Tyzack in action against IPS

AA draw first blood against Hylton Castle.

Tyzack in action against IPS

A decent start for the new AGUK Super League cup, despite all the teams no longer involved. Sporting Redhouse were added to Redhouse Youth’s and Castletown FC in the missing list before the games started. But good news with Wear Consulting, as they have decided to re-enter the competition from next week. The cup is the traditional league format based cup. Due to the lack of numbers, all six teams are pooled in one group and play each other once. The end table will see first against fourth and second against third in the semi finals. The format could change if more teams are added. The ideal number is eight, but as with every team, it’s quality and not quantity. Luckily, the new team, IPS, seem very well organised and are much welcome in the competition.

Sassco.co.uk 3 IPS 0
IPS; a new team under the control of Ian Tench, made their debut against a reasonably strong looking Sassco team, which featured Wear Consulting’s Gary Tyzack. A tight opening half was soon opened up when Jimmy Raeper fired in the first goal. The half time came and went and Sassco added to their lead. They had to pace themselves as they were playing two games and were relieved to get a third. The latter two goals coming from Paul Stokoe and Gaz Tyzack.

Sassco.co.uk 2 Hendon Rovers 1
A lethargic start from Sassco saw Hendon race into the lead at the end of the first half. Lee Ramsay’s long range effort was unstoppable. Sassco were driven on by the urge to prove the ever increasingly whinge bucket David Murton wrong and looked desperate. Eventually Tyson equalised and then Tyzack put them into the lead. A good comeback performance in sweltering heat – which is rare for Downhill.

Josh Lay's free-kick

AA Fabricatons 2 Hylton Castle 0
With the amount of withdrawals, it seems that these two teams will be the main rivals and possible cup finalists. The first half was blank, but the second saw Liam Wooton fire past a despairing Kev McCluskey. It got even worse when Kurt Baxendale, drafted in from the gone, but not forgotten Youth’s, fired in the second goal. The scoring ended there.