Technicolor dream team, which had an early exit from the tournament after two defeats and a draw.

Two defeats, one draw. Home in time for Eastenders.

Another tournament, which no one was really up for. We had some drop outs, but Macca decided to turn up and we roped in a couple of players via Ciaran and Paul McConville. Glen Lane answered the call the day before and lost a toenail on the day, battling out for Sassco.

Our opening game saw two howlers from both defenders and ironically it wasn’t Sangha. Macca fooled around with one and Kyle (via Ciaran) with the other. The opponents were the strongest team, so we hoped for better in the second and third games.

Second saw yours truly, Sangha, in top form after some bad recent performances, along with Ciaran, holding out for a 0-0 draw. At the other end, Glen had some excellent shots, including a post clanger. McConville and Cassidy also came close.

The third game; we were optimistic. Glen stated that a 3-0 win would do us, which turned out a bit difficult when 2-0 down. Sangha sat this one out, but we clawed one back via Macca, but a break saw them 3-1 up with an eventual 3-2 score.

Even with four layers of each item I got cold and we’ve still yet to win any game in anger wearing our Kappa tops.