6-a-side League rules

2009-2010 Durham FA affiliation

2009-2010 Durham FA affiliation

There are some important new Rules and Regulations. To all existing teams, please read carefully. You will note some changes which add a little flexibility in player transfers as well as fines. All rules must be abided by. There will be no written or verbal warnings. It is your duty to inform your Players of all the Rules and Regulations of the League.

Team Wear

  • Identical shirts must be worn by your Team.
  • Shorts must be the same colour as worn by the rest of the team and socks must be the same colour.
  • For example, if your team has white shorts and red socks and one player turns up in white shorts and black socks, then it’s a £5 fine. Same goes if someone turns up in the wrong colour shorts as well. Please not it’s the colour which should be identical – if one player wears white Adidas shorts with green stripes and another wears white Diadora SAFC shorts then that’s acceptable.
  • It is recommended that the goalkeeper wears tracksuit bottoms to prevent burns.
  • No Player is permitted to wear any tracksuit bottoms underneath shorts. If a player changes position with the goalkeeper, then that’s acceptable.
  • NEW RULE Shin pads must be worn at all times. If you don’t wear them, then you might not be allowed to play.
  • Team kits should be controlled and kept by the Team Manager.
  • A £5 fine is administered if any of the above rules are not abided by.
  • Any offending player can also be banned from taking part in the League until he has paid the fine if the manager so wishes – this only applies to individual players who control their own kit and fail to bring it with them for a game.

Basic six-a-side Rules
Rules are almost identical to an 11-a-side game, but with some minor adaptations. All the games last 30 minutes (15 minutes each way).

  1. The goalkeeper is not allowed outside his own semi-circle and outfield Players are not allowed in. If an outfield Player enters the opposition’s area then a goalkeeper’s throw out is given.
  2. If any outfield Player enters his own area then a penalty is given. If the Player was pushed in the area then a penalty does not apply. It is the referees’ own interpretation if he wishes to give a penalty when a Player accidentally enters his own area. If the Player is clearing a ball then a penalty will apply. If the goalkeeper steps outside the area or his momentum takes him out of the area when he is making a save then a penalty will apply.
  3. NEW RULE Goalkeepers cannot kick the ball when they receive it, although they will be allowed to make a save using their legs. In theory if an opponent player hits a weak shot, the goalkeeper can actually kick the ball out as it’s still classed as a save. But generally, they can only throw the ball out. If they kick a ball out then they should be ordered to retake it.
  4. Deliberate back passes are not allowed – even headers. If a Player deliberately passes back to the goalkeeper then a free kick is awarded from the position of where the Player passed back to the goalkeeper. Free kicks for fouls near the goal area are taken approx. 6 yards from the goal area. For example if a back pass or an offence is made on the edge of the area then a free kick will be awarded – but not on the edge of the area but 6 yards away from the edge – this allows the defending Team to make a wall. A goalkeeper can stop or move the ball around his area using his feet. He cannot kick the ball out at all. If he makes a save with his feet and the ball comes out of the area then no free kick will be awarded.
  5. Goals can be scored direct from free kicks, corner kicks and any other dead ball situation – even centre balls.
  6. Six Yards for any free kick.
  7. Sliding tackles are not allowed. There is no strict caution for this but all dangerous tackles will be penalised. Cautions will be dealt with by Durham FA.
  8. All Players must wear shin pads. The referee may prevent a Player from playing if he does not comply. This is for Player safety.
  9. Penalties are taken on the edge of the semi circle and one step is allowed. If a Player takes more than one step then the ball is awarded to the goalkeeper for a free kick and the penalty will not count.
  10. Throw in, corner kick or goalkeepers throw out for any ball out of play.
  11. Red card sending off will apply in the same way as in an 11-Player game.
  12. Unlimited substitutes are allowed – referee must be informed of any changes and you must make a note in your match details (to be handed in after the game). It’s now roll-on-roll-off substitutes.
  13. Obvious time wasting is not allowed and will be penalised.
  14. Teams should play until they hear the referee’s whistle.
  15. Team captains are responsible for their Team’s behaviour during the game.
  16. Games cannot be abandoned if a player is seriously injured and has to be taken to hospital. This rule is similar to 11-a-side rulings. Players should have substitutes to replace the injured player. First Aid can be administered by a suitably qualified person.
  17. Teams must not argue with the referees. The referees decision is final. Dissent will result in a caution and possibly a sending off. Any swearing towards the referee will result in an immediate sending off. Discipline must be maintained at all times. On pitch fighting (if any occurs) will result in a sending off. If after match intimidation occurs in the complex or outside the complex then Durham FA will deal with that as a Club Charge. It’s very expensive if a Player is sent off. An automatic fine of around £30 and a 1 month ban is given. If the fine is not paid to Durham FA then the Team is banned and ejected from the League.
  18. Players on a Team must wear identical shirts, shorts and socks. Tracksuit bottoms worn underneath the Team kit are not permitted.
  19. The League is affiliated to the Durham County FA and they will administer all serious fines. The League has no control or influence over any refereeing decision. If there are any major complaints these should be directed to Durham County FA.

Fines and Cautions

  • 5 Cautions in the League and Cup Competitions.
    1 Match Ban and £5.00 Fine payable to Sassco.
  • Yellow Card in a game.
    £5.00 Fine payable to Sassco.
  • Red Card in a game.
    Sending off and £5.00 Fine payable to Sassco. The player is also banned from his team’s next fixture.
  • Use of Offensive and Insulting Language/Gestures.
    Yellow Card or Red Card and £5.00 Fine payable to Sassco.

Offensive and Insulting Behaviour towards Referees and any violent conduct will be dealt with by Durham FA who will be far more strict in these matters. Managers must pay all fines, but if they are not reimbursed by their players, then the League is authorised to ban the player until payment is made.

Player Registration and Transfers

  • NEW RULE New players who have never played a game for you or any other team in the League can sign immediately before a game. Once a player has played a game for you then he is signed to you. A player is only allowed to transfer twice in one season. Only in exceptional circumstances will a player be allowed more than two transfers. A transfer can take place on the same day as a game. But the transferred player is assigned to that team for the rest of the season and will not be able to transfer to a new team for three games (or three weeks). Any player transferring, MUST inform their previous Manager. If they don’t then they could be classed as ineligible. The previous Manager can also put in an objection which means that the said player will not be able to play for his team for one week – after this, he’ll be available to play.
  • So, Wilson plays for Hylton Castle in his first game in the Season. The following week he no longer wants to play for Hylton Castle, so he signs for Crown and plays for them. He will not be allowed to play for another team for two weeks starting from the day he plays his last game for Crown. So he plays two games for Crown and then wants to join Sporting. After the two games for Crown, he has to miss two weeks or two games before joining Sporting.
  • It’s no longer necessary to register some players as the details are already available. But all new players, or players who haven’t filled out a previous registration form must have their name and address and contact number passed on the league. You don’t need a form, simply write on a piece of paper or email the details.
  • If you play an ineligible player then you will be docked 3 points. An ineligible player is A player who has played for another team in the League and has not officially transferred to his new team.

Team Commitment and Organisation

  • Each team, MUST have an assistant who can be contacted for team info, letting them know about fixtures etc. I send fixtures by email or fax. I wont be contacting via text message unless there are changes and cancellations, etc. So if I don’t contact you, turn up as per the fixtures.
  • NEW RULE The cost of a match day has now gone up to £14. This is our first increase since 1999 and hopefully it will be another six years before we have to increase it again.
  • NEW RULE If a team turns up late, then it’s down to the referee to kick off the game. If there are, for example, four players then they must kick off. If they don’t then it’s classed as not being there for a game which means 3 points deducted and a £14 fine. If a team turns up late – regardless of the reason. A £5 fine is administered. If a team consistently turns up late, then they will be ejected from the League.
  • Do not cancel games without good reason. If the organisers are notified at least a week before then it isn’t a problem at all and we are happy to oblige. If someone contacts us on a Sunday evening, then it is still reasonable and allows us enough time to re-arrange fixtures. The rules are summarised below.
    Cancellations due to exceptional circumstances must be confirmed no later than Sunday night.
    Cancellations a day before kick off will result in a £14 fine.
    Cancellations on the day of a game will result in a £20 fine and 3 points deducted (or ejection from a Cup Competition).
  • We will accept cancellations due to 11-a-side games but in some cases I’ll have to award wins or points. We have our own League’s interest to look after. 11-a-side won’t cancel for us. Ideally you could play a game after an 11-a-side fixture has taken place – for example at around 8:30 or 9:00.
  • Make sure you contact all your team members and make them aware of what happens if they don’t turn up and you are forced to cancel. Ideally you should contact all your team players on Sunday to confirm. If most of them aren’t available, then it’s easier for yourselves (and us) to re-arrange the game.
  • If you cancel games on a regular basis, because your key players are unavailable then it’s likely that we will award a win for the opposition team.
  • NEW RULE Cost per game is £14. If short payment is made then the team is fined £2 and suspended until the full (or remaining) payment is made. The payment must be made before their next game. Outstanding payments made on the day of the game are not acceptable. So, if you pay £10 on Tuesday the 4th, you are short £4. This must be paid along with a £2 fine (so total is £6) before the next week. If payment is not made by Sunday evening before your next game, then your team will not be allocated a game and a win will be awarded against you. You will still have to owe the £6 as well.
  • NEW RULE Pay your match fee BEFORE the game. If any team leaves without making payment to any of the League Representatives, then you could have 3 points deducted.
  • NEW RULE All match results and line ups and scorers must be handed in the Organisers after their game. The best way to send team details is via text message to 07780 972630. Emails can be sent to davinder.sangha@sassco.co.uk or the details can be posted on the Message Board. This MUST be done immediately after your game. It is not the job of the League Secretary to chase after match results and payments. If you don’t send them, I will make them up and refuse to amend them at a later date.
  • If you decide to quit the league for any reason, then a £25 release fee is due. If this isn’t paid, then we will hand over all the information to Durham FA, who will ban all your players from any involvement in football until their share is paid. Durham also double the fine to £50 for their own admin fees.
  • On rare occasions, games can be cancelled by the Community North Sport Complex due to adverse weather conditions such as flooding and snow. We will inform Managers/Players if this occurs so it is vital that you have your mobile switched on at all times. Please also feel free to contact the Complex if you think the games could be abandoned. 0191 5536915.