Steve Anderson with Thomas Bell.

New Tavern annihilated by Teeb FC.

Steve Anderson with Thomas Bell.WWC FC 9 New Tavern Predators 0.
Another disappointing performance from the Predators as they failed to make an impact in their first official league game. WWC struck very early and never looked back. Teeb (Steve Farrer) was in particularly good form and scored a rare header on the 6-a-side. WWC didn’t have Steve Anderson in the side as he claimed he was “getting his teeth whitened.” He eventually turned up and we told him to stand under the damaged floodlight and just smile.

The picture inset shows Steve Anderson and Thomas Bell celebrating after the game. The lights were dim, but with Borat’s new teeth, they won’t be scrabbling around for any dropped change as the natural light meant that you could read a book outdoors with Anderson up until 11:00pm.

A very difficult start for New Tavern. As a new team coming in, they’ll be facing the two strongest teams within the league for their first two games (the second being against Redhouse Fusion). Chris Balmer’s team probably need just to get a good performance out for their next game.

Redhouse Fusion 1 0.

A wholly negative performance from Sassco nearly got them a result. It was in the dying minutes when Liam Wooton scored the winner after constant pressure throughout the game. Simpson was excellent in the Sassco goal. McConville had a glorious chance to score for Sassco just before they conceded, when he scooped the ball over the bar. Sassco were missing Muers and Mouat, but Danny Lay made his first appearance for a strong looking Fusion side, this season.

Both Brian Marley and Rikki Kennedy were sent off late in the game (on video). Also, full marks to Paul McCluskey for answering a late call from Sassco and also somehow squeezing the tight Kappa top over a tracksuit top.