Another triumph for Carpet Centres Elite in the October Tournament.

But they still triumph in the third tournament of 2020.

Harrison’s men triumphed again, but were held in their final game by debutantes, Langley Park. However, the three 2-1 victories in their other games saw them take the standard photograph with the fruit bowl.

Murton, exasperated as always, as a Grangetown player steals the ball to put them 1-0 ahead.
Murton, exasperated as always, as a Grangetown player steals the ball to put them 1-0 ahead.

Highlights included “Yes, Trigger” weaving in and out in different directions (that’s his combover we’re referring to). Kyle Burns putting on a show along with players who played in the competitions when he was an embryo. Billy Harrison suffering under the pressure. And the Grangetown and Langley Moor teams thinking all other three teams were arseholes.

We were back to five teams for the October tournament and luckily, the weather was reasonably pleasant, albeit with a temperature drop.

The Langley boys were late so Sassco kicked off the 6-a-side tournament against 7 players from Grangetown. Sangha spent five minutes bollocking Tyson and Kyle Burns for not marking before realising the extra man. Sassco were 1-0 head before this stage, before an equaliser in the last second.

Carpet Centres Elite then faced off against an ominously strong looking Sporting Redhouse team who eventually succumbed to a 2-1 defeat. “Yes, Trigger” was making an appearance for Sporting, but Carpets were weakened without the availability of Liam Wooton.

Sassco then faced off against new boys, Langley and took the lead before being pegged back. Sassco then secured a winner just before the end.

Grangetown then defeated Sporting Redhouse 1-0 with a shot from distance squirming past the one-eyed Sporting ‘keeper, before Sassco suffered a 2-1 defeat against Carpets – a team who were now heading for another title.

Langley then suffered another 2-1 defeat with a disputed goal and disputed penalty shout against Sporting Redhouse – a historic event: their first win this year and first win in Downhill since 2009.

Carpets then secured their third successive tournament in their penultimate game with a 2-1 win over Grangetown to confirm an unassailable three wins. They were 1-0 down in the game.

Then it was the regular face off between the two has beens. Sporting were in confident mood against Sassco, with “Yes, Trigger” and his combover bamboozling the Sassco defence. Unfortunately for them, a solitary goal from Paul McConville settled the game near the end for which meant (due to Grangetown’s inability to add an extra goal in their final game v Langley) that they came a respectable 2nd place; their highest place finish so far at Downhill.

The Sassco players take cover.
The Sassco players take cover.

The second last game saw Langley and Carpets playing out a 0-0 draw, which revealed the cracks in Carpet’s armour prior to lifting the trophy. The news has come in that the name is reverting back to Shakthar Sunderland, the name used in the February Tournament and replacing previous efforts such as Marine House, Fulwell Buccaneers and Carpet Centres Elite

Final game in the rapidly dropping temperature saw an own goal from Langley resulting in a Grangetown victory, meaning that Langley finished bottom, despite being the first team to prevent Carpets from scoring a goal in the recent tournaments.

Rank Teams Played Won Lost Drawn Goal difference Points For Against
1 Carpet Centres EliteCarpet Centres Elite 4 3 0 1 3 10 6 3
2 4 2 1 1 1 7 5 4
3 Grangetown FCGrangetown FC 4 2 1 1 1 7 4 3
4 Sporting RedhouseSporting Redhouse 4 1 3 0 -2 3 3 5
5 Langley Park FCLangley Park FC 4 0 3 1 -3 1 2 5