Sunderland Deaf 2 6.

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Titch is gutted at giving away a corner

Victory again. Charlie doesn’t score.

A bit of a headache today, as we had so many drop outs for our regular football game against Sunderland Deaf FC. One by one, Si, Karl and Jase dropped out for varying reasons, while Stoker and Macca didn’t even bother to respond. This meant we were left with the core of the Sassco team: Simpson, Sangha, Muers, Dixon, Brook, Charlton, Conlin and Barker. Mark Turnbull came in as a late addition during the game, while we borrowed two players from Sunderland Deaf FC, known as ‘Pele’ and ‘Ronaldo’.

Despite floating about with ten players for the majority of the first half, we took the lead at 1-0, but were pegged back to 1-1, when Simma, avoiding some dog shit, swerved out of the way of the ball. Eventually we hit back to make it 2-1, just as Mark Turnbull turned up, and around ten minutes later, he was still getting ready when we went 3-1 ahead. Eventually it was 4-1, and we had the full complement of eleven players for the second half.

Sassco, being arse about face, meant that I did the match team talk at half time: “Don’t give away corners, goalside….” usual blurb.

Which Titch ignored to give away a corner in the second half. They made it 4-2, but immediately, we hit back with a long range effort from Ronaldo. Charlie was truly outshone today, with Ronaldo choosing his own positions and having everyone else run around after him, just in case he lost the ball. Muers pushed himself upfront and played with his strike partner, Pele. At one stage, Muers in space was screaming for the ball, conveniently forgetting his strike partner was deaf.

It was 6-2 in the end. Ronaldo kicked off with one of his own players (from Sunderland Deaf) after scoring again. Can’t really remember who scored. Baxter finished off another ‘Muers missing from 10cm out’ effort, while Titch missed some sitter. Muers and Charlie were having a competition to see who could sky it. Simma got lobbed….again.

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