CNSC Cup 18th November FINAL

Southwell win a thriller.

Bainy equalises twice but Greenwell scores the winner.


Southwell 3 Jon Wardle 2, Wayne Greenwell

Wearview 2 Neil Bainbridge

Southwell: Dave Watson , Jon Wardle, David Staples , Wayne Greenwell , Steve Clark, James Dickinson Wearview: Chris Conifey, Gaz Anderson, Steve Lawson, Paul Jackson, Scott Hembrough, Neil Bainbridge*

The final started late due to Steve Lawson turning up without a kit. It kicked off 20 minutes late, but was worth the wait.

A game which saw Southwell spend most of the time in the opposition half, opened up when Wardle scored a long range free kick threw a weak wall. Wearview used their strengths with their pa ce and counterattacked during the whole game. But their goal came when the majority of the Southwell players were crowded in their own third. Neil Bainbridge teed up and struck a clean shot which slotted through a ruck of players to make the score 1-1.

The second half was more balan ce d, but Wardle scored a long range effort – with Conifey to blame – to make it 2-1. It seemed highly unlikely that Wearview would score again, but they did. Bainbridge finished off an ex ce llent move and his strong shot squirmed underneath Watson. The game seem set for penalties when Greenwell, who’s earlier shot boun ce d off the cross bar and on the line, struck from close range. Conifey fumbled and the ball went through him.

Southwell probably deserved it overall, but all the goals were probably preventable. An ex ce llent final and an end to a brilliant opening series.

CNSC Cup 11th November SEMI FINALS

As expected.

Southwell and Wearview breeze through to the Final.

Semi Finals

Southwell 4 Sporting Redhouse 1

Wearview 6 LFC 2

Both semi finals could have been decided before the schedule was made. Southwell, clear favourites, overcame the more difficult hurdle against Sporting. The Sporting team had a perfect record in their group, albeit being a weaker group, but against Southwell they came unstuck. A bra ce of goals within a few minutes settled the game.

LFC, surprise qualifiers from Pool B over O’ Neil ls, were comfortably beaten by Wearview. The win means a Wearview – Southwell final, which is probably fair. Wearview and Southwell shared a 3-3 draw in the group stage and Wearview are the only unbeaten team left in the cup competition.

CNSC Cup 4th November

Wearview top the group – Dadcheck out

Late equaliser from Hembrough ends Dadcheck’s season

Wearview 2 2

Despite going two goals ahead and playing the best football they had all season, Dadcheck were cruelly dumped out. A mistake by Paul Mouat allowed Wearview a token goal with around seven minutes remaining. With the pressure mounting, Scott Hembrough lashed in a long range strike with literally seconds left, to put Wearview in the Semi’s and Dadcheck out.

SR-1 2 Southwell 1

A meaningless game in reality. SR-1 were out and Southwell would have to lose by around 5 goals to be eliminated. The goals came from SR-1 as they avoided bottom spot. It was also their first win in this competition and went some way towards reasserting their confiden ce for the new, arguably more difficult campaign next year. Southwell, by not topping the group now fa ce an awkward Semi Final with Sporting, but they should come through with no real problems.

Pool A









1 Wearview Elite 4 2 2 0 11 8 3 8
2 Southwell 4 2 1 1 11 7 4 7
3 4 2 1 1 9 9 0 7
4 SR-1 4 1 0 3 6 9 -3 3
5 FC Fulwell 4 1 0 3 5 9 -4 3

CNSC Cup 27th November

Southwell and Wearview in pole position

SR-1 and Fulwell out – Dadcheck need to win.

Wearview 4 SR-1 2

Again, SR-1 struggled. Despite starting well, a set of goals within minutes destroyed their confiden ce and made it ce rtain that they were eliminated. This now puts Wearview in pole position as they only need a draw in their last game to maintain their point lead over Dadcheck.

Southwell 3 FC Fulwell 0

Fulwell, coming off their superb win over SR-1, let themselves down with an insipid performan ce against Southwell. The new group leaders played without a recognised defen ce , but Fulwell failed to take advantage. Southwell now seem ce rtain to qualify unless they lose heavily in their last game.

Pool A









1 Southwell 3 2 1 0 10 5 5 7
2 Wearview Elite 3 2 1 0 9 6 3 7
3 3 2 0 1 7 7 0 6
4 FC Fulwell 4 1 0 3 5 9 -4 3
5 SR-1 3 0 0 3 4 8 -4 0

CNSC Cup 20th November

Sporting and LFC through.

Dadcheck stumble and SR-1 look out of it.

Dadcheck suffered their first defeat in the group stage after coming unstuck against Southwell. Goals from Michael Booth, David Staples , Steve Stubbs and Wardle condemned Dadcheck to a worrying finish. Leithes and Williamson did manage to score against Southwell, but Watson in goal was outstanding while his counterpart, Logan, had his first genuinely bad game for his team.

FC Fulwell also caused a stir by defeating SR-1 to keep them rooted at the bottom of the table. Fulwell went 2-0 ahead and despite SR-1 clawing one back, did enough to give themselves a fighting chan ce to get through.

Pool B was decided with LFC’s 1-0 win over O’ Neil ls. LFC needed the win while O’ Neil ls required just a draw. But the single goal sent LFC through in a surprising group where favourites, Barclays, were out with no wins in three, after a 3-0 defeat against Sporting.

Pool A









1 3 2 0 1 7 7 0 6
2 Southwell 2 1 1 0 7 5 2 4
3 Wearview Elite 2 1 1 0 5 4 1 4
4 FC Fulwell 3 1 0 2 5 6 -1 3
5 SR-1 2 0 0 2 2 4 -2 0

Pool B









Sporting Redhouse
3 3 0 0 10 0 10 9
3 2 0 1 3 5 -2 6
3 O’ Neil l Sports 3 1 0 2 4 4 0 3
4 Barclays Sunderland 3 0 0 3 1 9 -8 0

CNSC Cup 13th November

SR-1 suffer their first defeat.

Sporting confirm a Semi Final berth. 2 SR-1 1

A glorious win for Dadcheck saw SR-1 suffer their first defeat in all competitions this season. Dadcheck opened the scoring, but Hutchinson stole through to equalise. A second goal from Dadcheck was the last of the scoring as they secured a historic win.

FC Fulwell 1 Wearview 2

Wearview scored late on to secure this win. Fulwell had played the best they had all season but, again, came with nothing.

Sporting Redhouse 4 LFC 0

Sporting, as expected secured a comfortable win against a weak LFC team.

O’Neill Sports 6 Barclays Sunderland 0

A major shock. Barclays were eliminated. The favourites to get through at the top suffered their second defeat which means, in simple terms, they’re out!

Pool A









1 2 2 0 0 5 3 2 6
2 Wearview Elite 2 1 1 0 5 4 1 4
3 Southwell 1 0 1 0 3 3 0 1
4 SR-1 1 0 0 1 1 2 -1 0
5 FC Fulwell 2 0 0 2 3 5 -2 0

Pool B









1 Sporting Redhouse 2 2 0 0 7 0 7 6
2 O’Neill Sports 2 1 0 1 4 3 1 3
3 LFC 2 1 0 1 2 5 -3 3
4 Barclays Sunderland 2 0 0 2 1 6 -5 0

CNSC Cup 6th November

Dadcheck head the pack.

Sporting spearhead the other.

Wearview v Southwell (Match Report by Scott Hembrough)

Wearview were in a mess with only 5 players before kick off so they picked a lad off the streets to go in goal and were preparing for a Southwell onslaught.

But with only a minute past on the clock Hembrough struck from distance and that woke Southwell up and their pressure paid off when Jiff equalised. They soon went 2 and then 3-1 up when slack marking allowed Greenwell and Staples to score. But with 5 minutes remaining Hembrough got one back and then Gaz Anderson won and scored from a free kick to make it 3-3.

Southwell went to bits and great goalkeeping by Watson kept them in it as Wearview had chances to win in the dying moments.

Dadcheck headed the strongest pool with a 3-2 win over Fulwell, who only had five men. Sangha was missing due to a broken down twatting Lotus Éclat so it was left to Alfie Leithes to rally the troops. They were 1-0 down with minutes left before the tremendous finish.

Sporting easily trounced O’Neill Sports with goals from Wilson and Hunt. O’Neills are at the foot of the table alongside, surprisingly, Barclays after Rogerson and William Butler gave LFC a 2-1 win.

30th October 2003

“Well done, SR-1!”

Chris Haldane gives his seal of approval to the unbeatables.

A 3-0 win for SR-1 confirmed their Title with one game to spare. Lyall, Dennis and Cuddihy scored to take the inaugural title.

The remaining games weren’t meaningless as they decided the grouping for the CNSC Cup. Southwell, with two goals from Greenwell defeated Barclays to confirm second.

Wearview, despite a later defeat against SR-1 by 2-1, came in at third.

Dadcheck were disappointing in fourth position and Fulwell equally so in fifth.

All these big hitters face off against each other in one strong group which will definitely pose a challenge for SR-1.

O’ Neil ls signed off in style with only their second win. A 5-4 win over LFC.

League Standings









1 SR-1 16 13 3 0 45 8 37 42
2 Southwell 16 11 3 2 34 8 26 36
3 Wearview Elite 16 10 0 6 56 22 34 30
4 16 8 2 6 33 28 5 26
5 FC Fulwell 16 5 7 4 21 16 5 22
6 Barclays Sunderland 16 5 1 10 23 32 -9 16
7 LFC 16 3 4 9 14 45 -31 13
8 Sporting Redhouse 16 3 3 10 12 32 -20 12
9 O’ Neil l Sports 16 2 1 13 17 64 -47 7

16th and 23rd October 2003

SR-1 all but confirm the Title.

Only heavy defeats can cost them.

The penultimate two weeks saw some reasonably insignificant results. The 16th October games saw LFC bravely attempt to claw back SR-1 and despite taking the lead, SR-1 equalised in the last minute. LFC would have been the first team to defeat SR-1, who have been faltering of late. Chris Ward scored in the dying seconds.

The win all but gives SR-1 the Title. The nearest challengers need to score at least 9 in their last game and hope that SR-1 lose heavily to both Wearview and Fulwell.

Barclays comfortably defeated O’Neill Sports with a 3-0 scoreline. Redhouse Phil was in goal for O’Neills and gave the large crowd a few laughs. Robson, Miller and Smith scored for Barclays.

Dadcheck returned to the fold to play their final game. David Leithes elected to drop Trevor Walker and play himself instead. The opposition were Sporting, and despite an equaliser from Kelsey, Dadcheck ran out 5-1 winners, with Leithes and Mouat scoring two each.

Wearview also had a tetchy game against Fulwell and secured a 3-0 win which puts them guaranteed third. Goals from Middlemiss and Hembrough kept Fulwell back.

The week after, Wearview put nine goals past O’Neills, who actually scored first! Hembrough and Middlemiss both scored hat-tricks.

Southwell also looked for a late push with 6 over LFC. Southwell are guaranteed second place but must hope that SR-1 lose a lot of goals in their final week double header against Fulwell and Wearview.

Barclays also killed off Sporting’s season with a single goal from Gareth Taylor in the second half. Anthony Langan made a surprise return to the League and was unlucky to have a goal disallowed.

9th October 2003

SR-1 only need one point.

Barclays put up a fight, as do LFC.

LFC played their last set of double headers with two reasonably positive results. Playing without a recognised goalkeeper, a 0-0 draw against the hugely disappointing Fulwell team was a very good result. A defeat at the hands of Southwell in the second game was also positive. A good performance saw them miss some open goal chances against Jon Wardle, who was deputising in goal for Watson. The win gives Southwell a glimmer of hope.

But the SR-1 team seems to overcome any obstacle in front of them. This time it was Barclays who raced into a 1-0 lead roared on by the huge (Southwell) crowd. It was normal service though as Cuddihy put them back into it with two goals. The second half saw chances missed at both ends. Barclays were genuinely unlucky not to gain a draw, but SR-1 go on and only need a point to secure the Title.

Wearview played against Sporting, who were returning from the cold after a long absence. It was Wilson who gave his team the lead, but they soon fell away and literally collapsed in the second half. Wearview pounded and humiliated them with four goals. Two from Neil Middlemiss and one each from Gaz and Steve Anderson.

2nd October 2003

SR-1 only need four points.

LFC’s heroic reverse.

O’Neills Sports pulled off another coup by signing Danny Coulson to bolster their already strong team. It was unfortunate that they were facing Southwell as the three goals conceded were unstoppable. The win puts Southwell firmly into second place.

Fulwell, probably one of the major disappointments this season still have it in them to climb the table. A comfortable 2-0 win over LFC with both goals coming from Phil Young put them in good stead for their later encounter with Wearview.

Wearview didn’t gain any joy from their opener. A 2-1 defeat against SR-1, despite Hembrough replying in the second half, kept them away from the top two and also handed the Title (almost) to SR-1. Lee Cuddihy’s side only need four more points to guarantee the Title.

LFC then turned their form upside with a superb and heroic 1-0 win over Barclays. The same team had walloped them 9-1. But the return of LFC’s key players, including Lee Butler and also a debut for Steve Udale in goal, saw Michael Butler score the only goal of the game. Amazingly, William Butler and Lee Butler were limping for most of the second half, but still held on to disappoint Barclays, who were probably a bit overconfident.

The late night game saw Wearview demolish FC Fulwell with 5 goals to 1. Gaz Anderson was the star of the night with two goals, while Middlemiss, Steve Anderson and Hembrough added the others. Fulwell made some minor changes for this game which blew back in their face as they could have gone third with a win.

25th September 2003

SR-1 overcome their final hurdle.

Two defeats put Dadcheck well out of it.

A 3-1 defeat inflicted on to Dadcheck by SR-1 tumbled the team into third place – which will probably be their eventual position. With only one game remaining, Dadcheck can take a breather after losing two decisive games on the night. The first defeat came against Southwell. The “Farmers” opened the scoring when a low, but fast, Jon Wardle shot squirmed underneath Logan. Minutes later Dickinson put them 2-0 ahead. Southwell were definitely worth their victory as Dadcheck spent most of the game pinging the ball from side to side instead of into any danger areas. A late goal from Walker gave some hope, and also a sending off for Maven after he was fouled by Mouat. It was a clear foul, but most people seemed to forget that the referee played it on and Staples hit the post. In Dadcheck’s second game, Hutchinson opened the scoring, but Williamson hit back almost immediately. It was Hutchinson who scored from the kick off and Dadcheck eventually lost a third goal to Cuddihy.

LFC also played twice in the night. The first was a miserable 6-0 defeat against a sprightly Wearview team, who had just come off the back of a 6-3 win over O’Neills. In the first game, Hembrough scored two while Steve Anderson got a hat-trick. O’Neills had a decent team out, but their goalkeeper was Redhouse Phil who failed to stop any of the shots in his jeans. Wearviews second game saw Neil Middlemiss score three and Anderson twice. Ageing Steve Lawson scored a single goal to keep himself in the team.

LFC’s late night horror was against Barclays. Now a respectable outfit, Barclays score nine times, with Bramham scoring seven. A new addition to the team was Crown’s Paul Martin. Barclays now have three regulars from Crown playing and with Bramham and also goalkeeper Tweddle, should pose a problem for some teams.

18th September 2003

Williamson overpowers Wearview.

A hat-trick keeps Dadcheck in 2nd. SR-1’s final push for the Title.

Dadcheck gained sweet revenge over Wearview, but it wasn’t without a late scare. Cruising at 2-0, Steve Lawson and Gaz Anderson got Wearview back into the game. But on the break, Dadcheck gained a further two goals. Walker scored one and Williamson scored a hat-trick to keep Dadcheck in second place.

O’Neill Sports gained two discarded players from Dadcheck, Ames and Coulson, and secured an impressive draw against high flying Fulwell. For once, free scoring Hutton failed to get on the score sheet in a 0-0 draw. A win would have put Fulwell into third place. A draw for O’Neills was a good result and also the rumours of the departure of Michael Pearson seemed to have been quelled (until the next defeat, anyway….)

The goat was well and truly fed before the Sporting – Southwell encounter, but he couldn’t really do much about Wardle’s two goals in each half. A man-of-the-match performance was deserved, but the addition of Mitchell instead of Hunt to the team led to some serious internal ruptions which could lead to a mass exodus of the Sporting players over to O’Neills.

SR-1 look set to win the Title after a 4-0 hammering over Barclays. But looking closely at their remaining games, it seems that they will have to battle for them. Another game against Barclays will be straightforward, but encounters against Dadcheck, Fulwell, LFC and two against Wearview could cause some problems. The goals today were scored by Hutchinson and a hat-trick from Cuddihy.

11th September 2003

Dadcheck back in action and back in 2nd.

Southwell and Fulwell & Sporting and LFC cancel each other out.

The opening game saw a revamped Dadcheck team destroy a makeshift O’Neill Sports team. With their glorious win safely behind them, O’Neills were let down by certain players and barely managed to get a team out. The team they put out was disjointed and put to the sword by Dadcheck. Paul Mouat, transferred from Sporting Redhouse, made his debut, supported by Walker, Coulson and Williamson. Leithes benefited heavily from his surroundings as he scored four goals in some style. Walker converted two and Williamson scored the other. Ross reduced the deficit for O’Neill Sports, but even at the 3-1 stage, Dadcheck looked good.

Southwell had the better chances than Fulwell in their game. Wardle, Staples and Watson were all missing, but it was Maven who scored like a true striker. He was probably more surprised than anyone else. But celebrations were short lived. Hutton latched on to a through ball and expertly slotted past Stubbs in goal. It soon got a bit rough, with Greenwell nearly seeing red, but the final score remained at 1-1 as both these teams are in 3rd and 4th place on same games played.

LFC and Sporting Redhouse played the last game of the night, which was probably the worse. Redhouse were coming back off their humiliation last week and looked sluggish. Michael Brown opened the scoring, but it was Sporting who looked lively. Davison in particular was having an excellent game alongside Kelsey. Mitchell was a wandering passenger and really struggled to get into any rhythm. John Hunt equalised for Sporting but that was where the goalscoring, surprisingly ended.

4th September 2003

William Harper steals the show.

He defies his age and girth to strike O’Neill Sports’ first winner.

There are events which stick in the mind. The Hindenburg Disaster, Eric Cantona kicking the shit out of a Palace fan and William Harper lashing in the winner against Sporting Redhouse.

The game was the last one played on the night, and without a doubt, the best one. Pearson and Hounslow put O’Neills ahead in what looked like an unassailable lead, but Hunt and Davison levelled the scores. It seemed like if anyone was going to score, it would be Sporting. But no. Lo and behold, William Harper sprinted from the back in his painted on kit and knee high basketball boots to lash in the winner. Manager Tarnjit Sangha publicly claimed that he would resign if Harper scored. We eagerly await the outcome.

SR-1 are now six points clear of Southwell with equal games. They have to drop two games to give the opposition a hint of coming back into it. Cuddihy presented a full squad which seemed to score at will against LFC. Cuddihy grabbed two and Hutchinson joined him. Lyall added the fifth in an expected win.

Fulwell were to play two back to back games. The alleged awkward one was against But for Dadcheck, it was a disaster. Despite a decent opening, the makeshift team, which was lacking Robson, McNaught, Dixon, Galey, Logan, Walker and Middlemiss eventually succumbed to a 5-0 defeat. Hutton was rampant for Fulwell and bludgeoned his way to his hat-trick. Goals from Young and Davidson finished the issue.

Their next game was against Barclays. The Barclays team have been making steady progress since their bad start, and now with the addition of Jeff Clark to bolster the team, they have two players who have won silverware in the Tuesday League. Their inexperienced goalkeeper, however, gave away a penalty which was dispatched by Ian Davidson. But a wonder strike, which was coolly chested down and walloped in the back of the net from Bramham settled the game into a draw. Both teams had some later opportunities, but with Fulwell tiring it was Barclays which should have taken advantage. A draw was a fair result though, as Barclays are much stronger and more organised since Bramham took over the lions share of team responsibility.

21st August 2003

SR-1 beat Southwell to move clear.

5 man Sporting draw with Fulwell.

The opening game saw a vicious looking Sporting team take on FC Fulwell. In the previous encounter, Sporting dished out some strong stuff which was inexplicably not dealt with by referee Tommy Foster. This time, they didn’t get away with it and it should serve as a warning. Keith Mouat was dismissed for head butting, while Hutton gained his yellow card. It was 0-0 at the time and Sporting were there for the taking. It didn’t happen though. Sporting upped a gear and came out of the game disappointed not to get all three points. Stephen Wilson was man-of-the-match for his accurate shooting which was dealt with by Gary Hayes for Fulwell. A bad loss of points for Fulwell, but a positive one for Tarnjit Sangha’s team, who after the immense humiliation over the past few weeks, seem to have turned the corner.

The biggest game of the night was Jon Wardle’s Southwell against Lee Cuddihy’s SR-1. Both players were high up in the goal stakes, but Lee Cuddihy added to his tally to make it 12 goals for himself and 3 points in a 1-0 win. Wardle presented a full strength team, and though they outplayed SR-1 in their previous encounter only to get a draw, this time it was nothing. “Who’s the daddy now, fatso?”

Dadcheck and Barclays were both depleted. Barclays had Andy Constable and Jeff Clark making debuts, while Dadcheck had Wayne Galey and Christopher Scott were new on the board for Dadcheck. The game wasn’t pleasant to watch. Barclays had the lion’s share of the game but were restricted to pot shots at Logan in goal for Dadcheck. Bramham was driving Barclays forward, but eventually Dadcheck got in on the act. Galey had a clear chance in the first and ultimately scored the winner with around five minutes remaining. A 0-0 scoreline would have been ideal for both teams based on the circumstances, but for Barclays it was a bad evening.

21st August 2003

Barclays gain a stunning win!

LFC’s late strike beats

Barclays gained a memorable win against an under strength Wearview team. They went deservedly ahead through Richard Coombes and played a confident style of football. It seemed inevitable that a second goal would come. But late in the second half, Steve Anderson scored from distance to put Wearview back in it. Throughout the game, Barclays goalkeeper, Paul Tweddle, made some astounding saves to solidify his previously lacklustre backline. His just rewards for such a performance was a late winner to take Barclays to their second win and clear off the foot of the table. They are now only four points behind Sporting Redhouse with two games in hand.

“Wearview were left seething after they saw there title hopes blown away. It all went wrong earlier in the day when two ‘players’ decided to drop their mates in it. Neil Bainbridge decided to go on the piss and Mini being the soft shite and most hated player on the planet, got a paper cut on his foot, so Wearview had to do with a makeshift team. They soon went 1-0 down, but they battled back well and equalised through Steven Anderson and could easily of won it but for some brilliant goalkeeping from the Barclays keeper. Then late on in the game Barclays broke clear and slotted passed the keeper to make it 2-1 and wreck the promising Wearview title challenge.”

Report by Scott Hembrough

A haphazard performance from Sporting keeper, Anth Mouat, led to a heavy defeat against SR-1. Danny Coulson was between the sticks in the last game between these two, and was largely responsible for keeping the score down in SR-1’s narrow 1-0 win. This time it was more open with some stunning goals. Steve Hutchinson’s stunning final minute strike made it 5-0, and complemented and earlier double strike from Cuddihy along with contributions from Ward and Lyall. Sporting lacked any punch and have obviously resigned themselves to the fact that they wont feature in the top four.

FC Fulwell returned after a three week absence to pick up from where they left off. Goals from Hodd, Young and Richardson gave them a solid 3-0 win over a battling O’Neills team, who this week, featured the talents of Sean Hounslow. Nevertheless, an unsettled team are still looking for their first points.

Dadcheck also shot themselves in the foot after going down to a last minute LFC strike. Gordon Robson, making his debut, put Dadcheck 1-0 ahead with a brilliant strike. But the team lost its way and allowed Butler to strike a brilliant equaliser from way out. The second half saw LFC begin to come back into the game and have a few strikes on goal. Logan saved brilliantly from an almost certain goal by Butler. But in the dying seconds, Rogerson scored to give LFC their second win. Dadcheck, although still not out of it, need to learn to finish their chances like most of their recent opponents have done.

14th August 2003

Wearview back to their best.

SR-1 and Southwell share the points.

Wearview ran out 3-0 winners in a pretty even contest. Wearview had most of the possession in the first half and soon opened the scoring with a goal from Neil Middlemiss and then a rare goal from the rapidly ageing Steve Lawson, who will probably tell everyone about it in the pension queue tomorrow morning, made it 2-0, The second half was much different as Dadcheck piled on the pressure, but there possession came to nothing as they squandered their chances. Then Dadcheck’s Chris Middlemiss got over excited and decided to take a short cut through his own box. The resulting penalty was converted late on by Scott Hembrough to settle the game and gave Wearview a much needed 3 points.

Report by S. Hembrough

Can’t really argue with the report. We were poor. Strikers seemed to spend the game on the wings, while the opposition massed in defence. We were all poor and didn’t really look like scoring. Went 2-0 down quickly so I spent the rest of the game kicking Neil Middlemiss (with his team’s approval of course). Steve Lawson also showed that age is no handicap in this league as he lashed in a good goal. Also Chris Middlemiss threw a wobbler and took a short cut across his own box and then denied it.

Report by D. Sangha

Southwell’s game against SR-1 was given some added dimension after SR-1 pulverised O’Neill’s 7-0. Goals from Chris Scott, Mark Lyall, Steve Hutching and Cuddihy set up a mouth-watering clash. Firstly, Chris Haldane must have forgot his contact lenses and forced Southwell to wear bibs, despite both teams having contrasting colours. The aerodynamics of Southwell were slowed down as Cuddihy scored an opener, which looped over the flailing Watson. Drastic action was taken as Wardle came on as a sub to equalise. Southwell had opportunities but the game ended in a 1-1 draw to keep SR-1 well in check of the title.

Barclays only realised too late that they were playing against a substandard opposition. In game which was separated by some stunning goals, it was Sporting which raced into a 2-0 lead with a brilliant goal off Davison and a rare strike from Keith Mouat. Davison scored another goal in the game and so did Nesbit for Barclays. A stunning goal followed by another made it 3-2 and it was game on. Anth Mouat was making his debut for Sporting after being cruelly discarded by Dadcheck. Paul Mouat also made his welcome return after his disciplinary problems earlier in the season. Both Hunt and Mitchell were axed for this encounter, as Sporting played some good football. Barclays will rue the late comeback, but it’s quite obvious that performances are picking up.

7th August 2003

Barclays gain the headlines a profitable win.

SR-1 and Dadcheck cancel each other out. Two contrasting games from Wearview.

It had to happen sooner or later. Barclays and O’Neill Sports were both without a win and pointless (as Boldon have been deleted). Before the game, the money would be on O’Neill Sports, as Jason Amour bolstered his team with the addition of Kyle Robinson. However it was Barclays which stole the show. A brilliant hat-trick from Michael Bramham was unrivalled. Two of them were soft goals conceded by the O’Neills keeper, but Barclays were exceptionally strong in defence as O’Neills had several chances themselves. Some were squandered, but most were saved or blocked. The game was over early in the second half, as Barclays played on the counterattack. For Jason, however, serious questions as to what went wrong.

Wearview demonstrated why they have “Elite” as a title. A 6-0 slaughtering over Sporting Redhouse was easily achieved. The highlight of which was a Scott Hembrough hat-trick and arguments between the Sporting players. Wearview announced themselves as genuine contenders after this win. Unfortunately, though, they followed this up with a 4-1 hammering off Southwell. The game was evenly balanced at 2-1 just before half time, but tired legs gave away two further goal. And this was despite the team being amongst the youngest in the league (apart from Steve “the early 60’s” Lawson, that is).

The major game of the night was SR-1 versus SR-1 are the only undefeated team in the league and remain so after this encounter. An early Simon Williamson goal was cancelled out just before half time by Lee Cuddihy. The score remained the same. Both keepers made one good save each during the game, as these teams cancelled each other out. It was a very disjointed game and definitely not a good one to watch. But with so much to lose for both of them, they kept it tight.

Boldon have been removed from the league due to the team being unable to organise themselves in regards to players and kits. As most will have seen, Boldon failed to adhere to the kit rule and were on one final warning.

31st July 2003

Sporting knocked off the top.

Two defeats – from SR-1 and Dadcheck – put Southwell back into 1st.

Two games and two defeats meant that the previously indestructible Sporting Redhouse, were knocked off the top of the table and pushed way back into fourth.

The first one was the clash of the night. Southwell, having just beaten O’Neill Sports 3-1, were heading the table, but Sporting and were battling for second place. In an entertaining game, it was Dadcheck who had the majority of the chances and took one in the first half. Simon Williamson made sure with his fourth goal of the campaign. Dixon and Middlemiss both squandered chances, but at the other end, Ryan McNaught and Davinder Sangha easily controlled any dangers. Mark Kelsey came close to an equaliser for Sporting, who themselves had several free-kick opportunities – none of which troubled Steve Logan. His opposite, Danny Coulson, proved why Sporting Redhouse are up there. His numerous (and unbelievable) saves kept the score tight . . .

. . . As it did in the second game against SR-1. A single goal by Lee Cuddihy was enough. Sporting were clearly tiring now and injuries to Kelsey and Keith Mouat took their toll. Paul Mitchell, replacing the more mobile Gary Davison, was, for once, a major disappointment. He lacked any threat to SR-1’s back line which was held together by Chris Scott (who got man-of-the-match). But the star of the show was Danny Coulson, who kept on making miraculous saves – what a star!

Southwell’s 3-1 win over O’Neill Sports wasn’t as comprehensive as it would seem. An opener from Michael Ross gave O’Neill Sports the advantage and they held on well until a Jon Wardle equaliser. They had several chances, but failed to convert them as Southwell eventually picked them off one by one. A further two goals from Wardle and Dickinson made sure that Southwell commanded the table on goal difference ahead of

Barclays, who are still propping up the table, again lost. This time a single goal from Boldon’s Ramin Moosarian was enough. Barclays had a strong team out, with Bramham returning. But it simply wasn’t enough. Boldon, on the other hand, were clearly struggling with a team, but managed to keep together and gain their first win of the season.

24th July 2003

Who’s the daddy now, Mr. Wardle?

A stunning win for, puts Southwell back into their pla ce .

Despite arrogantly heading the table with eight goals scored and none con ce ded. It was Jon Wardle’s so called “superstars” who suffered an ignominious defeat. This first defeat came fromDadcheck

, who were superbly marshalled by Simon Williamson , on the pitch, and David Leithes, off the pitch.

An opening blitz saw Dave Watson , in the Southwell goal, coming under some extreme pressure. An opener from Dixon was followed by several opportunities from Walker and Williamson. At the other end, Jon Wardle was kept quiet by Davinder Sangha and failed to gain any real opportunities. The second half continued like the first and it was Walker who increased Dadcheck’s lead. By this time, the ineffective Staples had been repla ce d by Greenwell, who himself failed to perform. A late strike (in the final 10 seconds) from James Dickinson was only a consolation as Dadcheck join the leaders on 10 points.

Sporting Redhouse, spearheaded once again, by Paul Mitchell, destroyed a completely disorganised Boldon team. A wonder goal from Boldon was only a consolation as the predatory instincts of Mitchell, alongside those of John Hunt, saw them both share four goals. Mark Kelsey graced the game with a goal as well in a 5-1 win.

SR-1 returned to the fold and showed how impressive they were. Racing into a 2-0 lead over FC Fulwell was a performance in itself. Excellent goals from Lee Cuddihy and Steve Hutchinson seemed to make the game safe. However, a response from Fulwell turned the game, and, arguably, they should have equalised. But SR-1 had opportunities themselves and kept the scoreline at that. They are now only one point behind the leaders, but with staggering two games in hand which should put them clear…if they win them.

Barclays remain rooted to the table. And after a 5-0 hammering off Wearview, will probably remain there all season on goal difference alone. The team, which features Steve Smith from Crown Electrics, simply can’t get into gear. Michael Bramham was again absent, albeit on the sidelines to encourage, and they simply lacked ideas. Wearview scored from Hembrough (2) and goals from Gaz and Steve Anderson, and Neil Middlemiss. Wearview are sitting pretty in fourth place with one game in hand.

Last week it was Jason Amour and this week it was Michael Ross. A defeat against LFC for O’Neill Sports could have been so much different, had Ross fired in an equaliser at the end. It was his goal which turned the game after earlier strikes from Lee Butler and Michael Brown seemed to have settled the game. Butler’s team seem to be enjoying a brief surge, having held Dadcheck and now taking the points against O’Neills.

17th July 2003

Wardle strikes a blow for Southwell.

Oh L’Amour! he misses a sitter which could have given O’Neill’s 3 points.

Without Mickey Pearson to drive the team on, it was left to Jason Amour to pick up the pieces in the one game in which they would have a chance to gain points. It seemed to work. Idris Balarabe was a spectator for both goals against him as Michael Ross and Chris Penman put O’Neill Sports 2-0 up. Then the comeback. Motivated by man-of-the-match, Darrel Franciosy, Boldon pushed for a consolation and got one. Soon after they grabbed an equaliser and it was game on. Adam Parker and Gary Conner had pulled them back into it – but the final nail in the coffin was Jason Amour’s glaring miss to make sure that O’Neill Sports failed to gain more than the one point.

The game of the night was definitely Southwell versus Sporting Redhouse. Both presented full strength teams, but Sporting were lacking the killer touch as Mitchell was absent. In his place, John Hunt failed to provide the impetus and could well be looking over his shoulder should Mitchell return next week. For Southwell, Wardle brought himself on as a substitute to lash a top corner screamer past Danny Coulson. The unfortunate ‘keeper forgot to use his hands. Facing the humiliation of the crowd and abuse from his own team (and this was even before the game), Coulson’s miserable demeanour spread amongst his own hapless team as they succumbed to a 1-0 defeat. Watson made some stunning saves for Southwell, especially one off Mark Kelsey, who for once connected with the ball and spoon fed it into the goalmouth with some tremendous velocity. Watson was equal to it as he palmed it onto the cross bar. An excellent game which was end to end stuff.

Hutton stole the show for Fulwell as they stole into second place. Two goals from him included one stunning strike in the second half. Phil Young scored alongside Ian Davidson to make sure their opponents, Barclays, suffered another defeat. Barclays are now rooted to the bottom after Boldons draw with O’Neills. They were missing the influential Bramham, but even then, with Hutton (literally) on fire, the result wouldn’t have been much different.

The final game turned out differently for With Williamson returning to partner Walker in the team, it seemed that a combination of Select, Sassco and Durham players would pulverise LFC. Lee Butler was back, but the first half was in favour of, as Leithes grabbed his second in two games. But unfortunately for him, and Dadcheck, he faded away and further chances on goal were squandered. An equaliser late in the second half from substitute, Steve Proudfoot, sounded the death knell. It simply wasn’t going to be Dadcheck’s day. LFC had good opportunities near the end as Dadcheck were desperate for a winner. A draw seemed like a defeat for them. Further opportunities for Dadcheck were missed as the rotation policy, which saw Dixon out, failed miserably. Dixon would surely have remained in attack, instead of wandering about at the back with two defenders already there.

10th July 2003

Has Mitchell lost his place?

Hutton and (whinging) Wardle: handbags at 10 paces.

Despite the two goals he grabbed last week, Paul Mitchell still didn’t receive the respect he expected from his despondent manager, Tarnjit Sangha. Two Mark Kelsey type “spooners” from Mitchell led to a second half substitution with another dejected player, John Hunt. Yet it was a masterstroke, as Hunt grabbed a brilliant goal and couldn’t but help glare at Mitchell on the sidelines. The goal was an addition to Gary Davison’s solo strike in the first half to give Sporting Redhouse a solid 2-0 win over LFC, who were without Lee Butler. LFC lacked ideas and any punch and soon faded away.

A shining performance from David Watson papered over the cracks in his increasingly burdened team, Southwell. Jon Wardle’s side faced off against a strong and aggressive Fulwell, and despite numerous chances for Hutton, Fulwell ended the game at 0-0. Wardle and the aforementioned Hutton both received yellow cards, and Wardle was lucky not to be given his marching orders. The winners, at football, were Fulwell and the losers – especially with the whinging Wardle – were Southwell.

Dadcheck, another team with self doubt after last week’s defeat, turned on the style against O’Neill Sports. Trevor Walker stood in for the missing Williamson and nearly stole the show. His man-of-the-match performance was equalled by Chris Middlemiss – with two goals as a second half sub. Leithes was injured soon after he grabbed his debut goal. Dixon also weighed in with his opener. Inevitably, Walker scored, but the finest goal of the game was probably a Mickey Pearson strike past Steve Logan. Chris Penman grabbed the other goal.

In the final game of the night, Wearview continued their run of form with a 5-2 win over Boldon. Idris Balarabe returned for Boldon and even got himself on the scoresheet. The result was dead and buried at the time, though. Neil Middlemiss matched the absent Scott Hembrough with a strong hat-trick. Gaz Anderson scored the other two. Also Steve Lawson managed to last a whole game, despite attempting to sneak off as a sub during the break. Idris Balarabe’s team again struggled with the killer touch. The football was reasonable and even both their goals (the other from Franciosy) were well taken. Yet, as mentioned before, the curse of the “Cola Boy” seems to be hanging over them.

There seems to be a lot of complaints about shortened halves during games. Please note that the referee’s are hired from 7:00pm (or 7:30pm) to 9:30pm. Teams must be ready for kick off at their designated times at all times. Additional time for penalties, injuries, etc will always be added on if necessary. There’s no excuse for teams to be kicking a ball about on the pitch in a warm up at their designated time. Be ready to play.

3rd July 2003

SR-1 and Southwell looking good.

First defeat for and LFC.

SR-1 took to the field against an under strength Boldon team and were soon 2-0 ahead, with brilliant goals from Lee Cuddihy and Lee Blackett. Boldon soon had a full strength team but a further goal from Cuddihy made sure that SR-1 remained top on goal difference. It seems the curse of the Cola Boy is hanging over Boldon as they just cant seem to get a grip of competitive six-a-side soccer.

Wearview Elite also made up for last weeks 1-0 defeat against Southwell with a hat-trick from an on form Scott Hembrough. For once LFC failed to make any striking impact, despite having Lee Butler in the team. A goal from Scott Coburn wasn’t enough as Wearview took the points. Hembrough overcame one of his many phantom injuries to steal the show over Neil Middlemiss – who was clearly a bystander. also came unstuck against FC Fulwell. A first half strike from Fulwell wasn’t responded to and a goal in the second half saw the deficit increase. Simon Williamson immediately replied but a late goal from Phil Young, to complement the earlier strikes from Ian Davidson and Steven Hodd, gave the points to FC Fulwell who unquestionably deserved them. Another “world famous” clanger from Anth Mouat led to a deep malaise within the Dadcheck team – although, according to Mouat, he himself was the best player on the pitch and did no wrong.

Under fire manager, Tarnjit Sangha was forced to put John Hunt in the team alongside Paul Mitchell after his squad failed to show the commitment he expected of them. Player power reared it’s ugly head as John Hunt clearly intimidated his boss by complaining about Mitchell. The under fire Mitchell soon turned the tables on his chief with two fabulous goals against a stubborn O’Neill Sports team. Jason Amours struggling team performed strongly but lacked the killer instinct – an instinct which the aforementioned Mitchell had. And despite his pop-star good looks, underneath the facia lies a mean and ugly predator who has set out his stall on gaining a permanent place in a previously hapless team.

Jon Wardle’s Southwell team “poured” themselves into some undersize shirts and squeezed out a performance which will be talked about in weeks to come. All five outfielders, including a man-of-the-match performance from Steve Stubbs, scored against Barclays. The Barclays team were hard done by last week, but this week had no excuses, despite having a full team to choose from. Even David Staples put himself on the score sheet with, hopefully, his first of many.

26 June 2003

SR-1, the favourites, begin early.

No real surprises in the opening day.

A pounding from SR-1 wasn’t really what O’Neill’s expected. John Cunningham’s team played exceptionally well in the first half to keep it tight, only to concede a well taken free kick early in the second. Then the floodgates opened. Lee Cuddihy, who was having a quiet game, burst into life with a brilliant hat-trick. Lee Blackett and Mark Lyall scored the others as SR-1 were firmly placed at the top of the table in the opening game of the League.

LFC also came close to joining them. They raced into a three goal lead against Boldon who clawed two goals back (between an LFC fourth). This wasn’t good enough though. The deficit was too high and an eventual 5-2 defeat put LFC in second place. Butler grabbed a penalty goal, while Scott Coburn and Stephen Donkin shared four goals. Adam Parker scored one for Boldon, but Ian “Tooty” MacDowell scored the best goal of the game near the end.

An aggressive performance by Sporting against FC Fulwell was an attempt to get a grip on the game. With Sporting’s height advantage, most would have expected Fulwell to crumble. But remarkably, they upped a gear and genuinely hammered the Sporting team for whom Daniel Coulson was truly inspired in goal. Keith and Paul Mouat were cautioned for over zealous tackling, but the game didn’t calm down and ended in a 0-0 draw. Disappointing for Fulwell, but a brilliant point for Sporting Redhouse.

Dadcheck were favoured to do reasonably well in the League considering that they had Simon Williamson spearheading the team. But Barclays showed them no respect as Steve Smith hammered in a second half goal through Anth Mouats legs. With a little over five minutes remaining, Dadcheck won a penalty after two Barclays players collided into each other and one landed in the box. Williamson put away a perfect penalty and himself lashed in the winner with around a minute left. Disappointment for Barclays, but relief for who seemed to lack ideas.

The late game saw Wearview perform the way everyone expected them to. They pounded the Southwell goal but Watson responded with some stunning saves. A sucker punch from Jon Wardle gave Southwell an important three points in a difficult opener. David Staples was awarded man-of-the-match for his tireless performance and was unlucky not to be on the scoresheet himself. Wearview had a reasonably full strength unit with only Neil Middlemiss replacing Conifey (absent) in goal. This was probably a mistake as Middlemiss would most likely have come up with more ideas in attack. Nevertheless, for the second week running, Wearview faced an excellent ‘keeper in Dave Watson – last week it was Coulson in the final pre-season game.

So SR-1 take the top spot, which was expected, but the rest of the League seems clearly open. Fulwell didn’t gain the win that was expected of them and Southwell won the heavyweight encounter with the more favoured Wearview team. Dadcheck, as well, had a slow start as they themselves clearly expected to beat Barclays easily. Boldon and O’Neills need to go back to the drawing board. O’Neills played stubbornly well in their opener until the second half and Boldon did the same but in reverse, as they finished their game v LFC in good form.

19 June 2003

Ready for kick off.

Final set of pre-season games.

The final set of pre-season games saw impressive wins for, Southwell and also LFC and Sporting. comfortably overcame Boldon Wanderers 2-0 while Sporting, in the first of their two games, let go a 2-0 lead to be soundly defeated by LFC 3-2. Fulwell lost 2-1 to Southwell off a late goal from David Staples , while O’ Neil l Sports and Barclays Sunderland can ce lled each other out with a 0-0. The Barclays ‘keeper pulled off some miraculous saves while his counter part saved a penalty.

The final game saw a strong Wearview Elite team go down 2-0 against Sporting Redhouse. A late reply wasn’t good enough in what would be classed a surprise result.

12 June 2003

Pre-season games.

LFC celebrate a win. Sporting lose heavily. Fulwell also win. have been renamed as Southwell FC – still with the same personnel.

Pre-season continued with Lee Butler’s LFC in their second game which was a positive 4-2 win against Davinder Sangha’s Fulwell and Boldon almost can ce lled each other out, but the game was settled by a solitary goal from Fulwell. Also Sporting played two back to back games. The first one was a 3-0 trouncing off Southwell, but the second was a well balan ce d game which ended in their favour against Barclays Sunderland. A single strike was enough, although Gary Davison (player of the season for the AGUK League) pulled off some ex ce llent stops including a penalty save.

5 June 2003

Season 1 to commence 26th June.

10 teams to take part.

The meeting was held at the Complex with all teams represented. The main points which were discussed were the transfer rules and the kit rules. It was also agreed to commence the league on the 26th June at 7:00pm.

Two additional teams, SR-1 and will be entered to take the total up to 10. However, SR-1 will not take part in the league until after 17th July due to other commitments.

Two pre-season friendly games followed the meeting.

Jon Wardle’s beat Lee Butler’s (although he wasn’t present) makeshift team 7-0. The second encounter was a far more entertaining game which saw Boldon and Sporting Redhouse, both fully kitted and competitively matched. Sporting opened the scoring, but Boldon (under the control of Idris Balarabe) played the better football and their dominance paid off with an equaliser. The game being tied was settled by penalties. Sporting won 2-1 in the shoot out.