Sassco balls, Gary Jackson and Fatboy make a comeback.

The league’s first set of games were last played in April, so it was good to be back in the sun at Washington Leisure Centre. 

Also, the Sassco retro balls made a comeback, along with some ancient superstars from the Toddy’s, Sassco and even pre-Sassco era.

The day saw some heavy wins, during double-header games for Redhouse Fusion (as expected) and a replacement team from the moaning Blizzard lot, to the more pliable Sunderland North Community Business Centre (SNCBC) team. Unfortunately, they were taking over from a defeat in Blizzard’s first game (which could be replayed later in the Season). Despite this, they reversed that defeat by two wins against UCS Renewables, who, after a heavy defeat in April, came back stronger with a much different team.

Both Carpet Centres Elite and Crown Electrics were unavailable for this week. 

Sunderland North CBC 6 UCS Renewables 4 | Sunderland North CBC 5 UCS Renewables 3 
UCS were returning, with a new kit – a fluorescent orange kit (purchased in a sale, no doubt) and with Fatboy Sangha in goal, were close to making a comeback, especially in their first game, with the banning of the back pass rule helping keeping the game flowing.

With the Lovstad brothers outfield to complement Fatboy and two new players who all had chances, it was a marked contrast from the last game they played. Both Fatboy and Lovstad last played together in 1998, such a long time ago that the only way you get get porn, back then, was from a magazine or a VHS video, which was rarely rewinded back to the beginning. Ironically, the impressive SNCBC side amazingly featured Gary Jackson, ex-Toddy’s in goal, who’s groin must be hanging by a string with the amount of leg saves he did.

Josh Lay for Fusion v Sassco


Josh Lay in action for Redhouse Fusion v

Redhouse Fusion 8 1 | Redhouse Fusion 9 2

Fusion faced off against Sassco, with Sassco being a mix of youth and beauty. The youth being Kyle Burns and his possé, while the beauty was provided by Mark Muers and Paul Whelam, with Ciaran Hartley, who was in goal, replacing Sangha who was impartially refereeing.

Josh Lay, Steven Herkes and co. easily engineered the win over the Sassco team, despite an early goal by It was a runaround – especially for, but Fusion remain on top.