Fusion defeat WWC FC.

Downhill Impact 6 Sassco.co.uk 5.
Firstly, Logan launches one of the longest throws ever, considering that most humans can spit further than he can throw a ball. The ball bounced several times before Sassco’s French striker, Eric Foch, deceived the opposing goalkeeper to see the ball directly fly into the goal. It was 1-0, but not long after, Sassco were 3-1 down with Impact completely dominating and taking Sassco to pieces. Sangha even managed to muscle in between to Impact players to poke the ball home towards Logan, who missed it and conceded an own goal.

More goals went in each end, with Callum Howe and Jimmy Raeper scoring a few for Impact and Muers some for Sassco. It was a veteran’s team for Sassco with Dan Carson and Michael Garrett dusting off the cobwebs to don a Sassco jersey.

Redhouse Fusion 4 WWC FC 3.
Both teams were depleted and had to bring in “stand-in” players. An open game saw Fusion secure the winner late in the game past Tommy Bell’s impression of a fat Ian Hesford for WWC FC.