Just like old times as Steve Borat Anderson races through past Pearson and Taylor

Tyson, Richardson and Mouat are dismissed in Town End’s 2-0 win.

One more team was added to the League to take the total up to a healthy nine teams. Darren Duggan returns to the League with his Redhouse Stars teams. More information is shown below. The photos were taken by Davinder Sangha and Dan Campbell.

Just like old times as Steve Borat Anderson races through past Pearson and Taylor

WWC FC 4 Downhill Impact 0
Downhill Impact are a team which have been hastily put together and you could tell from their capitulation against WWC FC. Tommy Bell’s side were smarting from a defeat last week and produced a much stronger outfit this week. Steve “Borat” Anderson came in and made all the difference. It was massed defending from Downhill, but once the first went in – it was game over and damage limitation. Two goals either side of the half saw Bell’s team take their first points.

It's a goal! Duggan's Stars receive a rude awakening off Redhouse Fusion in a 4-0 defeat.

Redhouse Fusion 4 Redhouse Stars 0
It was a long awaited return from Darren Duggan as he put together the ninth team in the Tuesday League. An excellent addition as we now have a good set of enthusiastic sides. Unfortunately for Duggan it ended in a heavy defeat. His side, which contained Joe Middleton (who played in the League in the early seasons) couldn’t have faced a more stronger opponent in Redhouse Fusion. An early goal set the pace of the game and the eventual 4-0 win for the favourites and current Champions was expected.

Tyson in the headlines again as he's sent off. Despite this, Town End held on to their 2-0 lead.

Town End Thunder 2 Wear Consulting 0
Wear Consulting were hampered by the lack of Tyzack, but did welcome the return of Keith Mouat. However, by the end of the game he was off in disgrace and Wear Consulting were 2-0 down. Tyson also got dismissed along with Liam Richardson, but the four men of Town End held on to gain an important win. The likes of Hendon, Town End, IPS, Wear and Sassco also seem like for like, so wins and points taken off each other will be critical.

Puffed cheeks from Muers as Lee Ramsay gives him a torrid time in Hendon's 3-2 win over Sassco.

Hendon Rovers 3 Sassco.co.uk
A rampant Hendon team counterattacked and put Sassco to the sword. An early thunderbolt from Lee Ramsay wasn’t replied to in the first half. Despite a tremendous amount of chances (most hit wide), Sassco failed to make in impact and the sucker punch came when Dickie Hall fired in the second. Lee Ramsay struck from distance again to take Hendon up by three goals. Sassco then made a comeback in the last five minutes with two goals from Muers and Richardson, but it was too late. A great start from Hendon.