Delighted to have confirmed 11 Sassco players for the Play on the Pitch event at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light, in May 2017.

The team is scheduled to play against a similar team organised by Michael Brown. The opponents have been similarly pulled together and don’t play regular 11-a-side.

The Sassco line up is as follows:

  1. David Smith
    Goalkeeper who appeared on two tours and several years in the 11-a-side team. Broke his foot recently; nice.
  2. Billy Harrison
    Replaces the non-paying Tim Gillespie, so the obvious choice in attack. Played for a number of years in the 6-a-side, but never for Sassco in 11-a-side, so not scarred yet.
  3. Jake Dyke
    Our new “Muers” and Djilibodji at centre half. Always the first name on the team sheet. Can’t wait.
  4. Chris Dixon
    Strong centre half and always plays the offside rule when he’s halfway up the pitch and Sangha is usually around 10 metres behind him. On most of the tours and 11-a-side games since 1999 and through the glory years (?).
  5. Davinder Sangha
    Left back or right back. Important member of the team (by organising kits).
  6. Mark Middlemiss
    A Geordie, but an energetic one who enjoys playing at the SOL (unlike his favourite team). Played on a couple of tours and a stalwart of the 11-a-side team from 2005 until today.
  7. David Gourlay
    One of only two players to be present on every tour. Floating around since 1999. Team captain for the 11-a-side and all round decent chap – loved by his team mates.
  8. Curtis Newbold
    Recent addition with a few 11-a-side games under his belt and regular 5-a-side games.
  9. Dom Brown
    Another energetic Geordie who’s donned the Sassco jersey for 5-a-side. Our hopes rest on him.
  10. Scott Hembrough
    Snake Hips forward who drops deep due to ill health and tiredness. Played in three tours and the 11-a-side and 6-a-side.
  11. Neil Barker
    Centre forward with a heart problem who will be making his Sassco debut at the Stadium. What a way to go!