Sangha defies Bell, Walker, Anderson and co. (Kyle wasn’t that good). 2 WWC 0.
The last game of the night sprung a surprise. Sangha drafted in two ex-Hendon players, McConville and Lee Ramsay, while WWC had the full complement on show, with Grant Foster, Bell, Robinson, Anderson, Walker and even Teeb!. Thirty minutes later, the aging Sangha, with several body parts hit, smugly walked off with a 2-0 win under his belt. An ultra-defensive performance with Ramsay and Conlin scoring for Sassco in the last five minutes.

Redhouse Fusion 5 Downhill Impact 2.
No Logan or Mickey Pearson saw a depleted side taken apart by Redhouse Fusion. An impressive set of goals in a good performance from Fusion. Especially considering that WWC lost later.

Wear Consulting 1 Town End Thunder 1.
A solid performance from both teams. Wear Consulting struck in the first half with an excellent goal, but Tyson responded with an equaliser in the second. An evenly balanced game. A draw was a fair result.