He steals the show again.

WWC 3 IPS 0.
It was all Teeb again. He turned up with instructions to wear white shorts and white socks, but in “Teeb World” white miraculously transforms to royal blue, so we had to provide him with some extra tight white shorts. The circulation was cut off, but as everyone knows, Teeb fires blanks in a biological sense, but his performance on the pitch could be classed as good as any Viagra induced equivalent. He was poking the ball about against a stubborn IPS team and outshone the likes of Tommy Bell, Steve Anderson and even Trevor Walker. Even the aging and rapidly flailing Kyle Robinson had to hand it to Teeb. A superb performance from Teeb as he inspired a 3-0 win. He left everyone who watched in the misty rain truly speechless, like he does with the ladies (however, he usually has his hands over the womans mouth at the time).

Redhouse Fusion 5 Wear Consulting 0.
It was quite tight at the beginning. The young un’s were winding up Keith Mouat as they always do, so it wasn’t really shocking when Fusion fired in a quick succession of goals. The 5-0 win keeps them behind WWC, but they still have a game in hand. Josh Lay convinced everyone that he scored an over-rated hat-trick, while Kurt scored one goal and the returning Danni Lay (the real driving force behind the team) got the other goal.

Town End Thunder 6 Sassco.co.uk 1.
An insipid and spineless performance from Sassco – again. Even Sangha’s back heels failed to yield a goal for Town End in the opening moments where they dominated. Eventually, the dead lock was broken and Town End were 2-0 up and coasting. It continued in the second half and at 4-0, Sassco struck back with Mark Muers, who had a shocker of an outing. Didn’t make a diffference as Town End then secured a final 6-1 scoreline.