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Both Town End and New Tavern ejected from the League.

Redhouse Fusion 3 Downhill Impact 2.
Redhouse Fusion only had five players, but took the game to Downhill Impact. An early goal was replied to with an Impact equaliser. Eventually, Fusion, now with a full six players, took a 3-1 lead. Impact scored again to reduce the arrears to 3-2, but failed to gain an equaliser.

WWC FC 5 0.
Due to Town End being unable to field a team (and subsequently being ejected from the League), Sassco hastily put together a team to take on WWC. Gordon Robson made his first appearance for Sassco for five years and immediately had a shot on target in the opening seconds. However, it was WWC who were far more clinical, as they raced into a 3-0 lead. Two second half goals added to the tally as WWC and Fusion are the obvious favourites in this four-team league.

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