Sassco 100% in the December tournament to conclude Season 22.

With Langley dropping out at the last minute, it was left to three teams to battle it out in a more compact tournament. All had to play each twice, so 4 x 15 minute games for all the teams.

Sassco had a strong line up and opened with a solitary goal victory over rivals, Sporting, with the goal coming from Paul Whelam who broke off the defensive shackles imposed on him to fire Sassco ahead after Fatboy made a save, but couldn’t hang on to it.

Sporting Redhouse then remained on the pitch in a 0-0 stalemate with Grangetown. Sassco then gained breathing room with a 2-0 win over Grangetown, with the winning goal from Paul McConville.

Sassco then came back from an opening penalty, scored by Lee “Yes, Trigger” Melia for Sporting to eventually defeat them 4-2 in their second game with them – which meant they were confirmed as winners with one game to spare.

Sporting then remained on the pitch to end a poor showing with a 5-1 defeat off Grangetown – lack of finishing being their let down, despite all three teams being evenly balanced as such.

By now, the winners of the tournament, Sassco, were 1-0 down again to Grangetown in the final encounter before rallying with two quick goals to gain a 100% record and conclude the 4th of 4 tournaments which were spread throughout the Covid season.

The Sassco team for the night was: David Mordecai, Davinder Sangha, Paul Whelam, Mike Barker, Paul McConville and Glen Lane. Sporting Redhouse team was: Tarnjit Sangha, Michael Ross, Joe Middleton, Lee “Yes, Trigger” Melia, Gordon Robson, Mark Kelsey. Finally, Grangetown team was Kiel Watson, Scott Gibb, Joe McQullian, Shame Dowell, Ryan McKeown and ‘keeper, David Passmore. Referee was Colin Todd.

Season 23 will take place in February or March 2021.

Rank Teams Played Won Drawn Lost Goal difference Points For Against
1 4 4 0 0 6 12 9 3
2 Grangetown FCGrangetown FC 4 1 1 2 1 4 6 5
3 Sporting RedhouseSporting Redhouse 4 0 1 3 -7 1 3 10
8th December 2020
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