3 Absent, but 3 in.

Delighted to have confirmed 11 Sassco players for the Play on the Pitch event at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light, in May 2018.

The team is scheduled to play against a Knattspyrnufélagið Þróttur, our esteemed opponents from Iceland.

Missing from last year are Mark Middlemiss, Scott Hembrough and Mark Muers. However, Scotty Hembrough is cameraman and sub in case of injuries.. The Sassco line up is as follows:

  1. David Smith
    Goalkeeper who appeared on two tours and several years in the 11-a-side team. Masterful performance in the 2017 game, especially with Jake Dyke to content with.
  2. Billy Harrison
    Originally positioned as forward, but dropped deep and performed exceptionally well in our emphatic win.
  3. Jake Dyke
    Last year’s pre-match report said of Jake: “Our new “Muers” and Djilibodji at centre half.” Oh how right we were, as he lashed in a spectacular own goal.
  4. Chris Dixon
    Strong centre half and for the first time in his life, didn’t play the offside rule and reaped the rewards. Played in most of the tours and 11-a-side games since 1999 and through the glory years (?).
  5. Davinder Sangha
    Left back or right back. Important member of the team (by organising kits).
  6. Neil Middlemiss
    Replaces Gareth Greener. The “Spaniard” was a regular fixture for the 6-a-side and actually played in amongst the first 11-a-side games and one of the most recent ones..
  7. David Gourlay
    One of only two players to be present on every tour. Floating around since 1999. Team captain for the 11-a-side and all round decent chap – loved by his team mates.
  8. Curtis Newbold
    Kevin Kyle style powerhouse in attack. Bludgeoned the opponents in 2017 with four goals.
  9. Dom Brown
    Set up a few goals as right winger in 2017. Back for more. It will be his first time in a League One stadium.
  10. Aden Bannister
    Excitable and a bit of an 11-a-side unknown. Slots in up front.
  11. Neil Barker
    Pushed out left wing in 2017, and wasn’t happy about it before pulling off the best left wing performance since Michael Foot. Had a goal disallowed because the referee didn’t expect him to run so fast and pierce the offside trap.
  12. Scott Hembrough
    “Snake Hips” returns with a dodgy leg, but is a capable cameraman and super sub in case of injuries or tiredness.