Charlie slots his unstoppable penalty in to give the Redhouse B team (also known as WWC) a great start.

Controversial “goal” gives Sassco their first points.

The third day of Season 14 took place amidst a downpour.

Charlie slots his unstoppable penalty in to give the Redhouse B team (also known as WWC) a great start. 4 Wear Consulting 2
When the downpour began, Sassco were coasting at 2-0 against Wear Consulting with goals from Anth Langan and Mark Muers (yes…Mark Muers). Half time came and went and in the second period, Tyzack led the assault on the Sassco back line. An early goal from him unsettled Sassco and within minutes, Mick Hill had equalised. It was backs to the walls. Both teams missed plenty of chances, but the critical moment came and it was an error.

Muers hit the side netting, and being Downhill all the rats had eaten the side part of the net and Anthony Mouat erroneously gave a goal. Sassco didn’t even celebrate, but didn’t turn the goal down. Wear Consulting were slack jawed at the decision and played the remainder of a game in a daze. They subsequently failed to stop Langan getting his second goal near the end. A controversial decision which resulted in Sassco’s first win of the season after some high hopes and a poor start.

Campbell prepares to fire in a shot.

Downhill Impact 3 Redhouse Stars 1
Downhill’s cobbled-together team looked like a bunch of professionals against Duggan’s bloated Redhouse Stars team. Even Mickey Oliver decided to make an appearance. Paul McClusky also came in for run out. The team gelled and despite Logan’s howler, they kept ahead of the Stars. Logan was busy waffling on about Sunderland AFC, Kevin Phillips and God knows what else goes on in that mashed and battered mind of his. However, the weak point didn’t turn into a disaster. The goal made it 2-1, but Downhill Impact added another and also celebrated a milestone in Dan Carson’s second win (playing for any team) in the 6-a-side for the year he’s been playing.

Ian Tench, one of the top goalkeepers in the League, had to pick the same ball out five times.

Redhouse Fusion 5 IPS 1
Lainey was busy putting his feet up and preparing for Eastenders when he got the call on that they were on in around thirty seconds. Luckily, Redhouse Fusion managed to rope in a stand-in goalkeeper from the other pitch and kept it tight. They opened the scoring against IPS and another 1-0 win seemed to be on the cards as Ian Tench defied his age to pull off a number of improbable stops. Unfortunately, an early goal in the second half from Josh Lay set Redhouse Fusion away on to a handsome win, with Lay getting a further three goals to add to Wooton’s one goal in a superb 5-1 win.

Kyle Robinson defies his critics with a superb late goal for WWC.

WWC 5 Town End Thunder 2
WWC, now being dubbed as the Redhouse Fusion ‘B’, team coerced another “has been” in to play in the form of Kyle Robinson, who was sacked from Sassco for indecency. With WWC already awarding a cap to Teeb, we wonder which big name Tommy Bell will persuade next. Robert DeNiro perhaps? Any how, his side looked accomplished in the face of a Town End Thunder team which lost its Thunder by Tyson and Liam Richardson being sidelined due to the dismissal last week. Both were in agony as they saw five goals including own goals as well as chances missed. Rumours are abound that Tyson is desperate to return to Sassco. He had plenty to say about Anth Mouat on the sidelines as well as the WWC team, especially Kyle Robinson. “Proper has-been,” he quoted. “I reckon Town End Thunder will last in the League longer than him.” The current odds on Town End lasting until August are evens.

WWC defied their critics and looked impressive. Goals from Charlie (2), Jimmy, Borat and a forty yard hammer from Kyle Robinson settled the score. At the moment they seem to be the only real threat to Redhouse Fusion.