Rockets comeback to defeat The Bunker.

Redhouse Fusion 6 Downhill Impact 1.
A more than useful Downhill side were walloped in the searing heat. The domination was so complete in that the only time the Fusion ‘keeper picked the ball up was when Downhill scored their only goal.

The most exciting thing that happened for Downhill was when Anth Pearson noticed that referee, Ken Street, had his jumper on back to front.

Redhouse Rockets 2 Bunker UK 1.
Shaun Crann opened the scoring for Bunker, as these two youthful teams battled it out. Eventually the Rockets equalised and then went ahead with the goals from Hayden Raine and Liam “Nikey” Laidler. A fairly even game. Both sides had chances to score more goals.