Marley Pots, deserved winners of Season 23's final tournament in 2021

2-0 victors over Grange Park FC in the final.

The biggest tournament to date saw 8 teams in two groups battle it out. Debutantes Marley Pots and Grange Park FC were joined in the semi finals by Carpet Centres Elite and Sporting Redhouse, but it was the new boys who faced off against each other in the final, with Marley Pots taking the Fruit Bowl home for Christmas.

Many thanks to all eight teams:, Sporting Redhouse, Carpet Centres Elite, Liebherr, Grange Park FC, Marley Pots, AFC Washington and Washington Deaf FC for making it a memorable event; the best since the relaunch at Downhill in 2020.

Pleased to say that all the results, tables, match videos and photos are available further down the page.

To join the next event, please click the link on the right and get in touch. The next tournament will be played on Tuesday evening 22nd February 2022. The cost to enter is always £30, which allows payment for the pitch and referees based on 8 teams and two pitches - this is a non-profit event.

Group A 

The two outstanding teams, Grange Park FC and Carpet Centres Elite topped the group. Liebherr and were the other two, so-called make-weights. But, Liebherr started off with a surprise 1-1 draw v Carpets, a game which saw Carpets conceding one of their many penalties, with a player stepping in the box and seeing a penalty dispatched past Carl Middlemiss. Murton was back on the scene with Carpets and exasperated as ever. Hembrough, as ever was in the opposite goal, still donning headwear to avoid light glinting back to the the crossbar camera . were caught cold by the new team, Grange Park FC, organised by Shaun Fisk, and struggled to contain the rapid movement. It was 4-0 before Mike Baxter got his boots on. The two key teams, Carpets and Grange Park, then faced each other in a heated exchange. Murton, as ever, was at the centre of it, but saw his team run out 2-0 winners v Grange Town FC. The tempers were controlled by Anth Mouat, making his refereeing return at Downhill and generally telling players to "fuck off" when they argued with him (no change there then).

The final set of games were academic...nearly. Sassco scored a solitary goal by Andrew Bartle v Liebherr, who then collapsed 9-0 v Grange Park. Carpets were then coasting 2-0 v Sassco, before a late panic with two quick goals, nearly saw them out of the semi final spot. Time was against Sassco who could only manage the 2-2, as Murton was visibly relieved, but then it dawned on them they had to face the stronger team in the other group.

GROUP A - Pitch 1
Referee: Anth Mouat

30th November 2021
30-11-2021 19:00
30-11-2021 19:15
30-11-2021 19:30
30-11-2021 19:45
30-11-2021 20:00
30-11-2021 20:15

Group A

Rank Teams Played Won Drawn Lost Goal difference Points For Against
1 Grange Park FC 3 2 0 1 11 6 13 2
2 Carpet Centres Elite 3 1 2 0 2 5 5 3
3 3 1 1 1 -3 4 3 6
4 Liebherr FC 3 0 1 2 -10 1 1 11

Group B

The incumbent winners, Sporting Redhouse, immediately lost their grasp after being annihilated by Callum Robinson's Marley Pots FC 6-0 in the opener. The opening goal being picked out of the net after a few seconds. Marley Pots were clear favourites after this. Luckily for Sporting, the other evenly matched teams, AFC Washington and Washington Deaf played out a 1-1 draw. After this, both Sporting and Marley Pots defeated their remaining opponents to head into the semi finals.

Sporting had a 3-0 win over Washington Deaf FC, for whom Stuart Cameron and Lee Curry, in goal tried in vain to prevent them. And the other was a 3-0 over Liam Paul's AFC Washington team. Marley Pots, as expected, defeated Washington Deaf 5-0 and AFC Washington 4-0, completing their 100% record with no goals conceded.

GROUP B - Pitch 2
Referee: Michael Owens

Group B

Rank Teams Played Won Drawn Lost Goal difference Points For Against
1 Marley Pots FC 3 3 0 0 15 9 15 0
2 Sporting Redhouse 3 2 0 1 0 6 6 6
3 AFC Washington 3 0 1 2 -7 1 1 8
4 Washington Deaf FC 3 0 1 2 -8 1 1 9

Semi Finals

The semi final then saw Carpet Centres and Marley Pots play out a tense 0-0 draw, before immediate sudden death penalties saw a 3-2 triumph for Marley Pots. "Bunta" Murton then could hold his head up high, having exited the tournament undefeated in open play, as he headed off to night shift in order to complain to more people.

The other semi final saw Sporting lose their crown, as Grange Park secured a 2-0 victory in a competitive game. A game where Billy Harrison made one of the best tackles he's ever made, and proceeded to get a free kick against it. Luckily the camera recording caught the event and drowned out most of his child-like squeals.


The final, officiated by Michael Owens, was with two out of the three strongest teams in the tournament (Carpets being the third): Marley Pots and Grange Town FC played in heavy rain, as the shots slid along the new 4G turf. Marley Pots opened with a deflected shot, but then added to it to secure a well-deserved win for Callum Robinson and the squad. No goals conceded by them throughout their five games.


* Marley Pots won 4-3 on sudden death penalties


The photos from the tournament are below.