Seaburn trounce Sassco.

Seaburn Soca 3 0.
The second headline says it all. Seaburn easily beat an almost completely different looking Sassco side in the opening game. Sassco had the veteran Gav Kershaw to thank in keeping the score down. Thanks to Kurt Richardson for refereeing.

BunkerUK 2 Redhouse Storm 1.
Staples received the abuse as Harry Pattinson’s Redhouse Storm picked up the pieces from Daimon’s disastrous reign to put in an accomplished performance. However, it was two goals late in each half which gave Bunker the win. Thanks to Brian Marley for refereeing.

Roker Roar 1 Soul Cal 1.
One of the best games of the night saw Roker Roar rifle in an opening shot and goal against a full Soul Cal team. It was late on when Brian Marley hit the equaliser, but the scoring ended there.

Downhill Impact 4 Redhouse Rockets 1.
Downhill Impact hit the “long balls” according to referee, Danni Lay to out-muscle Roker Rockets. A 4-1 scoreline saw the increasingly overweight Callum Howe fire in some spectacular goals, which were not too different from those scored by his idol, Mark Muers. Thanks to Danni Lay for a memorable refereeing performance.