Downhill shock the leaders.

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“Ancient” Steve Lawson megs Rikki Kennedy to lay Kev McCluskey on for his equaliser.

Yes Trigger on the ball. He failed to get past the strong Downhill backline and is considering retiring to become a referee.

Redhouse Fusion 1 Downhill Impact 1.
An amazing result from the rapidly improving Downhill team. Redhouse Fusion were complacent, but after Rikki had given them the lead, the floodgates were expected to open. Impact were resilient and the increasing crowd were given the honour of seeing Steve Lawson meg Rikki Kennedy to set Kev McCluskey on for his equaliser. Logan thwarted the desperate (especially Woody) Fusion team, but the 1-1 draw stood.

IPS 4 2.
IPS were cruising to a 3-0 lead with Sassco late in the second half. Muers scored a consolation, but moments later, he scored a second goal and then Sassco attempted to pile on the pressure. Eventually IPS scored the late goal in a deserved 4-2 win. Sherrif had a hat-trick and Craig Simmons scored the other.

WWC 2 Town End Thunder 2.
A “dream team” of has beens and past superstars was presented by Thomas Bell, hoping for a cricket score against Tyson’s Thundercats, a team rapidly losing their way. Yet, it was the opposite. The feisty Town End team raced into a two goal lead and had it not been for the poor finishing from Michael Jones, they’d have taken an unassailable lead. Second half saw the ineffective Kyle Robinson come off the pitch to be replaced by Trevor Walker. Have we seen the last of Kyle? It seems likely. His early season form has now vanished and even his own team were criticising him. “He was better when he was back on the drink and drugs.” said Grant Foster. But, the second half was a change. Walker inspired the team and Charlie drove it on with two goals, with one deflecting into the back of the net. A 2-2 score was a fair result in the best game of the night.

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