Play-off to decide the Champions.

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Rocket’s, Impact, Sassco and Soul Cal to decide placings.

Redhouse Fusion failed to inform the league by the Friday deadline about the Tuesday fixture, so therefore were removed from the League. All the games they played in were declared null and void. This has changed the table quite a bit, so it’s been decided that the top four teams will take part in a play-off to decide the winner on the 15th February.

The following final league games, however, will take place on 8th February. Storm
20:00Downhill ImpactWear Consulting (Seaburn)
20:30Wear Consulting (Seaburn)Soul Cal

After these games have decided table positions, first will play fourth in the table at 7:00pm on the 15th February, while second will play third on the same day at 7:30pm. The winners will play each other at 8:00pm to decide Season 16’s Champion.

This is the final season of the six-a-side competition.

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