Brian “What’s the Sunderland score?” Watson returns.

Even more dinosaurs were dug up, with Brian Watson, the esteemed 11-a-side Secretary, putting together the Clearly Drinks team to be added to Season 20. 

With a few teams struggling to make regular fixtures, we’ve decided to cut down the league to back to playing each other once. Crown have been removed and some results (which were duplicate wins) have been deleted. The remaining fixtures after these games are as follows (to be played 8th December):

12:00 Redhouse Fusion v Clearly Drinks
12:20 Redhouse Fusion v SNCBC
12:40 UCS Renewables v Clearly Drinks
13:00 Redhouse Fusion v UCS Renewables

This will conclude Season 20, and in January, Season 21 will commence, but with one-off tournaments starting on the 19th January, followed by another one in March or April.

However, before then, we had the set of games on the 3rd November:

Sunderland North CBC 3 Clearly Drinks 2 
Two legends, Neil Pilkington dragged in as a last minute player for his Sunderland North CBC, and Brian Watson, safely hidden behind the fence, were returning, 

The game was even sided, even though I didn’t really pay attention as a referee. A few pot shots here and there saw Clearly Drinks take a lead in the final moments with both goals from Wayne Bradley, only to see it squandered when Sunderland North fired in two quick late goals past Paul Watson, in goal, to take the tie 3-2.

The goals from Sunderland North came from Daniel Macca McKenry, Glenn Urwin and Jack Flasby 

Clearly Drinks team 3 Sunderland North CBC 3

James Collinson was added in to the team, alongside Muers, Sangha, Whelam and Ciaran Hartley. They faced offagainst the SNCBC playing their final game of the day, with a superstar ringer, Mason Stanness, running rings around Muers. SNCBC fired in the opener and the game was going back and forward, with Muers mainly on his back.

However, a blast of a shot from Muers obliterated goalkeeper, Tom Cosgrove’s hand and Pilko had to replace him. Sassco went 3-2 ahead, but succumbed to an equaliser late on. 10 Clearly Drinks 2

By now, Clearly Drinks had seized up, so Sassco found it relatively straightforward against them. Goals aplenty Bear scored the lions share, while Muers grabbed plenty. Sangha and Whelam fired in one each. The late goals from Clearly Drinks were from Wayne Bradley.

Sassco team v Clearly and SNCBC