soul Cal cancelled them out.

Soul Cal 5 Redhouse Storm 2.
A fiery game. Soul Cal had one player “sin binned”, but still managed to run out winners in a successful night.